Fixing Baby Alive hair

Maintaining doll hair is tedious...
but fixing it is way more outrageous.

As a child play with the doll,
its hair becomes frizzier and frizzier over time.
So how can we fix it?

All you need is PATIENCE.
Yes, that's all.
And a comb comes second.

Just kidding...

You have to wash the hair using any kind of shampoo.
Don't forget to use a conditioner too.

For the frizziest hair ever, you can use any fabric softener to soften the hair.
Simply leave the hair in a bowl of fabric softener and water
for about one hour or more.

Let the doll hair dry using a towel.
You can use a fan for air-drying but never use a hair-dryer.

After that, use any types of comb or brush available near you...
and start untangle the hair.
Be patient, you'll be done soon.


You can style the hair according to your preferences.

Bye now!

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