It's my birthday!!!!

I am well 19 years old today...... Nothing happens...... Anything should happen. But this year is different. Previously, every 23rd December was special. Everybody was beside me. Everyone was terribly singing a birthday song to me. However, today is as pale as death. We are busy preparing for my brother's engagement, 25th December. Now, my birthday is meaningless.....just because we are having my brother's engagement.



Malaysia has a plenty of superstitions that are passed down from generation to generation. Superstition is actually a belief that some objects or actions are unlucky or unlucky, or that they cause events to happen, based on old ideas of magic (Longman of Contemporary English, 2003: p. 1666). Our ancestors have found multifarious things that we should and should not do which lead to superstition. Superstition can be divided into two categories which are lucky and unlucky impacts. The first group of superstitions relates to the fact that a person may get a good fate after facing some particular situations. For instance, if a butterfly enters someone’s house, he or she will soon have a visitor. Next, some believe that it is a sign of receiving money if someone’s palm feels suddenly itchy. However, the superstitions of bad luck warn us to beware in other situations. For example, if a big lizard crosses in front of a person, he or she will have an accident shortly. Some also say if someone cuts his or her nails at night, he or she will become stupid. There is no evidence yet to support these superstitions whether they are all true or not. Therefore, these ancient myths are still mysterious and many people continue to follow them.

Essay: Math Science in English

Advantages of teaching Mathematics and Science in English

As I read through a lot of articles on teaching Mathematics and Science in English (The Star, New Straits Times and New Sunday Times), I found two major advantages of this education approach.
The first advantage of teaching Mathematics and Science in English is to allow the students to play on global platform. English has now established itself as the most important language for trade as well as learning. That is why the exposure of English should be wider and more sufficient. Learning 

Mathematics and Science is necessary as English is now spoken by 1.8 million in all sectors especially accountancy and medical professions. Some reject the policy because of the poor performance of rural students, following an adherent stumbling block created. However, this has been discussed by Hashim Adnan, a president of National Union of Teaching Profession. He suggested that students should be taught subjects in English from a very early age, so nobody will be left behind. So, our government has done so by making learning English Grammar since students are in primary school. In fact, Science is introduced to fist year students of primary school to study in a very early age. 

Moreover, the subject is taught in English, as well as Mathematics. For example, in China, where people once had poor command of English, usage of the language was improving by leaps and bounce. It was not just happening in Vietnam where the schoolchildren were already conversation in English. This shows that learning English in especially universal subjects like Mathematics and Science would benefit the students as they will have to converse in English for at least several topics or labels in the subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to learn Mathematics and Science in English allows the students to stand on worldwide stage.

What is amazing about being able to learn subjects in English is the students can cope with their further studies well especially in Science field. Hence, it is a significant advantage to learn Mathematics and Science in English. This strongly supported because a lot of feedback from previous students who were in era where Science and Mathematics were not taught in English. A numbers of interviews have been done involving many Malaysia students who are still now studying in several universities abroad. Most of them claimed that they feel regret because they did not have a chance to study Mathematics and Science in English. This is because most of them are now major studying in the field of Science; so, most of the reference books are written in English. Even though their English are good, they feel that it would be easier to cope the terms and labels of either Mathematics on Science during their first year if they have studied both subjects in English. Furthermore, it also helps them in their future career. If a local student is going to be a scientist, or at least work in medical professions, he cannot explain the findings to the world as he does not know the knowledge of Scientific English. A businessman also needs to use the Mathematics terms in English, otherwise he possibly cannot expand to the outside world. Therefore, it is a very significant advantage to learn Mathematics and Science in English as the students can cope with their further studies well especially in medical sector.

Therefore, Malaysians should accept this approach in order to face a lot more education barriers towards Vision 2020.

Honey Greenie.....

26/11/2008 Wednesday Morning

Since I have nothing much to do during this campus break, I have baked cup cakes three times. Now I feel like vomiting whenever someone talks about cakes! I have baked and eaten cakes too many! But my weight is still 45kg. Well, Honey Greenie Cup Cake is my own recipe. The basic ingredients to use are inherited by my grandmother, Mama. Believe it or not, the cake is so delicious that you guys should try and taste. I would like to share my secret recipe, so that you (males and females) can try at home!


1) Cooking oil - 1 cup
2) Eggs - 3 eggs
3) Castor Sugar - ½ cup or less
4) Vanilla essence - 1 tea-spoon
5) Star-Brand (Green Apple) – ½ bottle (to make a very dark green colour)
6) Honey - 1 table-spoon
7) Self-raising flour - 1 cup
8) Horlicks (or MILO) - 1½ cups

How to do it? It is as simple as ABC. Mix or blend (using mixer or blender) all ingredients together, put one by one according to the number of the list. Then, put little by little in small cute cups. Bake (180’C) them in your oven. Do not use your neighbour’s oven for some secret circumstances. Your cup cakes are ready to be served if the colour of your cup cakes has turn into yellowish brown. Whatever! If there is any effect after eating these cakes, do not find me! Your safety is at your own risk!


24/11/2008 Monday Evening

Is it true? Yes, it is when you have nothing to do. Nowhere to go, here I hang. My life was not as dull as this before. I mean, campus life is better. I used to follow the schedule of my campus life. That is why I find nothing to do at home. What I can do is sleeping all day long. My father is too busy, as usual. My mother has nothing to ask me to do. That is why I just sleep, eat food and watch TV. I am not a nature lover, but I am a house lover. Staying at home is more enjoyable than going out for nothing. Well, that one is not true. People do not go out for nothing. There must be something to do at least walking for fun. But I choose to be a Sleeping Beauty at home. It sounds the greatest among all activities in the universe. I don’t think sleeping is a bad habit. This is holiday! Sleeping is the best treatment to regenerate my lost energy. I need to prepare my new strength in order to start the second semester on 28th of December 2008. What a dull life!

The End of 1st semester..!

14th of November 2008 - Friday

It was the last day of exhausting examination. Around noontime, it was over! The semester break has begun. I am free from that very moment on. It seemed extremely fascinating to me, even the scenery of my crying friends was a kind of happiness. I could smell my bed at my hometown. Crying friends? They cried because they did not expect the Grammar paper would as tough as that. Is it? It could be a contemporary ‘yes’. The terrible moment – of answering the questions – that I had suffered from has gone away. Why should I mind this terrifying history? After my fantasies of my agonizing weeks had had a plenty of time to ripen, I ended up with a journey to go home. I went to Alia’s house as her mother fetched with her new Proton Saga car, quite well-designed. The traffic was as slow as a little newborn kitten walking blindly to find its mother. Well, we reached at Alia’s house in the quite late evening. I was served spaghetti – cooked by Alia’s mother – and kuey teuw kerang (a kind of noodles) bought at the nearest stall. After eating, I found my stomach had filled with the two delicious meals – which were quite foreign to me. After maghrib (7.50p.m.), Alia and her mother took me to Section 17 Bus Terminal. Then, I thankfully gave a farewell and verbal appreciation to Alia and her mother. It was raining gracefully. The first drops hit me like snows, and in the meanwhile I was as cold as I had fallen into a pool at Antarctic. I walked on my way to find the bus which I supposed to check in. Oh, dear me! I hardly found it although I had asked the girl at a Transnasional ticket counter twice. The girl was mad at me and commanded to find the bus myself. What an awful service! I checked all the busses, but where was actually mine? Finally, I noticed a bus at the very front of other busses. But, was it? Although it was blue – such colour is rarely found among Transnasional busses – I just went near. Suddenly two men asked me whether I was finding 208 Trip – code name of my bus. I answered straight away, “Yes!”. To my lucky, I found it! They (two drivers) had been waiting for me, the last passenger who had not checked in, for a few minutes. Oh, I was so blessed to find the bus before the worse incident might occur. If I had missed the bus; I would cry, begging a unicorn to come from nowhere and send me home. What a relief!

