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## The Age of Next Birthday ##

Twenty years old on this 23rd of December.

## Places I'd like to visit ##



## A Favourite Place ##

My bed


## Favourite Food ##

Chicken Rice

Malay food

## Favourite Thing/s ##

Anything in Pink

## A Nickname I have ##


It’s my pet name at home…

But only my older siblings call me Inie…

## College Major ##

Bachelor in English for Professional Communication

## Name of My Love ##

Zakiah Binti Zainuddin

## Hobbies ##



## The Bad Habits ##

Wasting time and money, then regret it….

Eating before going to bed….

Using body scrub everyday….

Wearing UiTM matrix card whenever going out...

Bringing some snacks & Dutch Lady wherever I go…

## My Wish list ##

Studying oversea….

Being someone beyond what people could see…..

Living in the pink of health….

Living in the PINK of world….

Having good results with flying colours…

Having good foods with appealing taste….

Having a bright future

as a knowledgeable lecture…

I tag anybody who doesn’t have things to do…


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(8th OF February 2009)

She is 21 years old at this moment...... May all your wishes come true. "Although we are apart, you can celebrate it with your friends at UIA".

She is the only older sister I have.... I wonder what I should buy for her this year... She gave me a white bag with a picture of golden Mickey's head on it, for my last birthday. It is too big, I can even put a baby black elephant in it! That means, I need to buy something alike as a revenge.....

I have been thinking of buying perfumes, but she has many already. Should I buy something luxurious? No, my pocket money is not enough to buy her a Mercedes. Well, how about a baby black elephant? At least I can put it into my bag you gave me.
"You may take it from National Zoo, no need to buy...."

An Odyssey to 'Kuala Lumpur'........

Friday 6/2/2009

Everybody was bloody excited to go to Kula Lumpur for free! We, LGB 2A, were invited to attend a ‘majlis kebudayaan’ somewhere in KL. Well, we did not intend to know further about the destination and purpose. All we knew was “we are going to have a free merry ride to KL”. Surely, a bus would be provided…..hurm….

The bus was coming!!! Hooray!!! We were waiting for it with a mountain of patience.

Suddenly, Kak Hanis, the big boss of this journey came with her gloomy red face.

“What’s up?”

“Where is the bus you promised?”

“Is the invitation still valid?”

“Are we really going to KL?”

“I have dressed amazingly and don’t tell me the trip is cancelled!”

These were the questions thrown to Kak Hanis.

“Sorry, it is cancelled”.


What an embarrassment! I did not want to walk back home. What would my housemates say? I would be the laughing stock for the rest of my life!!! The others thought the same.

This was not a statement we waited for! Well, life is all about ups and downs. Every cloud has a silver lining. This could not break our strength of having a fieldtrip. Who cares about the trip to KL anymore? We have other places to go by using our

beloved Rapid KL lah!!!! Who cares???!!! We are

independent!!! In life, there is always a plan B…..

We ended up by switching our mind to “a journey to Plaza Alam Sentral”.

Here we began!

Alia, Tun, C-Nah, Masitah, Farha, Ain Jannah, Malia, Lat, Azwan, Azrina and me.

We all eleven were waiting for a bus……

Suddenly, Masitah changed her mind and chose to disjoin the group. She has a meeting to attend tonight, the same meeting as Alia has. We were all ten.

After a while, Latfi – our class captain – was surrender. He was too lazy to wait for anymore second. He assumed that the bus wouldn’t be coming. Then he left us after saying “take care”.

Then, Azwan forcefully followed him. Oh, dear! How could you all give up before going to battle?

I also planned to give up. But Tun and Ain wanted to go. Malia said, “I will wait until 7.30 p.m. only”

However, in returns of our great patience, here the bus came! UiTM bus. It was already 7.20 p.m. after waiting for a half century. “Here we go!”

Azrina had done a stunt in the bus. The bus was terribly shaking and so she almost fell down while we were taking pictures. I presume that she might be too excited to be in the picture.

