Marimo World #1: Marimo

19 /9/ 2012
I am falling in love!
Someone introduced me to Marimo this morning....
I wish I could have a Marimo by my side too....

Marimo is a green-ball like aquatic plant, from Japan. It grows very slowly, approximately 0.5-1cm per year. Some say, it takes 2 years or more for a Marimo to become as big as 10 cent coin. Many believe that it brings luck, prosperity and love. However, I fancy Marimo because it shows patience and love of whoever owns it. Easy to take care of, Marimo becomes a 'plant-pet' or gift to someone special. It is sold based on its size. [RM15.00=size of 10 cent coin and RM60.00=bigger than size of 50 cent coin]

It is, indeed, one of the amazing GOD's creations which has benefits to the mankind. Marimo stabilizes the biology of an aquarium. The water will be always clean with Marimos in the aquarium, although there are fish inside. It reduces the growth of algae because marimo absorbs the same nutrients as algae does. So people believe that the marimo always wins.

I wish I could have it someday. More info, click here.

Happy Malaysia Day

I am proud to be a Malaysian

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

Before this, I always took Bahasa Melayu for granted. I never realized how complicated my national language is….until I had an interview this morning, UiTM scholarship to be an English lecturer. Of course, it was supposed to be conducted fully in English. However, the second session suddenly was conducted in Bahasa Melayu.

My Bahasa Melayu session was a disaster. I couldn’t answer well and spent a great time thinking too much on Bahasa Melayu (baku) words that I left years ago.


Yes, we can speak KL (informal Bahasa Melayu) fluently….but NOT Bahasa Melayu baku (official Bahasa Melayu, the language that is used by pengacara TV- host). Believe me…

I am surprised to know that I CANNOT speak Bahasa Melayu fluently like pembaca berita Buletin Utama TV3 (TV broadcaster)….haha. They are awesome! Indeed! Now I respect them! Seriously!

I’m a fan of Tan Sri Ramlee’s movies. I remembered ‘Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa’ caption was mentioned in Seniman Bujang Lapok movie decades ago. Indeed, Bahasa is jiwa bangsa (A language is the soul of a nation)! Language shows who we are, it presents how much Malay we are….. A Malaysian, especially Malay, should be ashamed if he or she cannot speak official Bahasa Melayu fluently.

We have achieved independence for 55 years already, but we are still lack of nationality in our heart. Nationality is not ONLY represented by how we dress, how we speak or how we behave, BUT how much effort we put to sustain the name of a true MALAYSIAN.

Let’s sing “Saya Anak Malaysia” song…hehe. Bye.

1957 bulan 8 kita merdeka,
Setelah dijajah oleh orang Inggeris,
Kamikaze dan Portugis.

Saya Anak Merdeka x 4

Sedikit masa harus diluangkan,
Fikirkan sebentar apa yang dijuangkan,
Adakah merdeka sekadar laungan,
Merdeka semuanya keluar gaungan,
Merdeka lebih dari tiga jeritan,
Merdeka bebas dari kesempitan,
Pemikiran, otak, akal, minda,
Mungkin tiba masa definisinya dipinda.

Hujan emas di negeri orang,
Hujan batu di negeri kita,
Walaupun cantik negeri orang,
Tentunya Malaysia cantik lagi!

Dari Perlis ke Kota Kinabalu
Rakyat bersatu dan maju,
Bumi bertuah hasil melimpah,
Siapa rajin hidup mewah.

Saya Anak Merdeka x 4

Melayu, Cina, Iban, India,
Kadazan Portugis pun ada,
Semua kaya dengan budaya,
Di bawah kibaran satu bendera.

Saya Anak Merdeka x 2
Saya Anak Malaysia x 4