WALKING through the nature.....

Wandering is my customary treatment I usually do to cure bedlam in my head. It has been accustomed into my list of hobbies. It is like belching to let air from our stomach come out unreservedly through our mouth. It is a pleasure, isn’t it? I do not want to be a bete noire of something rude. That is why I love walking around – enjoying the nature – indeed. I will let the nature eat my fret. This position will be the best biosphere ever in my life.

Hello My Morning!

Wednesday 12/11/08 Early Morning

The beginning of this day was like a windy cool morning for a girl who is seeking for calmness like me. As my dearest sun appeared from the back hills, I took my bath early and had a little breakfast, a Kaya bun which I purchased last night. I went down the ground of Puncak Perdana Campus. I walked briskly to nowhere, along a boulevard. It was still a baby morning. I passed through Blok Akademik as I suddenly decided to go Kandang, the nearest and small place to buy things. I gave a beatific smile to anybody I came across. I went to a grocery there, glimpsing all the things. I bought a bottle of Ducth Lady Milk (RM3.80) and a pyramid bottle of Fraser Hills Honey (RM11.90). Well, enough was enough. The gigantic solar – then – showed his shining bright light to spread several vitamins humans need. I walked straightly back to Blok Akademik, finding my targeted common corner to open books I brought on my back.


Wonderful Dream to a Marine Park....

Sometimes, I feel like swimming in a big ocean. An empty daydream is useless; However, it is meaningful if you guide yourself into a dream world you like. I like day-dreaming. It gives me ideas to write and imagine. Thinking is a divine gift, so dreaming is. I do not know how to swim. At least, I can be a part of marine life - swimming freely with various of colourful sea creatures - only in my dream.......

Thinking about age....


I am still having final exam fever... 1 more paper left to go; it is on 14th November! But, I have a test tomorrow (12th Nov). That means, two more papers to sit. Well, this is what we call a campus life. Going through this degree programme makes me realise that I am well on my way to build up my maturity. People always say to a big girl, you are big enough to handle your own life. Really? Does this make sense? Especially to me. I don't think so. Yes, I am spreading my wings to be a 19-year-old girl. I wish time would stop right now. So, 23rd of December 2008 won't come to declair my severe new age..... overall, age is just a number... Who dares to bother? Let destiny be that way, adding a number - each year - into our age account. Awful!


6/11/2008 Night

I have packed my stuff since a few weeks ago. The agony misery has gone away, leaving the happiness of returning home. My parents are coming! They will be here tomorrow evening to take my stuff home. I will be staying here for more than a week. I will miss my stuff quite insane; especially my dear Pau and Piggy. I love them so much!


Wednesday 5/11/2008 11.00a.m

It was a warm windy morning. I was well-dressed, heading for dining hall. I wanted to buy a meal for lunch. There might be dark stormy clouds in my stomach. A lot of foods served in front of me were still hot and fresh. There were just a couple of bodies – including the cashiers and some hungry students. I purchased one fried chicken, some fried needles (noodles), a little fried mee and a bloody little fried rice – put together in a polystyrene container. Awesome! I went to PTAR for a while, printing something which I was not supposed to print (Don’t ask me what it is!). Then, I strolled as proud as a peacock along my way to go back to my beloved hostel – dreaming that I was well on my way to fulfil my belly. As I arrived, I changed my bloody former clothes. Next, as I wanted to unzip my trousers, but………… Oh, my God! I forgot to zip my trousers. I blushed and my world dropped dead. My joy turned to be as empty as space, recalling all people – along my journey – whom I have had said my friendly Hi to. My two hands became as cold as marble, viewing all faces that I had passed through. I looked into a mirror of death. Sure enough, my faced was like a horrible Dracula who had just eaten a basket of black onions. Needless to say, I had been walking all over places with the unzip trousers? Da da da da… is all about ups and downs. Let my destiny be that way. Never shall I repeat the mistake I made. What a shame – again. Hahaha!


My Beloved Grains – Honey Stars!

I love it! This is my favourite snack ever. I will eat it in the early morning – with a bowl of Dutch Lady Milk – before going to class. Other than that, I love eating Honey Stars® along my way to go home (my hometown). The journey of balik kampung is meaningless without these cereals as it normally takes approximately twelve hours in the bus. Try some! It will be the tastiest stars in the universe……..

“You probably know grains are good for you, but did you know that you need 6-11 servings a day? And breakfast cereals can help? One bowl of NESTLE® HONEY STARS®, a source of grains, helps give you what your body needs”.


Final examination!!! 31Oct-14Nov08

EXAMINATION…. It is all about success and failure. In life, there is no grey area. It is either black or white. It is as sure as death. 31 October to 14 November 2008 is the period. It is like a war. I have neither M-16 nor machine-gun. But I have a lot of books to read, a variety of topics to scheme, and a little of time to spend. Do the best, OH my dear hands, brain and soul. Be as patient as the hours. Do not waste your blood and tears. Good luck my friends! That’s all what I have to write and say – as long as examination is a part and parcel of our life.

Being an Actress for 20 minutes...

