Floral Evening Gown for Baby Alive

This is an evening gown I made for Baby Alive.
To make this dress, I used the original dress worn by BA Real Surprises 2013
as the sewing pattern.

As you can see, I cut out the pattern. 

Then I cut the fabric based on the pattern sheet.
It became like this. 

I sew the edge to avoid hairy edge later. 

This is the close-up picture of how I finished the edge of the cut out fabric. 

After attaching (sewing) the shoulder parts, I sew some ribbon tape as sleeves. 

Then, the bodice became like this.

Now, it is time to show how to make its skirt. 

I folded part by part and lightly stitched the skirting.

It looks like a skirt on its own and ready to attach to the bodice. 

This is how I did it. 

Tadaaaa! The final result.
It even fits the biggest BA doll My Baby Alive 2010.  

It looks good on smaller BA dolls like Wets 'n Wiggles 2010 and Snackin' Lily 2015 too.

Bye now!

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