We arrived at PKNS in thirty minutes later. It was already dark.

The first place we headed to was surau. It was already maghrib time.

After that, we continued our journey to Plaza Alam Sentral, which is located behind PKNS.

“Here we are!”

The place was jovially greeting us as it knew that we chose it instead of Kuala Lumpur.

We dropped at Speedy to look for CDs. Actually; I was the person who promoted them to go there. I wanted to buy a CD. But it is sold in a set of 3 CDs, for RM10.00. It was stock clearance. I wanted one CD only. So, I persuaded Latfi and Hasinah to buy another two CDs, so that I could have one out of three; with a great price of RM3.33 per CD. Hahaha…..then we bought three CDs and each of us got one. What an amazing pleasure of having friends! People say; “united we strong, divided we weak”.

Do you know what kind of CD we bought? This is my CD. Have a look!

Let’s go back to the story. Our stomachs were all singing rock and roll. The journey made us starving. Well, we found a restaurant. I forgot its name, but it is exactly located in front of Bee’s, a bakery. You can see the bakery as you walk into Plaza Alam Sentral using the main entrance, next to Dunkin Donuts. Am I making myself clear? Yes, isn’t it?

Well, we were like a jakun group of kids who were having an outing for the first time. (And surely, the kids are from a sort kindergarten in a secret jungle, in Amazon. Or, they might be from other world in another galaxy).

We sat at one of a pleasant corner. At the moment, Malia and Ain went to ATM machine, withdrawing some money (Unfortunately, both of them refused to treat us). Three tables were combined as we were ten all together. There were no other people in the restaurant. However, it seemed like there were myriad Orang Utan kids in the restaurant. I did not know what we were talking about. What a noisy place, the restaurant became!

To my horror, the foods we ordered were deliciously expensive. I think, the pans we used were all imported from Italy. They served our food in several little pans. Wow! “I don’t think I like it”.

They were all movable! We had to hold the ear of the pans, so we could eat our food. They were making our meals terrible and hard to eat. Overall, the foods were appealing. Except for C-nah’s wantan mee. Hahaha….it wasn’t tasty at all! Pity her.

At the same time, we took photographs again and again. Azwan’s face forcefully made us practicing yoga laughter, which was presented by Farha in class, last semester. He looked innocent on all the pictures.

The most unforgettable experience was always on my side. Yes, it was an embarrassing moment indeed. To begin with, I went to the cashier. I have RM90.00 in my hand. We used Alia’s and C-Nah’s money first. Well, the cashier took a long time to count the bill. Never mind, I waited. Then the bill popped out on the screen. It was RM119.53. The money was obviously not enough. Then I took RM20 from C-Nah, assuming that it would be enough. To my embarrassment, the cashier said I needed another RM10. I was not a good Mathematician at the moment. Poor me! Then I went back again to our table and took RM10 note from Lat. “Here I go!”….. It was settled!

Then, we rushed to PKNS bus stop. We were looking for T605. After waiting for decades, we crossed the road and took a bus from the other roadside. We went to Section 2 (bus station) and stayed in the same bus. While waiting for the bus to move and take us home, we took some pictures again! What a happy family!

The bus moved. We went back to Perdana Heights Hostel, keeping a lot of memories in our heart. We arrived exactly at 11.00 o’clock. We happily walked in with a plenty of stories to remember……..

-the end-

p/s: More pictures will be coming soon!

Secret Recipe....

4/2/2009 Wednesday

I went to Giant - a place I like most - this evening. I went alone, as usual.

Sometimes, we need space for ourselves to think, fly and recap the useless holes in the past. Well, I bought nothing but some bottles of mineral water, filamen (crab) sticks, and cakes. I bought two pieces of Secret Recipe cakes. Chocolate Indulgence and New York Cheese. The taste was as equally nice as the look.