23rd of October 2008

English Appreciation is one of my favourite subjects in this course. Crawling amongst various arts of English world, here I am. Literature requires me – as well as other students – to dive deeply into the sea of beautiful words, poems, short stories and drama. The most interesting part and parcel of learning English Appreciation was performing a drama which is adapted from a short story, SAVED. The story is all about love, loyalty and jealousy, blended in a hideous conflict amongst three people in order to keep their own good names. Luckily, they are saved by God at the end.
First and foremost, my group (Hafiz,Atira,Toon&Hafizah) and I read the text and discussed the plot of the story together, meeting in Tun Abdul Razak Library – always as cold as winter morning. After reading thoroughly, we completely understood. We divided the casts involved and chose a suitable character each. Even though I was not a big shot in the group, I could be considered as an eager beaver in producing the script. I had been given a role of a Guru, Paramananda Swami. Although a leopard never changes its spot, I knew I could play this role and had to change my real character into a holy person.
The script had gone through a few stages in becoming a perfect drama. We handed in the script to Mr. Alfred three times so that he could correct it. As soon as he returned our first script back to us, we – at the moment – typed it again based on the corrections given. I was one of the key persons who met the lecturer, time and again, to submit our new script. I knew that procrastination is the thief of time, so I needed to do the correction with the other four group members very fast; then, submitted the script again. Finally, the script was exultantly done after the short and sweet stages.
We were often out of idea in improving our performance. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. As a result, we went through a few practices in class with Mr. Alfred. We managed to improve our speaking-style, blended with emotions and feelings, as well as the way we enunciate words. It was 23rd of October 2008; I was in pins and needles to perform the drama this evening. We met in the morning to do the last practice as we did not want to cry over spilt milk. We wanted to make sure whether we had memorized the script completely.
It was a bright sunny day, exactly at 3 o’clock; we went to Menara UiTM Malaysia for a recording. We were the forth group to perform. In the meanwhile, we changed our costume in order to feel the beauty of acting. I was in white, as spotless as snow. My hope was as high as the stars to perform well as we would be recorded in a recording room. Luckily, our drama ran smoothly without a single disturbance. We could see three enormous video-cameras here and there, pointing at us. It was an interesting moment that I have ever experienced.
Although I had gone through a lot of dramatising during TESL Foundation at UiTM Melaka, this was truly the most memorable experience for me. Being a recording actor for twenty minutes was the most unbelievable sparkling moment I have ever had. Therefore, the picture of being in the recording room will always be in my heart and will always remain so.

Third Day of Eid

It was the third day of Eid (Hari Raya). It was terribly fun as I managed to spend time with my two cousins and siblings. Well, this is a picture of the biggest granddaughters in our family. Our beloved grandmother, MAMA was here too. It was a simple gathering at my house. Well, at least we had shared a wonderful moment together, sharing stories and experiences. From that moment, we realised that we have changed a lot. We are not children anymore, but adults. Our childhood has run very fast and we have left those golden experiences behind. Five of us; my brother, sister, two cousins and I are very close since we were still wearing Pampers. We have gone through a lot of funny things together. Now, everybody has separated and gone to different university.

In the picture above, I was the smallest little girl who is the second person from left.
This picture was taken when I was approximately one year old during Hari Raya.

my first step of RAYA BREAKS...

27/09/08 Morning

I arrived at Kota Bharu Bus Terminal exactly at 10.30 a.m. The 12-hour-journey has made me terribly tired and fatigued. My father, mother and sister came and took me to KB Mall. They wanted to buy some stuff for Raya. Oh, dear! I needed to fling my tiredness away as I followed them. Never mind! I became energetically healthy at the moment I saw a lot of things were sold there. I went to my regular shoes centre, Oasis (partner of Verse) to buy a new pair of shoes. Well, I had found one! The price was quite reasonable so I took it and asked my mother to pay it for me.

honeymoon life in campus...

Updated on 24/09/2008 1:03p.m.

It is a popular belief that it is great to be young. My older friends keep reminding me that this is the best time of my life. They urge me to enjoy my campus life which they describe as the ‘honeymoon’ days. I can think of several reasons why people consider campus life as the best time of their lives.

To start with, we have a lot of friends in our campus. It is hard to feel lonely when we are surrounded by so many people. There is always someone to do things with, such as studying, doing assignment, playing games and outing as well. I suppose this situation of having company all the time will not happen again when we have graduated.

Furthermore, I find my life here is not restrictive; comparing to my previous schooldays. There are not too many rules to follow. I am sorry to say this; I am not an obedient person but I manage to survive in a campus peacefully. We can say that students have a major problem with punctuality. We will discover that some lecturers are too authoritative. But in my schooldays, the rules were strictly followed and surely I got into trouble often. I had been punished because of coming late to school. Yes, I was used to stand hours in the middle of my school field with some friends. Today, I am proud to have this amazing experience.

The next pleasure is undergraduates have only a few responsibilities. All our needs are guaranteed by our loans or scholarships. There is delicious food provided in three dining halls, weekly credits (to buy food at dining halls) and even some luxuries like washing machines.

To our lucky, here, some lectures spoil us with notes and we do not even have to think very hard as they are so anxious to help us pass our examination.

In spite of all this, I am not sure my campus life is the best days of my world. I am not that happy and I think you can guess of a main reason for my unhappiness.

The only reason is, I hate stress of doing assignments and having tests. There are too many of them in the Malaysian education system. We ourselves have already been through a mountain of tasks and will seat for another final examination at the end of the semester. Moreover, some of us have weekly tests and homework. Therefore, campus life brings tiredness itself.

I hope that the best time of my life is yet to come. I think the best moment will be when I have gone through all the semesters. Frankly speaking, it is unnecessary to work and be financially independent while we are still studying. Let your scholarships or PTPTN to look after you. I myself am supported by my beloved parents. Only then we will have a special part of our life. Cool….


Updated on 22/09/2008 1:13p.m.

I still remember during my Asasi TESL time at UiTM Melaka, one of my TESL friends had immigrated to Australia a few weeks before we ended our first semester. She told me that she would also further her study there. Yes, she had no choice since her parents live there and deadly want her to stay with them. (Well, I had a dream to study abroad when I was a little kid. But I am not that lucky; I am still here now!) One day, she had mentioned that she really wished to study longer in Malaysia. Why? ‘Because you can find a lot of advantages while studying locally’. The answer has made me think that I am so lucky for studying in a local university. Let’s figure out!

Everybody knows that studying locally is cheaper since we are supported by the government. We do not have to spend so much money. To get a local degree, we need to spend less than RM30 000 whereas we need a few hundred thousand ringgit to study overseas. Surely, we are able to apply for the loan. Don’t you think that how hard we must burn our money to pay it back? But here, a scholarship is provided for a person who gets good results. The money that you save can be use for other things. It can be used for books….. Or buying DVD perhaps?

The second advantage of studying locally is that we can take the same courses as those offered overseas, can’t us? There is no truth in some students’ claims that certain courses offered overseas are not available locally. In fact, all the important courses that we can find overseas are also taught here. If they are not taught, it is highly likely that they are not recognized by our government. Wow! Meaning that, you will be wise to avoid taking such courses.
Other than that, we can be sure that any degree that we obtain here will be recognized by the government. This is very important because many overseas degrees are not recognized here. So, if you have obtained such your time and energy for you would not be able to get a job with such degrees, you would have wasted not only your money but also your time and energy for would not be able to get a job with such degree. Trust me!
Another great factor is that we spend less but we get to spend the same pay as someone who has a foreign degree. Hence, we may even earn for it is known by everybody only those with better results are accepted by local universities. Usually those with poorer results and are unable to find places in local universities are forced to study overseas. So, I can strictly say that local graduates are of a higher quality than graduates with foreign degrees. We are so lucky to be here, aren’t we?
Furthermore, we do not need to leave your country. We can still be close to our family and friends. In addition, some universities such as MARA University Of Technology just across the road for many students who live in every parts of Malaysia. So, we will not feel extra homesick and we will get the moral support of your family and friends.
By the way, we will be better able to face the hardships of a campus life. We must study hard, no matter where we are. To me, studying in Melaka the Historical City had made my view wider while studying here (UiTM Shah Alam, Perdana Heights) has made me more independent. Wouldn’t these be lovely? Cool….-Ninie-


Updated on 18/09/2008

Up to 40 percent of people snore, mostly men, older people and those who are overweight. Though most of us dismiss it as a nuisance, snoring can have serious health implications, according to an article published by the Malaysian Medical Association. It can lead to ‘sleep apnoea’, which causes the sufferer to stop breathing for up to ten seconds at a time during sleep. Apnoea has been shown to lead to high blood pressure and in some cases early death.

