Turtle Eggs

Sunday 8/11/2009

Since I have been talking about fish, crabs, tortoises and turtles, I want to tell you about one of my favourite foods. “Favourite” is, in the sense, that I hardly eat it often. Here they are! Turtle eggs!

I vividly remember that one of my friends has asked whether I have consumed turtle eggs. I said, “Yes!”. There are sold in Pasar Siti Khadijah Kota Bharu, but at only several stalls. Since Kelantan is just next to Terengganu, the eggs are easily found here. Well, it is not as widely free as buying chicken eggs, of course. I am not sure whether it is legal to sell turtle eggs nowadays. Never mind! The price of each turtle egg is more expensive, ten times than a chicken egg. But in Sabah, you can easily buy it anywhere for a very cheap price. As cheap as a chicken egg, maybe! I’m not sure. You can ask my friend, Syahmi Mahallo Kapua Maila (http://pahoma.blogspot.com) for further information. His family moves a lot, and currently to Sabah.

To be honest, the taste is not as delicious as dinasour eggs. If you are hungry, you better consume a chicken egg rather than turtle egg! It would be frustrating if you consider a turtle egg as your lauk (main meal), of course. If you are using hands to eat it, do not forget to apply several brands of fragrances/perfumes after that. The egg’s smell can remain for hours on your palms. Yes, because it is consumed uncooked, so it gives an uneasy smell. One Drop perfumes are also acceptable!

A turtle egg is not salty at all, although it is covered by the sea sand. Well, some people might say it is a little salty. But I don’t. It is ‘salty’ in another sense. That’s why I put some soy sauce while eating it. Well, disregard what I’ve said because I put soy sauce in whatever I consume, actually. To my friends that hardly eat such incredible food…. Let’s observe how to eat an uncooked turtle egg (that’s the way it is)!

In The End....

9/11/2009 Monday

That was not the end of the story. At UiTM Melaka during my TESL Foundation, I had a fish (ikan pelaga) called Pepsi. Everybody (friends) knows Pepsi. It was blue in colour, beautifully swam in a crystal pot. Pepsi was more mobile than Tonie and Torie. You know, sometimes it was taken by this fellow, but some other times it was kept by other friends. After that, other people came to borrow it for nights. Oh, dear! It was so strong traveling from room to room, block to block and even place to place. Many liked it.

One lovely morning, I wanted to change its water. I put it in a small glass first. After its house was cleaned, I wanted to put it back into its house. But then, I had to throw the dirty water in the glass so that it would not pour into its clean house. To eliminate the water, I slowly dropped it from my room window. I carefully did, so that only water dropped, not the fish. But, it was a predestination of it. It was unintentionally thrown down together with the water in the bloody glass. Aiyok! I did it… For your information, my room was located at the second floor…poor Pepsi! He became a stunt man that day!

Then, I rushed to the ground floor to find Pepsi. It was looping in pain on the cement floor. What have I done! This was an accident…hopefully not a sin. I was too afraid to take it, to touch it or whatever to put it back into a glass of water. Like I said, I don’t like to touch pets; I only like to watch them. What was I going to do?! I watched Pepsi in pain.

Later on, Umi, the wife of a resident staff came and asked me, “What’s that Ninie?”. I said, “It’s a fish. I accidentally dropped it down from the window while changing its water”. “Ninie! Take it! Adoi, budak ni!”. The only word I could say was, “Geli!”.

Then she took Pepsi and put it into the glass I hold. Well done! I took it back upstairs. That night, I saw Pepsi floating unconsciously on the water. I knew, I could not bring it to the clinic or where else. That was the end of Pepsi’s life. I don’t what to say that I myself ended its life. My friends scolded me and some made me a laughing stock. Sakey, my former classmate who always took Pepsi to her room had a great surprise. Huhu..I am sorry. It was a tragic accide nt, I supposed.

NINJA....the kungfu crab

9/11/2009 Monday

I love pets which do not require much pamper, instead of cats, which we have to touch them for care. I choose fish or reptiles, rather than such creatures…..I don’t like cats, I’m sorry if the cats lovers would feel uneasy. Cats are cute, but I don’t like the moments they show their sharp nails! Never mind….

I love reptiles and aquatic creatures, which has their own world like in the water (fish, prawns, lobsters) or they have their own house to carry (cengkerang) like tortoises, river turtles and crabs; they are more alive to my eyes. I don’t have to touch them, but watch them! I had, once, a crab…I named it Ninja. Why? The reason was because it liked to show a ninja’s steps whenever we went close to it.

My housemates also loved it. One day, I brought it home since I was afraid that I could look after it while I was having the final examination week at the campus. I gave to my youngest sister to look after it, at my hometown. It came to death a couple of weeks ago for no reasons. Well, actually there must be a reason which I haven’t time to discover yet. My father buried it somewhere….I don’t know, near my house. The thing I regret most is not Ninja’s price (RM20.00), but the responsibility that I couldn’t hold in raising it. I bought it for the sake that I didn’t like to see it fighting with its other friends, in Aquarium (name of aquatic pets shop) next to Wet World Shah Alam. Well, let bygones be bygones.

At least, I still have Rikka (female) and Kuga (male) with me, the two river turtles from Brazil. They were bought in Shah Alam, of course. I hope they will last long, for at least a few couple years like Tonie and Torie had. Well, who are Tonie and Torie?

A long time ago, I had Tonie and Torie but they met their death after years. I was and I am still mobile….I brought Tonie and Torie wherever I went, in a mobile aquarium. They might always feel pening-pening and finally died. Poor pets!