Hello My Morning!

Wednesday 12/11/08 Early Morning

The beginning of this day was like a windy cool morning for a girl who is seeking for calmness like me. As my dearest sun appeared from the back hills, I took my bath early and had a little breakfast, a Kaya bun which I purchased last night. I went down the ground of Puncak Perdana Campus. I walked briskly to nowhere, along a boulevard. It was still a baby morning. I passed through Blok Akademik as I suddenly decided to go Kandang, the nearest and small place to buy things. I gave a beatific smile to anybody I came across. I went to a grocery there, glimpsing all the things. I bought a bottle of Ducth Lady Milk (RM3.80) and a pyramid bottle of Fraser Hills Honey (RM11.90). Well, enough was enough. The gigantic solar – then – showed his shining bright light to spread several vitamins humans need. I walked straightly back to Blok Akademik, finding my targeted common corner to open books I brought on my back.

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