Product Review: My first experience with MARY KAY products

Happy Eid everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
Written on: 27 June 2017 (exactly 2 months using Mary Kay F1 BE Cleanser and 1 month using OFHG)

Today, I will talk about my very first experience with Mary Kay products which I myself just knew about this brand. On the 2nd of April 2017, I started to consult a Mary Kay Malaysia Beauty Consultant (BC) who happens to be one of my old friends. She’s very beautiful and kind too. I showed her the latest pictures of my face. This is because I only contacted her via Whatsapp (a mobile phone application like Wechat, Telegram and so on, where you can share messages, pictures, videos and many more.). I haven’t seen her for ages so she needed to look at my current pictures at that time to evaluate my skin condition. We currently live very far from each other because she is not at her hometown and currently studying at a public university in the West side of Malaysia. I am always in the East. She rarely come home too. So we only contact each other via Whatsapp.

After receiving some information about my history of the skincare I used, she decided that I have to use Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser (BE F1 cleanser), judging from the sensitivity of my face skin too. Please note that I thought my face is OILY. I will discuss this later. The other Mary Kay skincare products I was suggested to use are Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) and Timewise Gel Mask.

So I received my trial sachets on 22 April 2017 as she posted all of these to my parents’ house. Along with these trial sachets, I received my other two purchased items which are SPF15 CC cream (very light) and Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth. The trial sachets I received were:

- Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive skin
- Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG)
-Intense Moisturizing Cream
-Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel mask

So I used the trial products for a few days. Within that period, I think they neither gave any harm nor visible goodness to my face. To be honest, at first, I was not really comfortable using the cleanser because it is not drying out my face at all, which is actually good. The texture is very lotion-like creamy without foam. For your information, my face skin looks oily all over and sometimes suitable to be called acne-prone. That’s why I prefer cleanser which can dry out my face right away, as soon after I wash my face. The feeling of dryness makes me feel happy. Little did I know, this feeling is actually harmful to the skin which contributes to acne-prone condition which I have been suffering for ages. I have never had moisturizers on my face before too. That’s why I sometimes had dry parts and flaky spots near my lips area before I started using Mary Kay cleanser. I put some Intense Moisturizing Cream on these dry and flaky areas many times daily. It worked really well to moisturise these dry parts!!! Within a week, that problem was solved.

My BC told me that, despite having oily-look skin, my skin is actually very dry inside, and feels oily on the outside. This condition is the main factor which leads to my sensitive skin and acne pimples. Therefore, I was given Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive instead of Formula 3 Cleanser for Oily skin. Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser is claimed to be the mildest cleanser as compared to the other two formulas, she said.

So I should proceed with my order. I purchased the suggested Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive skin and Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and received these two items a few days later, on 27 April 2017. As mentioned before, the creamy F1 cleanser is alright as I am getting use to it. However, the gel mask is not alright to me at the moment! It was supposed to be able to reduce the size of my pimples on the next day of using it. I tried many times (every two-three days) but the results were still the same. Each pimple became bigger or at least stayed as it is. I thought it was normal at first until one day, I put a little dot of gel mask on my small closed comedone pimple and the skin of the affected area was swelling right away, in a second. Please see the picture below. It became exactly like it has been bitten by a mosquito. So I stopped using the mask in early May 2017. I returned the gel mask in good condition with its box to my BC via Poslaju courier on 25 May 2017.

I also ordered two more items from my BC which are Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) and Oil-free Eyes Makeup Remover. Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, these two items were delivered to me about one month later, which was on 26 April 2017. My BC delivered these items herself to me at my doorstep. She gave me a free lipstick which I love, called Semi-matte Lipstick (Rich Truffle). The colour is nude and natural, which I love the most about it. I received more free samples in small sachets. Actually, the Intense Moisturizing Cream was originally on the list I ordered. My BC said that I don’t need it anymore due to the positive improvements of my skin. Now I see no more dry parts and flaky spots.

