My Dwarf Sunflower

::::Throwback 2015::::

This is called Dwarf Sunflower.
I bought it for 99 pence at ALDI Superstore near my house.

and this was my imaginary garden looked like last summer (2015)
Next summer, I hope I can make it prettier and more organised.

It was like this when I bought it.

After two weeks, it became like this.
Beautiful, isn't it?

By the way, I also had two sunflower plants which I plated them from seeds.
I bought 20 seeds but only two survived.
But I should say....barely survived.

 Dwarf sunflower plant has many flowers.

A common sunflower plant has only one flower on the top.
Well, I couldn't show the difference because my two sunflower plants were a big fail.
I don't even have their pictures taken.

Bye now!!!


nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

cntik sbb warna dia menyerlah.

Ardilla Noorezan said...

They are beautiful!

Ninie said...

betul cantik... tapi lepas abis summer, pokok ni pun mati. InsyaAllah next summer ninie beli lagi...hihihi.