Hey guys! Ask your roommate, “Did I snore last night?” If he or she giggles, that means YOU DID!!

What can a person do if he or she snores?
Due to what students have done in order to overcome this problem, losing weight is the best way to avoid someone to snore while sleeping. Usually, smokers tend to suffer this habit so; they need to quit smoking for good. In fact, avoiding alcohol and sedatives are also useful. A person should avoid sleeping on his or her back with his or her head facing up.

There are also oral devices and surgical options available. Consult your doctor if you think you might have a problem with snoring. Who knows if it can bother your study…and your roommates too? DON’T TAKE IT EASY!!!

SOURCE: Readers Digest

My Three Homes....

The above picture is my first home now (July-November 2008), my room and my paradise at Perdana Heights. It means a lot to me. I spend my hectic life here, completing my assignments.......on my pleasant bed, which I consider it a boon. I've never used my desk to study. Everything is done on bed, including eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My second home is Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR) beloved library. This is my mischievous playground. I can use the Internet service for free here. Wouldn't it be lovely? I will never budge till they ask me to do so.

The place which I proudly call my third home is....Surau Al-Iqra', our God's house and a place to study. I come here whenever PTAR is closed. Where else can I find such a comfortable place? Air-conditioners and fans are provided, it is just as easy as switch them all on. Well, MARA University of Technology (what a well-known exemplary name!) will pay the electricity bills. In addition, it's a pleasure to study here. Don't you think that it is easier to absorb knowledge when we are close to God? Yes, come here!

WAR.....why do they have it?

Sunday 21/09/08 11.00a.m.

I have been thinking what I should write today. Here the topic! WAR... It just came across my miserable mind. Oh, dear! Why do people fight? I don't find the answer.....maybe it is a rhetorical one. But, why can't people think wisely? Why can't they stay in peace? Why can't a man stop dreaming to be a hero in his own hideous dream? It is just a dream within a dream..... Alhamdulillah. Yes, I am a Malaysian who live happily here without a single drop of blood and tears. But, why can't all other countries keep in freedom? Can't they really stop having an animosity? Put a little delicacy. Do answer my arguable question! Tell me no words, show me no acts, give me no signs! Tell ME why! They are suffering.... They are starving..... They are dying! Stop fighting...and don't infuriate each other. This is really an indiscernible situation. Chinoy has said, put a little open-mindedness, put a little empathy, put a little kindness....You will be happy. Belief in God, that is the best pray. Let it be that way. Destiny cannot be changed, but an attitude can. Stop being a bellicose, try to excel a new pleasant life........think about it!

A pure girl without a single sin......Really?

Beauty, splendour and charm. Those were starters of my day. It was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful cold morning air. It was splendid scenery, decorated my plain eyesight. It was also a charming emotion, combined with devotion. Here, the day I meant! I was having a flashback, viewing back my previous time. I wanted to tell you no words, but I had changed my mind then. So, let's go back to 1992. My glorious past time!


I was a two-year-old little girl during that time. No wonder, a tower of close-mindedness filled in my young mind. Well, i had a bestfriend, nicknamed 'Nyoh'. We always played 'mak-mak' together. He was a chubby untidy boy, as well as me (but I was not untidy!). One day, a tragedy happened. The genre was a thriller movie!
One beautiful afternoon, a loud cry could be heard from each corner of this galaxy. A scream of a little boy. Yes, it was Nyoh's voice. His forehead was bleeding terribly as he cried out loud like a horrible cow, mooing in the middle of a dessert. My parents and his parents ran to get him who stood still beside me, in front of my house. We were purely neighbours. His parents were amazingly worried about him and asked repeatedly why. Then, they asked me what happened. I did not reply, but calmly pointed my chubby finger to a drain hoe (cangkul). Everybody knew, it was a steel tool with a long handle, used to clean small drain.

"He was hit with the drain hoe" I pointed the tool which was on the ground, a distance from us, approximately 3 metres away from me.

"Who hit him?" My father asked curiously, throwing his look all over the place to find the 'devil' who had hit my bestfriend, Nyoh. I knew who hit him, but I silently smiled.

"Who hit him?" asked my mother while she was helping Nyoh's mother to console him.

"Who hit him, Ninie?" The same question occured. It was from late Nyoh's father.


"Me"............and gave an innocent smile.

p/s: I have forgotten why I maliciously hit him. Let it be that way. There must be a hidden reason. Well, so far, the scar is still there; on the left-side of his forehead. I am proud to do that since I will be remembered for the rest of his life! Although he calles me 'Enemy', not Ninie.


16/09/08 TUESDAY 11.30a.m

Presentation Skills class: I was given a movable blue plastic case which has an orange tie at the top by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bernadette Foo. It was a gift as I have presented well (even though I have not) during the presentation last week on 9th September 2008. My speech was not that good to be deserved any gift, but tragically someone might have voted me for nothing. Thank you, my dear friend/s!
I wondered what the case is used to. Then I tried to open the plastic which covered the case. I took it out and attempted to open the case. It stuck. Well, I asked myself loudly, unintentionally indeed. Dr Bern came to me and opened it.
“Is this a cigarette case?”
“No!” She answered automatically. She held the case up and showed it to my classmates.
“What is it used for?” I asked her in amusement.
“This is used for keeping things from getting wet. If you are travelling somewhere or going for jungle trekking, you can place your money inside this case and close it firmly. So, your money won’t get wet.”
Poor me! What a stupid question I have asked. No wonder the audience laughed. Well, the more terrible was, Hasinah and Atira who got the same gifts never asked such question. They both were too clever to guess what the case is used for, so they did not need to ask anything. So embarrassing I was! Superman, take me to other planet! I don’t belong to this world for any longer!
How could humility shrink someone’s position? Yes, my experience is the answer. What a shame…


Thursday 11/09/2008 3.00p.m.

Nasuha, my best friend during school time mailed me a Raya card. It was the first card that I received this year. Together with the card, she compiled an Arabic speech entitled “As-saumu wa Dauruha fi Tahziibin Nafsi” (Fasting and its advantages in guiding a person). Yes, I called her a few days before, asking for the speech as I have to deliver a speech on fasting during breaking fast ceremony which will be organised by Persatuan Mahasiswa Hadhari (PMH) this Sunday at 6 p.m. Well, as I am the only one who graduated from Arabic school, I was chosen automatically to talk on stage in Arabic. Surely, I was forced by PMH members. Unwillingly, I must go through this becoming terrible moment although I have actually forgotten many things about Arabic sentence structure and meanings. But, I hope that I will be blessed and read it as a native speaker (it is impossible indeed). The most crucial wish is, ‘I hope the audience will understand’.


