My Dwarf Sunflower

::::Throwback 2015::::

This is called Dwarf Sunflower.
I bought it for 99 pence at ALDI Superstore near my house.

and this was my imaginary garden looked like last summer (2015)
Next summer, I hope I can make it prettier and more organised.

It was like this when I bought it.

After two weeks, it became like this.
Beautiful, isn't it?

By the way, I also had two sunflower plants which I plated them from seeds.
I bought 20 seeds but only two survived.
But I should say....barely survived.

 Dwarf sunflower plant has many flowers.

A common sunflower plant has only one flower on the top.
Well, I couldn't show the difference because my two sunflower plants were a big fail.
I don't even have their pictures taken.

Bye now!!!

Cherry Tree in My Backyard

:::Throwback 2015:::

These pictures were taken during early spring last year.
I think it was on 22 April 2015
when I was cleaning the backyard
to welcome a lovely season, spring (musim bunga)....

You can see the cherry flowers in the pictures below.

This is how they always bloom during early spring
before they turn into fruits like the following pictures.

The fruits are normally ready during summer.


from birds, squirrels or other animals.

Last year, I protected the cherries using plastic bags
which I stapled to the branches using a normal stapler.
In Malaysia, this is how my father and my grandmother always do to their fruit trees.
They wrap the fruits using old newspapers or plastic bags
to protect them from being eaten by birds, squirrels or wild animals.

So I thought I might do the same thing to the cherry tree
in my backyard....and it totally worked for me!!!

The following pictures were taken during summer.

This is the result!!!!!
Isn't it wonderful to enjoy these in your backyard??????

This is the best experience ever!!!!

Well, I hope this idea may help you too.
I can't wait for summer 2016
so I can enjoy these scrumptious crunchy cherries again!!!

Bye now!

Kiwi Asam boi

Kiwi (about 4 - per person)
Sugar (2 tablespoons - I used brown sugar)
Salt (1 teaspoon)
Asam boi (Chinese pickled plums - about 10 or more)

1) Slice the kiwis. Please refer to the picture to see how you can slice them.

2) In a small food container, put all other ingredients and stir them softly using a spatula.

3) Place the container in a fridge for a bout 1 hour before serving.

**You may need to squeeze 1 calamansi lime (limau kasturi)
if you have it. It will give a pleasant aroma to it.
But here in the UK, the calamansi lime or so called calamondin orange
is not a common fruit
which you can simply pick from your backyard
like we always do in Malaysia.
So I didn't put it.
I could buy it at many oriental supermarkets here
but the price is not reasonable
for something less important like in this recipe.
picture taken from google


Weekend gateway to Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff is beautiful!!!
5-7 February 2016

We visited two castles....Cardiff Castle and Caerphilly Castle.
We took a public bus (No.26) from Cardiff City to Caerphilly Castle and hoped to stop at the nearest
bus stop to Castel Coch on the way back to the City.
Unfortunately we didn't stop there.
We were told that we had to walk to Castel Coch (17-minute-walk) from
the nearest bus stop.
It was raining heavily on that day.
So we had to cancel our plan and simply went back to the City for lunch hunting!

**I will update this post next time**

Caerphilly Castle

Millennium Stadium and River Taff