Water plants in used jars

I have quite a few types of water plants in my aquarium,
which I purchased from a local pet store long time ago.
So I cut about 2-3 stalks from each water plant to make these.

-Fill 1/3 of your jar with aquarium gravels.
-You can use anything you have eg: glass/tumbler, backyard stones/small rocks.
-Put your plant in...bury its bottom part with the gravels (as if you're covering its root...although it doesn't have roots) so it won't move or float later on.
-Next, fill in the jar with tap water.
-Finally, place it anywhere you like, to give a touch of nature and water.
-Don't forget to change the water regularly....once a week, perhaps.

****P/S: In some countries where dengue mosquitoes are well-known to you (including Malaysia), please make sure to cover the mouth of each jar. I suggest, you can use a piece of net cloth/PU, rubber band and ribbon (optional). Click here for the tutorial.

Bye now!!!

Fort Augustus, Inverness, Scotland

I visited this place last year, 8 February 2015.
but it's like only yesterday I witnessed this divine view of Earth paradise.

Any parts of Scotland will never disappoint anyone.
Each place is just magnificent in its own way!!
Even pictures taken cannot do justice to what I've seen, seriously.

Loch ness
It is believed to be a home of a water monster.
The belief is almost similar to
one of the Malay folk tales,

The Loch ness monster is called Nessie.

Such a majestic view taken from an old bridge....

yes, very old indeed...

Marimo World #5: Marimos in my aquarium

Different people have different ways of presenting their marimos.
Some people like to put marimos
in a crystal bowl, glass tumbler or even clear water bottle.
 As for me, I simply put my marimos in an aquarium.

I don't have fish in my aquarium....only plants which I regularly change
and re-decorate over times.
I don't usually switch on the filter pump
because it is not necessary to do so....
I would have to if I had fish in it.

Plus, marimos work as an aquarium filter too.
Each marimo is like a sponge ball.
That's why you have to clean every marimo you have
once every two weeks
to remove dirt it might have absorbed.
It also reduces the growth of algae
because marimo absorbs the same nutrients as algae does.
So people believe that marimo can fight algae growth.

Bye now!!

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Caerphilly Castle, Wales

It had been my childhood dream to visit a castle like this!
It is exactly like in the movie!

Keukenhof Holland

20 April 2016
It was really an amazing experience!!!
I would love to visit Keukenhof Gardens again and again!

You can refer to my previous post about my trip to Amsterdam too.

I visited Keukenhof Park with a great friend of mine.
It was a wonderful day-trip
It was her idea after all to come here!

We purchased the tickets online.

Each ticket looks like this.
This one is called "Combi Ticket".
It is your ticket into Keukenhof  Park and also
your return ticket for shuttle bus service
called Keukenhof Express from Schiphol Airport to Keukenhof.
You can buy this at Keukenhof official website.

As soon as we arrived at Schiphol Airport,
we followed the signs leading us to Keukenhof Express.

Our bus left the airport to Keukenhof exactly at 11.15 a.m.
and I said...."Keukenhof...here I come!!!"
Keukenhof is in Lisse, which is famous for tulip fields.
So on the way, we could see colourful tulips here and there.
Luckily I didn't miss to look out of the window all the time.
What a divine view!

We arrived at Keukenhof main entrance at 11.45 a.m.

Let's enjoy the photos!
Well, these photos cannot do justice to what I saw!
trust me.

I fell in love with red tulips!!!
Don't know why...but I just became crazy when I saw ones!

We enjoyed the Park until 5.00 p.m. and
started to find our way out of Keukenhof main entrance.
We rode the shuttle bus back to
the airport exactly at 5.30 p.m.

As we arrived at the airport, we went to _I amsterdam_ sign,
just outside of Terminal 1-2...in front of Schiphol Plaza.
We took thousands of photos in front of this sign,
with each alphabet, I guess....hahaha.

.....and it was suddenly 6.30 p.m.
We had to catch our flight back home at 8.30 p.m
so we decided to get in early
and just be ready anywhere near the boarding gate.

Before departure, we looked for a prayer room
to perform/read salah.
We found 'the Meditation Centre, Schiphol Airport'.
At the moment (20 April 2016), it was located on the departure level.
For now, I am not sure whether it has been relocated or not.
Please check the website for recent updates.

 What a colourful experience!!!

Bye now.