My apartment room 2014

This is my bed.
(June - December 2014)
Baiduri Apartment, Shah Alam, Selangor
I come here every weekend...
travelling all the way from Kelantan, where I work.
It's only a place to stay...!
I am finishing the correction of my master's thesis here
and have no intention in decorating this room at all..haha

This is actually a master bedroom...with a bathroom.
I share this room with another cool girl.
There's actually a double-decker bed on the left.....
but I prefer to be stationed on the floor.
It's easier for me to work with journal articles and books.

My space is too messy....
and very quite... I like it!
Everyone in this house is working....
....they will be home at night, to sleep!
So I have my privacy all the time.
At night, I can see the moon....through the window.
Nothing is better than this!