As a replacement for the gel mask returned, I was suggested to use Botanical effect F3 Mask instead. I received the F3 Mask on 6 June 2017, with a few more samples of different Mary Kay facial wash sachets and a trial stick of Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. This time, I also ordered a Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder (Ivory 1) with its Compact Mini which is the case for the pressed powder. It is sold separately. Ten days later on 16 June 2017, I purchased a foundation called Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation (Ivory 5) and very cute blusher named Mineral Cheek Color Duo (Juicy Guava). The colour is peach, not pink. I really adore this blusher because it comes with a highlighter which is optional to use.

So today, 2 June 2017, it has been exactly 2 months since I officially started purchasing and using Mary Kay products. I only purchased the basic products I currently need to budget constraint. I hope I don’t have to buy more items within a few months ahead. Let’s hope!

The following list is to show the prices I spent so far:

-Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser       = RM72
-Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask   = RM117     -returned
-Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG)                  = RM138
-Intense Moisturizing Cream                       = RM138      -returned
-Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover                = RM68
-SPF15 CC cream (very light)                    = RM79.00
-Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth            = RM11.00   X 2
- Botanical Effects Formula 3                     = RM85
-Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder (Ivory 1)  = RM69
-Compact Mini (pressed powder case)      = RM45
-Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation = RM65 (discounted), originally RM79
-Mineral Cheek Color Duo (Juicy Guava)  = RM65

FREE item:
** Semi-matte Lipstick (Rich Truffle)         = worth RM55
**Two pressed powder sponges               = worth RM11
**Ultimate Mascara (trial stick)                 = The normal size is trending at RM85

For now, I am very satisfied with my total purchase of RM708.00. These items are enough for me at this moment. I didn’t buy any brushes yet for my cc cream or liquid foundation. I simply use clean fingers to apply the cream onto my face. As for my blusher, I used an old blusher brush from the previous blusher I had. I cleaned it using mild shampoo and let it dry. So guys, let’s hope that some of these items are enough to last for a few more months!!!

For your information, I am now in dealing with a very bad healing crisis. I didn’t detox my face at all prior to using MARY KAY skincare products. My BC did ask me to detox my face first using milk, coconut water or cold water with fruit-iced-cube infusion. However, I didn’t do so due to my hectic life at that time. Plus, I didn’t quite understand the benefits of doing it so I skipped this detoxification time. Here is my post about how to detox your face before using Mary Kay products so it may benefit you.

Plus, I didn’t attend any MK beauty classes as well because my BC lives very far from me. I’ve been really busy at the moment to attend those classes nearby. At the first two weeks, I didn’t really know the right way of using these products especially the facial cleanser. So I always contact my BC and keep her updated about anything I feel and experience.

In the next post, I will show you the time-lapse pictures of my healing crisis nightmare. I celebrated Hari Raya (Eid) two days ago with this kind of face...hihihi. I hope to always update that post as a collection of time-lapse pictures of my face along my journey to healthy skin. Stay tuned!

I am NOT selling these products. I am a new user of Mary Kay, officially starting on 27 April 2017. So what I write is truly based on my experience and observation for sharing purposes only. Yet, I myself do not know the outcomes of using these skincare regimens to my skin. Should you have personal enquiries or want to seek my honest review, feel free to contact me.

DIY Kad Raya

This is my DIY Eid Greeting Cards project with my 5-year-old niece. I spent one whole day with my niece, designing and printing these Eid greeting cards according to her preference. She drew the boy and girl cartoons herself. She even wrote the wordings herself, with my guidance of course. She cannot read yet…but know the alphabets, lol.

All her drawing and writing were cut and scanned. Then I pasted on a plain paper for arrangement and re-scanned. When I got a desired design, I printed it out on a thick plain A4 paper and cut the leftover edge. Done!

I must say the cards turned out good, for beginners like us…of course. They are full of honesty and authenticity. Excellent! We made only four cards. One for her, one for me, and two more were posted to my cousins (10 and 13 years old), who happen to be her mak sepupu and ayah sepupu.

Bye now and Eid Mubarak everyone! This has been so much fun. I hope to do this again next year with her. We’ll see how she improves in her drawing and writing.