07/09/08 Sunday

As I got this story from Toon, I laughed as loud as I could. I think I have done ‘laughter yoga’ inadvertently. Hahaha…here I laughed with full of emotions. Stop wondering! Let me tell you the story. It began when my housemate, Naruto went out to Giant with two other girls. Well, our sweet and delicious spoken neighbour, Ant, had sent an item of SMS to Naruto as she noticed that Naruto was at Giant at the moment. She wanted a set meal of KFC for lunch. This was Girl’s message:
“Belikan aku 1 set ayam honey ye”.
As Naruto got the message, she went to the counter and asked the KFC cashier, ordering the meal.
“Abang, may I have a set of ayam honey, please.”
“I am sorry? What is ayam honey? We don’t have such name of meal here,” replied the guy with a mountain of amusement. Actually, there was a smile on his face.
Naruto, then, called Ant steathily.
“There’s no ayam honey here. How about ordering other meals?” Naruto spoke gently in hurry. She is a very ‘straight-forward’ girl. And totally kind too.
“Oh, yang! What I meant in the SMS was ‘a set of ayam’. ‘Honey’ was referring to you! It is my style of texting an SMS. I usually address anyone with ‘honey’,” shouted Ant, together with a big laughed. There was also a few of backup singers (people who were laughing) on the phone.
“Ha?! I have misunderstood! What a shame!” She seemed like crying.
This is a funny story happened to my housemate. She is a pure Sarawakian, so she is not so familiar with fast-food restaurant since there are not too many such things there. To be honest, via my point of view, she is a funny-looking girl and amazingly happy-go lucky person. She never makes a spectacle of herself, but normally she does accidentally. It is a consensus sagacity that Naruto is the most qualified joker of the year!

The truth is revealed…...

10/09/08 Wednesday 00:01 a.m.

What a pleasure moment tonight. We were resting on our own bed to pamper our fragile body. We have just come back from our beloved library, PTAR. I was swimming in the sea of my lower bed, as Toon and I share a double-decker bed. She takes the upper deck. I budged up and grasped my towel, planning to go to the washroom. We have two bathrooms in our house, left and right side. I love to use the right. As I touched the door knob, Toon calmly called my name. I threw a Chryler look at her. Of course, she was blocking my plan to ease myself in hurry.
“What’s the matter?”
“Which washroom do you want to use?”
“As usual, the right one” I simply answered. Then, her profile showed her worry.
“Why?” I asked her.
“I am afraid I have unintentionally dropped my toothpaste into the washroom hole”.
“What? It may cause the clog again!”
Toon’s face turned like an alien. She might feel guilty on what she did. But at the bottom of my heart, I felt like laughing for the rest of my life. Oh, dear! How rich you are to throw your only toothpaste into that hole.
“Just now”.
“Why didn’t you take it back at once?”
“It fell deeply in the hole. I think I cannot reach it. It is still there, I supposed”.
Never mind!
“If the hole clogs up, I will tell the maintainer that you have brought about this problem”, I said that as a threat joke.
“And next time, don’t forget to throw your toothbrush as well. Let them be partners in the hole!” I continued.
I took my torchlight and when to the incident place ALONE. The place was as dark as a haunted forest. No light, no sound. Only a few types of crickets’ voices could be heard. (Actually the lamp in the washroom has damaged. So, no lamp could be switched on). As a volunteered investigator, I wanted to reveal the truth. I headed the light into the hungry hole. YES! There is toothpaste Safi Kayu Sugi. It was not that deep, so I could take it out easily. Being a toothpaste rescuer is quite a challenging job. Yes, it is if you don’t compare it with rescue 911.
Wait a second! I saw another thing in the same hole. It looked like a pen, I presumed. With a mountain of bravery and a hill of emotions, I put my hand into the hole again. Now, I could grab the thing! It was like a stick. Slowly, I took it out as my hand was pulled out.
“What’s this? A TOOTHBRUSH?”
Oh, God The Al-Mighty. Forgive whoever has committed in this funny sin.
“Whose toothbrush is this?” I screamed loudly. Other housemate came close. I did not call Toon because I knew, this toothpaste is hers. I assumed that the toothbrush must belong to someone else who has done the same thing as what Toon did.
But then, Toon came to me and looked at both toothpaste and toothbrush. She took them suddenly and laughed out loud.
“Both are mine. I dropped this toothbrush into the hole last week. And today, I did the same thing to my toothpaste”. She sat on the floor and giggled out in a very high pitch and even louder. No wonder she has changed a new toothbrush since a few days. Now I could see.
“Oh, that means, you have hid this secret on the sly for seven days long. I am grateful that you have dropped your thing again this time. If not, the poor toothbrush would stay longer there”.
Next time, throw everything into the hole including your pail, shower foam and facial cleanser so that I can be the hero again!

THE CAPTAIN in Spongebob series at Puncak??!!!.

09/09/08 Tuesday 5.30p.m

“HOOOO…who lives in the pineapple under the sea?” asked THE CAPTAIN of Spongebob series in a verse of song.

The story happened while I was at the payment counter at Puncak Dining. I had finished paying my chicken rice and a slice of papaya for breaking fast. This month is Ramadhan, a month for muslims to clean their sins, hearts and souls. I don’t want to talk about people, it is considered as ‘mengumpat'. It is a big sin. But this story has to be told. Well, as I finished paying my meal, I talked to my friend, Khairah who was still queuing up to reach the counter. I chatted happily with her, issuing about the sound of fire crackers. The sounds could be heard recurrently today. What a rude noise. How rudely they dared to play ‘meriam’ while we were all busy waiting for breaking fast?
I noticed that there was a quite good looking guy lining up next to me, in front of Khairah. Never mind! I chatted with Khairah. Then a loud bang of meriam could be heard AGAIN! DOOM!!!!
“Hoooooooooooooooo!” A voice of The Captain in Spongebob series was occurred. I didn’t know where the voice came out from.
“What sound is that?” I asked myself.
I looked at the guy who stood next to me, his face turned red. I wondered how a good looking man ‘melatah’ like that.
Khairah and I acted like we did not hear anything, especially his automatic reflection. Well, poor him. He might feel ashamed if we have laughed at him. No! I am a good pretender. As he walked away and vanished himself, I sniggered heartlessly to his unbelievable automatic reflection of THE CAPTAIN in Spongebob series, my favourite cartoon. Funny….

Keep in touch! Read my blog always ya!

