Product review: Flameless candles with a remote control

I purchased these so long ago
in late August 2016, I think,
from eBay for only £7.49.

The remote control is used to change the light colours.
It can be used to switch them on/off,
and set an automatic timer to switch them off.

They come with a manual.

They are supposed to be scented candles...
but I am not sure whether this claim is true.
I don't smell anything nice at all but regular wax candle smell.

We have to buy the AAA batteries separately.
Lucky me, batteries in the UK are very cheap.
I got them from Poundland, as usual.
If you've been wondering what a Poundland store is like,
please refer to this link.
It is absolutely my favourite convenient store.
There is a Poundland branch near my house too.
So I don't need to buy stuff online from Poundland.
It only takes about 5 minutes to walk there.

Welcome 2017!

Farewell my dear 2016....
and please come 2017.
be nice to me...
be gentle to me...
Give me more memories...
as good as 2016 did
Give me more dreams
as great as 2016 did
Grant me more wishes
which I will cherish to the fullest!

Happy Birthday to me!

It's 23rd of December...again.
Funny a birthday is... It's kind of annual thing.
A wonderful year has passed.
I am now officially 27.
What an age!

This birthday is kinda special to me
because it is my first time celebrating it at home
with my two December nieces.
They were born while I was in the UK.
I am so glad that I am home to celebrate this special occasion!

Last year (My 2016 Birthday), I got myself a room makeover.
and spent like GBP200 for that purpose.
A birthday gift for myself is always the best!!!


What did I get for myself this birthday?
I got myself another room makeover!!!
but this this time, I redecorated my room at my hometown.
I mean, my parents' house to be precise.
I love it!!!

Most of the display items in this room were bought
in the UK because they are cheaper over there
and I shipped them to Malaysia.
The service I always use is 
The price is reasonable and the company is owned by
Edaran Express International Ltd.
I have used their excellent service so many times.
Although it takes about 2 months to arrive,
the boxes will arrive safely at your doorstep. All the time.
You can refer to the official website for the price list.

Bye now!

See my birthday last year here during winter.

Drying my lavender

Previously, I talked about my visit to Hitchin Lavender.
I took home a great bunch of lavender flowers in my brown bag.

To prevent my lavender flowers from rotting, I had to let them dry.
I left them under the sun every day from morning to late afternoon,
presumably they could dry faster.
I did it for a couple of days, until they completely dried.
Thanks to the past hot summer week....
which made this drying process faster.

Well, lucky me, they really did dry.
I have some flowers which are still attached to the stalks
and some are without stalks as I removed them.
I gave quite a few bunches to my friends.
They were so happy.

Surprisingly the lavender smell is still there.
I've never thought the smell would remain the same
as much as it was when I first picked these flowers.

I am so glad!

Shakespeare Star Wars

I didn't that this kind of book ever exists....haha.
I encountered this when I visited the birthplace of Shakespeare,

I went there purposely to watch Cymbeline,
one of Shakespeare's famous noble work.
I will talk about it next time.

Marimo World #8: Extra Large Marimo - unboxing

This is my extra large marimo which I purchased online long ago.
The size is approximately 10 cm (diameter).

This is how I first got it, in this parcel.

I had to clean it...thoroughly, to remove dirt and sand.

I cut the excess...including black spots.

I put it into my marimo tank....together with its new friends!
It was floating for a couple of days. That's normal.

Then it sank to the bottom of the tank.

Bye now!

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