Product Review: Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth and how to detoxify your face

Written on: 19 June 2017 

I didn’t detox my face at all prior to using MARY KAY skincare products. My Mary Kay beauty consultant (BC) did ask me to detox my face first using milk, coconut water or cold water with fruit-iced-cube infusion. However, I didn’t do that due to my hectic life at that time. Plus, I didn’t quite understand the benefits of doing it so I skipped this detoxification time. I started using the MARY KAY skincare regimens straight away without any gap.

But some MK beauty consultants will make it compulsory for you to detoxify your face before using any of Mary Kay skincare products. It depends on your skin condition and your BC knows it well. Later, as I recently read more about Mary Kay skincare on various blogs, I think I should have detoxified my face first. I just read about the Mary kay-way of detoxifying your face. You can try!

You may need:
-Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth   = RM11.00 (30 sheets)
-Tap water

-Additional item if you are using make up:
** Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover  = RM68.00 (110 ml)

That’s all! Use only clean water to wash your face every day within 2-4 weeks. Just water! Don’t use any washing gels/cleansers/soap during this detoxification time. Wipe your face with wet Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth to get rid of excessive residues such as natural oil and dirt. Some believe that you cannot use any makeup during this time, but some say you can use makeup as long as you remove your makeup well at the end of the day.

If you use makeup during this period but make sure to clean your face well especially before you go to sleep every night. Remember, since you are only using WATER to clean your face, it is very difficult to get rid of makeup applied. Wet your Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth to remove your makeup. Some say you have no choice but to use your makeup remover. But after that, wash your face right away with a lot of water. Remember that some makeup remover contains alcohol which may dry out your skin. During this period of detox you don’t use any moisturizer. So you might experience dryness in your skin. So avoid using makeup remover which contains alcohol. You can use Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover during this time if you want. It is oil-free and alcohol-free.

This bag of Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth contains 30 sheets. To save, I cut one sheet into eight small pieces. So I have 240 small sheets for every RM11.00 spent, instead of only 30 sheets of big facial cloth.

If you are out of this facial cloth, there is a substitute for it! For your information, it is almost similar to baby wipes which you can easily find at any supermarkets. The only difference is MK Facial Cloth is dry, not wet, without any liquid at all. So all you have to do is to wash a baby wipe sheet under running tap water to remove the liquid, before using it. This is because, some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the baby wipes especially when to be used on face. Then you can use it to wipe your face! The baby wipes I normally use is Pureen Baby Wipes which only costs me about RM5.00 for 80 sheets. But now, I always use MK Facial Cloth which I cut into small pieces because it is easier to use and cheaper at price.

As I read many blogs written by various Mary Kay Beauty Consultants, they say this ‘detox time’ is to allow someone’s face to rest from using the previous skincare. This is to create a gap prior to using Mary Kay skincare regimens. During this detox time, some people will experience various skin discomforts including acne pimples, dullness and rashes. The discomfort depends on what type of skincare they have been using before. If they don’t experience anything like that, that means they can use Mary Kay regimens as soon as possible. If they experience some discomforts, they have to lengthen the detoxification time to a few more days. At this moment, the respective BC will determine which Mary Kay products they should firstly use as an introduction to Mary Kay journey to healthy skin.

Please note that the need to detox your face (before using any Mary Kay skincare regimens) is completely optional. Different BCs have different styles in guiding you to beauty. You just need to believe in them. My case is different since my BC already knew exactly what MK products to give me, so I didn’t have to detoxify my face prior to using MK skincare. BUT remember! It is after all your face and how you will look in front of people. So you must study yourself online for more information so you have a clear idea of what you are using and even doing. DO NOT blindly trust your BC. READ and READ more related articles to become more confident.

**Click here to read my previous post about my previous skincare regimens I had been using.

In the next post, I will talk about my first Mary Kay skincare products I purchased with prices. Stay tuned!

I am a new user of Mary Kay, officially starting on 27 April 2017. So what I write is truly based on my experience and observation for sharing purposes only. Yet, I myself do not know the outcomes of using these skincare regimens to my skin. So please contact me if you have inquiries.