Going to GIANT - the 100th time

30/8/2008 Saturday morning…

There were lots of work to do. Never mind! Toon suggested we go to Giant Hypermarket. AGAIN?!! Well, my dear friends, this is the only place that Puncak students are able to go, with their blood and tears. “Here we go!” We went there by a “Sardine” bus (RapidKL).
We bought things (which were needed only) for the becoming fasting month, two days left to go. Yes, wandering in the supermarket is our allergy. We became automatically different. We were not adults anymore, but two little screwball children. I wanted to buy some dates, but they were not sold one by one. Instead, the dates were sold in many sizes of boxes. Well, I don’t like dates that much to buy a box of them. We found one type of dates that were sold according to our need. I carefully chose 23 chubby and dried dates, one by one. Then, we went to a weighing counter. It was only RM0.83 for 23 dates. I was satisfied….since my budget for this day was RM50 only. Well, everything went smoothly! I went to shoes department and bought two types of shoes, size 6. Six is the size of my feet. They were not expensive, each pair of them was approximately RM10. Their pattern is not marvellous indeed!
Yes, one of the pairs is a blue cheese-like shoes. Millions of holes are all over the shoes. Nevermind, as long as they can keep my feet warm. Wait a minute! No! I will easily get wet indeed! Toon also bought one pair. The same type as mind, but in different colour. The blue is Toon's shoes and the black is mine. Never mind! Boria is better. United we strong, devided we weak!



31/8/2008 SUNDAY

Toon and I desperately longed to buy another shoes the same pattern like what we had bought (very cheap) on the day before (30/8/2008). We were planning to buy a pair more, might be white in colour. To our horrible astonishment, there was no white shoe left! Whatever! This test from Allah S.W.T was really shaking our heart. At the same time, we sincerely accept the loss of our hope to buy the shoes. It was only $10.99 per pair actually. That was why we were amazingly eager to have one more pair. Not greedy, but taking advantage of buying cheap things. Never mind! Life must go on…….survive with a new hope! FINDING ANOTHER pair of SHOES…that was what we meant.
Well, we strolled to the next shelve. Wow! Variety of shoes to be worn….we tried to wear almost all patterns of shoes. Oh, God! Bless us. I am afraid someone has looked at our alienated behaviour (because we could be called like two creatures from the Nameck, a planet where San Goku and Datuk Kame belong to). Seriously, I still wonder how I could be like that, in the name of UiTM Puncak Perdana student. Next, back to the story! Toon took a pair of yellow shoes; ‘RM19.90’ sticker was stated there. I planned to buy other pair of shoes, RM27.90. However, I just had a $50 note in my purse. As a critical thinker, I took the same shoes like Toon had taken. We went through all chocolate booths. Then, we bought intelligently (within budget) a lot of chocolates to take home during Raya break. The most exultant part is I felt like I had gone out of budget. As a half good thinker, I heartlessly put the shoes back on their place; their shoe-friend might miss them very much. Now, I could buy two boxes of Cadbury (RM17.99) and Vochelle (RM13.50).
There was nothing more to be an excitement to our hungry eyes. We walked straight to the cashier; lining up beside a quite middle-aged man with his full tummy of trolley. Then he told me, “You should not be here”. “This cashier is for people who with a trolley. Go over there,” he continued, pointing his finger to a distance. I did not know where he pointed his eyes, but Toon and I moved accordingly to no where. Next, we saw the cashier that the man mentioned about. What a very long line. We waited for our turn, moving slowly to the cashier. At last, HERE WE WERE!!
Toon was in front of me. The cashier girl told Toon, “RM23.60, miss”. Like a lightening in the middle of stormy night, Toon asked with amazement;
“How much?”
“RM23.60” answered the girl.
“How much?” asked Toon again, with a lot of wrinkles and lines all over her forehead.
“What is wrong with you? Stop asking the same thing, she has told you the total!” I said then, warning Toon since there were a lot of people lining up behind us.
“How much, again?” I asked the cashier politely.
“RM23.60. It’s true”
“What?!!!” I screamed. Like a motorbus, bumping along the road, I stepped closer to Toon’s things. Then, I took out the Cadbury box.
“How much is this?”
“RM17 something,” the cashier answered.
“So, what’s wrong? Why are these all so cheap? ” I was eager to know why, like a hungry lion in front of a chubby calf.
“Here the receipt!”
“Oh, I see! The shoes are only RM5.00!” shouted Toon.
“Are you kidding? Don’t fan the flame!” I informally begged for a conformation. I was mad to hear that. I should not have put the shoes back. I thought that pair of shoes was RM19.90, but it was only RM5.00 for real.
The cashier giggled.
Toon paid and we left the counter as soon after I paid for my stuff, less than RM40.00. I managed to control my budget.
“Toon, why did that cashier girl laugh just now? Who did she laugh at?”
“You. I would also laugh more at your behaviour. You seemed like crying, regretting about those shoes that you have put back”
answered Toon, in a big heart smile.
No! ‘There is no life without those shoes’, I stood with that statement. While Toon was waiting for me at Dinkin’s Donut Restaurant, I went back into Giant Supermarket and bought the shoes for RM5.00 like what Toon did. What a relief! Allah S.W.T knows that I was really out of money on that day.... I was amazingly greatful. Cool….


31/8/2008 SUNDAY 11.00a.m.

It was a boring day. I didn’t know what to do. But I knew a lot of things should have to be done. My roommate, Toon and I finally came out with a hasty plan to go out again. There was no pleasant place in mind but Giant Hypermarket. We waited for the cow-bus at Puncak bus stop. Ten minutes later, there was no bus coming. Then, sky water slowly dropped gracefully onto the ground, making a beautiful sound of nature. But it was not what we supposed. We cancelled our plan and walked back to our house.
Oh, my dear ‘mussel pain’ bus! Here it came! But we were not able to catch it anymore from a distance. Poor girls! NEVER EVER GIVE UP! We desperately wanted to go out, enjoying the weekend. Then, the next bus came at 11 a.m. What a relief!
We enjoyed the view. Too many people were there. My fingers are not enough to count them all. So, let the place be that way. Toon and I was in our own world. We acted like two little girls who just have dropped here from other planet in another galaxy. Everything was wonderful and exciting! We don’t know why, till now we are still thinking. We bought a lot of chocolates to take home during Raya break. The most exultant part is, we have bought the same pattern of shoes. Both pairs are yellow in colour.
We went back to Puncak after we had noticed that our pocket was empty. Cool……..


1/9/2008 MONDAY 10.10 a.m.

I bought plain rice and a small plastic of ‘tofu telur’ LAST NIGHT. I planned to make it as a sahur meal. I woke up exactly at 5 in the morning. Without listening to the call of an arrogant roster, I went to bathroom, washing my face. The sun has not shown its face yet. That is the most suitable time to have sahur meal actually. Oh, dear! The tofu telur made a weird smell as I served it in my red bowl. I knew, it was already out of period. I should not eat it, that was the only thing I noticed. Terrible, I ate rice with Tun’s snack. It was quite spicy but sweet. It was better to have lauk than none. THE PALESTINIANS DO NOT HAVE EVEN ANYTHING TO EAT…. Therefore, being grateful with what we have is the best solution. May God bless us.

Going back to my hometown-- short break

The above picture was taken during my 21st birthday celebration. I requested my mother to make me a Thai glutinous rice yellow cake as a symbolic that I have reached a perfect age, not young and not old. Just nice!

17/08/08 Sunday 5.30 p.m.

