Egg Sandwich

This is so good!

Simply make scrambled egg, then add some mayonnaise.
Spread it on toast. Add some sliced tomato and cucumber.
Put shredded lettuce too and a slice of cheese.
There you go!
A perfect egg sandwich ready, to start a lovely day...

I love burned toast...
The aroma is NEVER worth to die for...because you want to live long to eat this.
It is tastier this way!!!


Lontong is a very delicious Malay cuisine.
There's mixed vegetable curry, spicy anchovies, boiled eggs, dried/shredded beef and compact rice.
They are all good to be combined in a bowl.
It is normally served to guests during festive Eid.

Well, I don' have a recipe for this because my housemate made it.
All I know is to eat it.

Rapunzel Hair Doughnuts

Rapunzel Hair Doughnuts
(*Resipi Donat Mudah dan Sedap)

 I love doughnuts...and I love Rapunzel too.

Sugar / gula : 6 tablespoons / 6 sudu besar
Warm water / Air suam  : 1 cup / 1 cawan
Condensed Milk / Susu pekat : 3 tablespoons / 3 sudu besar (I used fresh milk instead)
Yeast / Yis : 11 gram (OR 1 sachet of Mauripan Yeast)
Egg / Telur : 1 egg / 1 biji
Melted Butter / Mentega Cair : 2 tablespoons / 2 sudu besar
Salt / Garam : a pinch / secubit
Plain Flour / Tepung Gandum biasa : 3 cups / 3 cawan

1. Combine A in a big bowl
    Campur bahan A 
2. Add B and let the mixture rest for 10 minutes
    Masukkan bahan B dan adun sebati, biarkan selama 10 minit.
3. Add C and stir until the ingredients become well-combined
   Masukkan bahan C dan kacau sehingga sebati.
4. Add D and kneading the mixture until it becomes a dough.
   Masukkan bahan D dan uli sehingga menjadi doh
5. Add more flour if necessary and knead until the dough is not sticky.
    Tambahkan tepung jika perlu dan uli sehingga adunan tidak melekat.
6. Shape your dough and make three long rope-like dough.
    Bentukkan adunan menjadi seperti tali.
7. Braid them like Rapunzel's hair.
    Pintal adunan seperti tali tersebut seperti rambut Rapunzel.
8. Cut the dough into pieces before you fry them.
    Potong terlebih dahulu sebelum menggoreng.
9. Fry them until they become brownish doughnuts.
    Goreng sehingga menjadi donut yang keperangan.
10. Sprinkle some castor sugar while the doughnuts are still warm.
      Tabur gula kastor sementara donat masih panas.

.....The End.....
Happy Cooking!