My oily acne-prone skin condition

My skin condition right now is due to what I had been using all these years on my face. It is now acne-prone and looks oily.

Written on: 18 June 2017

In this post, I will tell you how I got the skin condition I have right now (acne-prone and oily) and what skincare regimens I had been using and changing for the past years. Well, it doesn’t mean that previously my face was not this oily and no pimples at all. But what I am trying to say is, it wasn’t that bad before. I only used LACTACYD facial wash during high school. I was just a normal young girl with mild acne problems. So my life after high school was accompanied by common acne scars here and there, but some are almost invisible.

During my first degree years (2008 - 2010), I had been changing lots of skincare products including Golden Herb's Soap, the whole set of Cleopatra Cosmetics which I loved, and Sabun LUNAS R'sdong. But as long as I can remember, after 2010, I started using one particular type of facial soap called rice milk soap (sabun susu beras) from various companies including the local brands (Malaysia) M*********** and D****; and also from a Thailand company.

My skin was flawless when I used this soap

Below is my picture (on the left) in year 2012, during my second year of master’s degree. I didn’t suffer any skin problems since I had been using sabun susu beras (rice milk soap). Some scars on my face were not even visible and could easily be concealed by light makeup. However, on my forehead, I could feel many small lumps here and there underneath my skin. I didn’t know what they were at that time. I didn’t care because my face had been flawless for more than 2 years.

I initially thought, what my skin is like right now (acne-prone and oily) is due to what I ate, not so much on what skincare regimens I used, because I have sinusitis. Yes, I was WRONG. Little did I know that actually the rice milk facial soap type which I had been using was harmful for my skin. It is peeling my skin especially the outer layer of it which is epidermis. Without that layer, any acne pimples will simply hide underneath as they can't really go out. **That's the best explanation a lay man can ever give...hahaha!

I just recently read a blog saying that this type of soap leads to breakouts and the comments from other users are surprising too. Well, maybe this only happens to those who are sensitive to this type of soap.

Actually, I had been using rice milk soaps for many years until one day I stopped end of June 2013, when I felt my skin was getting drier and drier at certain parts of my face. I had to use ROSKEN Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream. It is a daily moisturiser for dry to extra dry skin. Then I used Safi Skincare regimen for about 6 months, together with OXY 10 cream for acne pimples. In the middle of using Safi products which are safe and mild to my skin, I felt like I need to eat food supplement to get a flawless face with healthy skin. I had only a few pimples here and there during the usage.

I really love this Safi skincare regimen. It is very mild and suitable for damaged skin.

It began when a friend introduced me to this traditional food supplement, minyak kelapa dara (virgin coconut oil - VCO). It was a well-known product back then and certified with KKM accreditation and JAKIM halal certificate too. My friend’s niece suffered a very bad sinusitis symptoms for years and was healed by this product, completely. So I thought I should try this VCO product so I can cure my sinusitis too! Then, I purchased two bottles of 60 soft gels each, taking 2 soft gels daily. After 1 month of consumption, I started to welcome various types of acne pimples during the healing crisis. I didn’t stop taking the soft gels right away but kept eating as usual until I finished the second bottle. Little did I know my face had turned into a great earth topography with red hills and pointy mountains of inflammatory pimples. So in late November 2013, I stopped immediately.
**Please refer my previous post about types of acne pimples

Some said, that was the healing crisis. The VCO product is very effective in eliminating toxins from the body. Indeed, I was also aware of that. Unfortunately, I was just started working at that time. Just imagine, I took my first picture for my ID card with that face. I had to cover my pimples with concealer. The makeup was very thick too, but the pimples are still visible in the picture. Sadly, I am still using the same ID card until now…lol. So everyone I just met especially my colleagues would forever think I have always been like this. Yes, the first impression is everything…lol. In sum, right after that, the journey of having the oily and acne-prone type of skin began.