I’m home! I meet my mother and father again! They are both my bones and strength. It was a peaceful day. My father went to work at the moment of the arising sun. My only younger sister has gone to school. I spent my golden time with my mother, chatting about my campus life. There was nobody except two of us. We watched ‘My Fair Lady’ together, using my laptop, given by her during my previous birthday; 23/12/2007. I love Ummi so much. She gave me this gadget, but she herself doesn’t know how to use it professionally. She bought me three items of batik cloth to be made some clothes. I asked her, “What for?” I don’t even like to wear such kind of cloth. She answered with puzzlement, “You have told me that you need to wear batik every Thursday”. She continued, “Now you will have one, even more”. I was speechless. How great my mother is. I forgot what I have said, but it still remains in her mind, forever indeed. I asked further, “Where did you buy this cloth?” Then, she mentioned that she went to Penambang (the land of batik - all famous batik factories are there). She always concerns about me, otherwise do I? The question stays still on my mind, till the end of the world. Nobody can answer. Not cool………..

All I want is my room anyway.
Far away from my campus bay
With my pink teddy bear
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?
Lots of food for me to eat
Lots of chairs making lots of seats
Calm face, calm hands, calm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?
Oh, so lovely sleeping
Peacefully still
I would never budge till sun
Crept over the window sill
mother’s head resting on my knee
Warm and tender as she can be
who takes good care of me
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Terrible journey to Putra Station….

16/08/08 Saturday 2 p.m.

It was the most terrible journey that I have ever had, so far I guess. Going home, from Perdana Heights to Kelantan: is not a wonderful desire anymore from now onwards. I had been waiting at the bus stand in front of Block 1 since 2 p.m. exactly; till here the crawling bus came at 3 p.m.! What a flower bloomed in my heart, metaphorically!

I rushed to a single mouth of the bus and got into it successfully! Oh, dear! No seat for me, my plan went awry. I was the first person who waited for this atrocious bus, but I became someone who stood here devastatingly with two devilish heavy bags? Oh, their colourful flowers! This was not a bus, but a buzz. Then, the bus galloped arrogantly while I was weeping for a prince charming to come. I wished he came and took me on his giant pink pony, spreading it wings to blow the buzz to the Mars! What a relief…but what a fool ambitious daydream! Suddenly, a lot of reminder songs could be heard from my stomach but I intelligently kept them on the sly.

At last, the dying buzz dropped me at Giant Shah Alam. Thanks! It was a great accomplishment throughout the beginning of my journey. My neighbour, Azwan and cousin, Dina were still waiting there since…I don’t know (they are UiTM Section2 students).

We carpooled to Kuala Lumpur, since my cousin and I would take our bus at Putra Station, opposite to The Mall, at night. Actually, my tummy was waltzing gracefully along the Federal Highway. Then, we just went straight to The Mall and had some meals. I did not put my infatuation on my food! But I should rather eat my own foot! My neighbour’s friend, Hidayat bought a plate of kuih. He, a passive boy actually, asked the left three of us to name the kuih. I said confidently, “Cucur!”. He smiled. Dina guessed, “Jemput-jemput”. Then, the last word came out from Azwan’s mouth, “Cucur pisang”. Hidayat giggled. Well, the endemic kuih was surely not giving us any clue to guess. The shape was like a ball and golden in colour. So, he told that the kuih is goreng pisang. What a flower! Don’t you dare to ask us how the taste was! We prefer to be shot by an ayatollah in Iran, rather than giving you the answer! Oh, God! Forgive whoever person that made this unique goreng pisang please! Keep him or her in heaven, even though this goreng pisang tastes like the food in hell. Amin…….

Azwan and Hidayat left my cousin, Dina and I, as they have done their job of taking me here. We have nothing to do but wandering around this shopping complex. We dropped by all the departments and shops. I bought a DVD, ‘My Fair Lady’ at Speedy. Then, we went to Hang Tuah Street, at the highest level of The Mall. The place is exactly like Melaka streets. We enjoyed reading books at an old used book shop. Later, Dina’s younger brother, Akram (UPNM student) came to accompany us half a day long as he was forced to be our bodyguard. It is not proper for girls to walk alone without a man in crowd.

It was time to go. We strolled along the road, heading to Putra Station. What a hasty waiting time. Thirty minutes left to go. I could see a lot of dustmen all over the floor like a friend of cows lied on the mucky field. Horrible people! I kept watching my things cautiously via my poor eyesight. I didn’t dare to wear my beloved and broken spectacles, I would be automatically awful. This place is like a holocaust! Save me! At the moment, we were invited to get our bus by a gloomy announcement. I presume that there might be something wrong with the speaker. Why should I care?

At 9.30 p.m., my cousin and I got into a green Mutiara Express and sat peacefully in our reasonable place. Oh, my dear tiring journey! Go away! Two girls on chairs stayed mainly in their place. We fell asleep till the cold dawn air came on the next day. A beautiful song from My Fair Lady seemed to be sung by Eliza Doolittle along the journey to my hometown, Kelantan Darul Naim.

All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Lots of chocolate for me to eat
Lots of coal making lots of heats
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Oh, so lovely sitting
Absobloominlutely still
I would never budge till spring
Crept over the window sill

Someone’s head resting on my knee
Warm and tender as he can be
Who takes good care of me?
Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?


12/08/08 Tuesday 8.30 a.m.

We were all LGB 1A went to bilik seminar at level 2, together with Dr. Bern. We were having an amazing joy inside, watching a great movie ‘My Fair Lady’ which is about phonetics and pronunciation in English! We exultantly enjoyed the movie, starring by Audrey Hepburn (as Eliza Doolittle) and Rex Harrison (as Prof. Henry Higgins). It is a superlative film which enchantingly conveys the rich endowments of the famous stage production in a fresh and flowing cinematic form (Crowther, n.d). It is a fancy musical movie blended with a lot of aromatic songs to be left deeply in our mind, and even soul. I have bought one for $39.90, at The Mall Kuala Lumpur. Get one, it is useful! I wish I could be a lady who can speak English well. A moral of the story is, “even English must learn English”. This is one of dynamic songs that I have copied by heart throughout watching the movie. Cool………

Bed, bed I couldn’t go to bed
My head’s too light to try to set it down
Sleep, sleep I couldn’t sleep tonight
Not for all the jewels in the crown!

I could have danced all night
I could have danced all night
And still have begged for more
I could have spread my wings
And done a thousand things
I’ve never done before…

I’ll never know what made it so exciting
Why all at once my heart took flight
I only know when he
Began to dance with me
I could have danced, danced, danced
All night!


yesterday, I joined two competitions actually. First, 'Gubahan Hantaran Perkahwinan Challenge' and second, 'Serlahkan Kejelitaanmu Challege' (make-up). I really didn't see my chance to win in this competition actually....but i won the first prize! but the second competition, i just got 'saguhati'. Nevermind! Wonderful! I feel so great! Thanks a lot to Tun & Ain for being my partners in Gubahan Challenge, the hamper is so big right? the mug is amazingly beautiful as well. And a mountain of love is to be given to Hasinah for being my patient model in Serlahkan Kejelitaanmu Challenge. Wow...Thanks!

