Cherry Tree in My Backyard

:::Throwback 2015:::

These pictures were taken during early spring last year.
I think it was on 22 April 2015
when I was cleaning the backyard
to welcome a lovely season, spring (musim bunga)....

You can see the cherry flowers in the pictures below.

This is how they always bloom during early spring
before they turn into fruits like the following pictures.

The fruits are normally ready during summer.


from birds, squirrels or other animals.

Last year, I protected the cherries using plastic bags
which I stapled to the branches using a normal stapler.
In Malaysia, this is how my father and my grandmother always do to their fruit trees.
They wrap the fruits using old newspapers or plastic bags
to protect them from being eaten by birds, squirrels or wild animals.

So I thought I might do the same thing to the cherry tree
in my backyard....and it totally worked for me!!!

The following pictures were taken during summer.

This is the result!!!!!
Isn't it wonderful to enjoy these in your backyard??????

This is the best experience ever!!!!

Well, I hope this idea may help you too.
I can't wait for summer 2016
so I can enjoy these scrumptious crunchy cherries again!!!

Bye now!


  1. Omg bestnya ninie. rasa dia memang manis eh. errr sebab selalu makan yg atas kek je kan. belum pernah rasa yg fresh. hehe

  2. Manis ni... Hana try beli supermarket di Malaysia pn byk jual, yg kaler merah purple tu...sama je rasa ngn yg ni...hehe.