Due to the breakout during my healing crisis of taking VCO, I stopped using Safi regimen and started using D**** rice milk soap again for two years (2014 and 2015), without knowing the fact that the soap was harmful to my skin without using any additional moisturizers. I only used a day cream from the same company and its night cream which I seldom used. For certain dry parts of my skin, if any, I simply applied the ROSKEN Dry Skin Lotion. I moved to the UK in January 2015 and continued using the ROSKEN Dry Skin Lotion as my daily moisturiser for the whole face, after washing it with D**** rice milk soap. My face became better and clean for the whole fortunate year of 2015.

D**** rice milk soap top left

Then in early year 2016, I permanently stopped using that rice milk soap because parts of my face were hurting as it became really dry, although I used the lotion. I started to use another facial soap, a safe one called Marine Essence Beauty Bar. This soap is really mild to me and I love it! But pimples kept appearing in 2016 because of my previous skincare history (rice milk facial soap, day cream with SPF and orange-colour night cream), but not too many pimples at once.

I really love this Marine Essence Beauty Bar

Towards the end 2016, I came back to Malaysia and started using another local skincare regimen called R************ for about four months. It is botanical-based skincare (yellow facial bar, day cream with SPF and orange-colour night cream). The first month was superb as my skin became clearer with acne gone. Later, I felt itchy all over my face every time after I washed my face. The third month was a disaster with all sorts of acne types on my forehead and cheeks. So I stopped at the forth month.

I really love these products but they are not suitable for my skin.

This might be a healing crisis but I decided to stop because of the itchiness caused. I think this skincare is alright because it is botanical-based. However, its facial soap is foamy. Since I had accustomed to the dry climate in the UK for two years, I felt uncomfortable with my oily face in the humid climate in Malaysia. As a result, I washed my face many times in a day and this is NOT GOOD! Washing my face using facial cleanser too many times would wash away the natural moisture of my skin, hence the itchiness occurred. GOD is a Great Creator. HE creates natural oil on my face to naturally keep it moist. So I should feel blessed living in this climate.

Then again I used the mild Marine Essence Beauty Bar for another week to relax my face, until I borrowed my mother’s facial gel cleanser called D*****d Cleanser for a week, together with its facial cream which can be applied both during the day and at night. Well, my face started to hurt, peel and feel dry all over my lips. It was so painful and itchy too! It was because of the foamy gel cleanser, I am sure. This was a BIG MISTAKE!

At this moment, I started to realise that my skin will reject any types of foaming cleanser. My skin seems oily all the time because it produces imbalance of oil sebum production. The foamy facial wash is actually drying my skin hence peeling off parts of the outer layer of my skin to become dead skin cells. Subsequently, the excessive oil and dead skin cells on my face have been clogged in my pores, so more acne pimples appear!

Without further delay, I googled to find a cleanser which does not produce foam and obviously soap-free. I found that Mary Kay has it. Then, I contacted my friend who happens to be an MK beauty consultant and I started to use Mary Kay Botanical Effects skincare as my facial treatment, officially on 27 April 2017.

Now I am still using Mary Kay and it makes my face WORSE, as usual, because I am now in a healing crisis…hahaha. I hope for some improvements soon. Let’s hope this one will work!!!!!!

In the next post, I will talk about my healing crisis experience after using Mary Kay regimen. Stay tuned!

My nieces' Paradise

I have three nieces.
This is their indoor playground and playhouse
at their grandparents' house (my parents' house).
I set this indoor playground so they can always come and play
right under our eyes.
They spend almost all day here whenever they come.

This space is at the end of the house, near the back door.
So, the living room, common room and family room
which are located at the front part of the house
will always remain untouched.

Most of the playhouse toys were bought in the UK
as these things are very cheap there.
I got the whole baby alive set including stroller, bouncer,
car seat, dining seat and many more.
The ironing board, iron, electric kettle,
vacuum cleaner are all pre-loved and were bought
at a charity shop near my house there.
Very cheap!

I bought loads of Barbie dolls too.
Most of them only cost me about GBP1.00 to GBP3.00 each.
They are pre-loved/used items, but definitely original
and still in good condition.