Pictures will be coming soon!


sometimes, i need to admit that surviving is tiring. Why is there so much work to be done? Poor me! but, if we think twice....i know that living is better than surviving. But each of all our experiences is usually called as a survival! how am i supposed to change it? Well, enjoy your hectic life..........Just make it alive! Joy & Fun.......... Stop surviving, start living. Enjoy your assignments huh!!!!

what a SHAME!!!!

oh, dear......what a giant mistake i have done! it was so embarrassing. It just happened a few moment ago. Now, our class is at PTAR (library). Well, it was an amazing cold early morning. i felt 'bombastic' in my tummy. Echoing to that, I went to a slow motion. Don't worry! It just a 'small water' feeling. I wanted to ease my great 'worry'. Hence, i just quickly headed into a small washroom at level 1. honestly, I haven't been here before. (I am a Lady Of Washroom....that title is always supposed to be mine) Well, I felt so weird as I entered the unpleasant room. There was too much smoke dust all over the floor. "Where am I?" I said in ambiguity feeling of going out. No! i need to ease 'it'! As a critical thinker, I pointed my two buble eyes on each method around me. Wonderful,fantastic! There was a dustbin. I flung my sight into it. Well, I could recognised so many things inside! Some cigarrete cases could be found. Something was wrong here....or probably I went into a ublessed wrong place. I went out immediately from this hell. God knows best! how couldn't I bother a beautiful signboard outside, exactly on the door. 'TANDAS LELAKI' .....wHAT?!
SPEECHLESS....I ran into the next door. the heaven place that i was supposed to be....HE3!!
The pictures I use have nothing to do with my story. Those are pictures of Taiwan Modern Toilet Restaurant....I wish I could be here! So unique yet amazing! To some people it might sound ridiculous to symbolize 'shit' 0r 'poo' as things to eat...but I'm open-minded! Chinese are creative!!! Wow....this is wonderful!

we are together!!!

GREAT!! Climb your great mountain! there is a goal on the top of it!
if you love Mariah Kari's song...I love Mariah Sup's song...

just kidding! i love to listen to 'FIGHTING FOR FIVE' is a theme song for smallville series (SUPERMAN) BUT here are the words that i have changed.





it is not easy to be who you/we are now, right?

well,i agree with you (my classmate) without knowing who exaclty you are. Buddy, we are sailing on the same ship. We all face the barriers and feel the pain together. Wave is not as hard as we think....sometimes, the pain will be considered as devotion. I respect your decision....hence, be yourself! it is not neccessary for us to be another. but like I said earlier, let it be that way. God knows I right. Whoever you are supposed to be, just go on trough the right path. We are always there for you as a family member. Sharing is caring....... Frankly speaking, life is not easy. Like my mother says whenever i feel sad, ''LET BY GONES BE BY GONES''. Therefore, living in a healthy mind of thinking is the best treatment for us! Well done....."together we united, divided we weak"


I miss my mother so much. I have bought a ticket to go home for mid-term break. It is a pleasure to be in my hometown. Well, I do not want to talk about my hometown, but my mother. She is my idol….in many things and aspects. She is a perfectionist in dressing. To me, she is the greatest mother of the universe. She taught me a lot of things (during my childhood), academic and non-academic; since she was an English teacher. She ended up her career at the age of 50. But now she is already 52 years old. She had been teaching for more than 27 years old. Actually, taking English as a course is her advice. Willingly or not, I have to please her by moving on in this field. Luckily, it is my infatuation though. She was the first teacher who taught me Grammar. I cannot remember when the time exactly was, but I assume that it was during my primary schooldays. She was extremely good in Grammar, but now, her hair is turning into white in colour; so does her knowledge change. She has even forgotten the proper rules in Present/Past Perfect Tense. Poor on me! Now, I need to teach her back because she forces me to! That means I have to take all Dr. Chai’s Grammar books to teach her..I wish I could just take Dr Chai home..Hi3. Hence, before I came here, she bought me a lot of shoes (during sale only).

So here, I come out with my own quotation.

“Knowledge is like a right shoe. Polish it regularly, because the more you wear it, the more beautiful your foot will be. And don’t forget to wear another, because the left shoe is your courage” (Fadhlini, 2008).

Do not plagiarize! I will tell Dr. Azni if you are brave enough to do so. Put it in quotation marks okay! Hahaha... Frankly speaking, it is an incentive for me as a student! Think about it. “Joke is joke, but the input is to be put” (Fadhlini, 2008). Hihihi….

How can a hangman hang another man

by a ponytail of my pony tail?
The handsome doesn’t have some hands

to book a handbook by his hand.


The correct idiom is "Turn over a new leaf".
It means to start a new way of doing things (especially in your life) which is better than before.

But i use ''turn into a new leaf" to sound ridiculously devastated and rebellious. What I mean is, as if I were an old leaf, counting days to fall on the ground and be forgotten, then I wished to magically turn into a totally new one (despite dying), stay strong with the other leaves....seeking for the mighty Sun to grow greener and more mature, shading the humans who are resting under this tree of life.

Well, this began when my friend told me that now i'm not like who i used to be during Asasi TESL time (July2007-July2008) anymore. 

is it true? 

i didn't realise it, but actually it is. it is not an exultant for me to be thrown here...i mean, this is Puncak Perdana, a totally new place, doing my first degree. The name of this place is quite impressive but does it really look like it is?

oh dear....... i miss my fellow old friends so much. i always keep mentioning this. WHY? i think there's no doubt to accurately announce that I MISS MY PREVIOUS CAMPUS LIFE!!!

No! life must go on. let bygones be bygones....

So i must turn into a new leaf. i don't want to stuck here, daydreaming about what i am supposed to not bring it back on my mind.

help me...........A.D.A.P.T! is the best way to be. let it be this way! i have chosen the right path.....

Let God show me the light!


The following text is my original post. This is my very first post I wrote when I started blogging on 4 August 2008. I started blogging as a requirement of an English Language class I joined during my first year of my first degree. Everyone in the class had to create a blog, so I did too. It is funny that now I can see I made a lot of mistakes then. And this text, I believe, is so precious for I can see how I have developed as a writer in the past eight years. Well, of course, even now I still present my words in the simplest way which every level of English language users can understand. Otherwise, nobody will read my blog...hahaha.


my friend told me that i'm not like who i was used to behave during Asasi TESL. was it true? i don't realise it, but actually it is. it is not an exultant for me to have been based here...i mean, Puncak Perdana. the name is quite impessive but does it really look like it is? oh dear.......i miss my fellow old friends so much. i always keep mentioning this. WHY? i think there no doubt to accurately announce that I MISS MY PREVIOUS CAMPUS LIFE!!! No! life must go on. let gone be by gone....i must turn into a new leaf. i don't want to stuck here, daydreaming about what i am supposed to not bring it back on my mind. help me...........ADAPT! is the best way to be. let it be this way! i have chosen the right path.....let God shows me the light!