29th January 2009 Thursday Early Morning

I was gently sleeping on my luxurious bed after performing Subuh prayer. Well, it was an uber-normal thing to practice at house. I used my red blanket which has abundant pink stripes all over it. Regardless how the smell is like, it is completely quite beautiful indeed.

Suddenly, someone pulled my comfortable bedspread. I was just having a nap for only 5 minutes! What a great disturbance! What an unacceptable aversion!


I could hear his laugh. He was snickering at me, his third child.

I asked him, “What’s the matter? I want to sleep lah”.

Do you know why he disturbed my delightful comfort of sleeping?

He said, “Jom pegi jogging kat pantai. Ummi dah siap”.

He just wanted me to join them (my father and mother) jogging! What? I don’t see any point of exercising in the early morning along the seashore! He hadn’t even taken a bath yet! I am afraid all the fish in the sea will be extinct.

My parents always go to Irama Beach, 9 kilometers away from our house. They drive to go there, to have a brisk walk along the beach while enjoying the view.

The first light sky is always aglow with the baby sun.

Of course, the fresh morning air we inhale is the best remedy for a great respiration. But I rather prefer to have my own morning air on my bed, hahaha!

Back to the story. I answered my father:

Ala… I am healthy and young enough to jog. Let the older people go! Go la…let me jog on my bed”.

I have made a brilliant excuse actually, without opening my two divine eyes. At the same time, I pulled my blanket back to cover my shivering body.

He giggled and left me with my subsequent dream.

My youngest sister -13 years old – who was sleeping beside me immediately woke up.

“I want to go!” she said.

She then followed my father without taking bath. I know my sister did not go there for jogging. She wanted to eat satay. Pantai Irama is famous with delicious satays.

Well, I did not mind at all. In fact, they brought me back a meal of satay for my afternoon breakfast…..What a jaunty pleasure at home!


28th of January 2009 Morning

It was an excellent bright morning day. The clear blue sky showed a pretty sign of my magnificent joy. I went to KB Mall, shopping with my mother. I needed some stuff to bring back to Puncak Perdana. Thanks mother, for standing beside me to pay the bill! She was a person I admire most. She never says ‘NO’ for anything I want. Thank you….. There is always kwela song in my heart.

I don’t know what I have simply bought. The bill was RM250.70. As a result, a problem occurs since I don’t know how to take them to Shah Alam. Avadity has offered me headache. I have basically two holy hands, not more than this. I am going back to Shah Alam by bus. How can I carr

y my luggage – as soon as I arrive at Shah Alam Terminal – while finding a cab to go back to Puncak Perdana Hostel? Poor me! There are FOUR bags full all together. Two bags contain foods and the other two contain books and a laptop each. It might be a double-laborious work to climb the stairs up to my sky-view apartment (at level 5) while carrying the stuff. This may happen! It is not a merely lunatic imagination. It will be an extreme odyssey of the year, I believe! If only I had wings to fly……metaphorically!

These are some of the items I purchased.

A new cheap bed sheet only…..It is dark-red in colour and suitable to my former

pink comforter.

Johnson’s Baby set…..for traveling. It’s only RM7.90.

Daisy… A few packets of Chocolate Mini Munchy’s…and a

few of Campbell soup packets.

Cuttlefish in soy sauce, Chicken curry, Lexus

Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits and kaya spread!

Floral Lulur Mandi (body scrub)….and a refill pack of my shower foam (a kind of body scrub too). I have been using this brand since quite a ti

me. It smells fresh and sweet.

Ambi pur to put on my study desk and……two other products.

Dutch Lady!!! I love Dutch Lady Milk so much….and soy drinks.

Floral table cloth….it’s pink!

An easy going Sejadah/praying mat which is as light as feather.

Ovaltine……. I bought Ovaltine because I like its new advertisement in TV. In fact, I got a shaker for free!

These are products of Safi Manjacare. A shampoo and shower foam. I love this brand. I already have its body lotion and body talcum. Have a try! You will be as pure as a baby. The price is even cheaper than Johnson’s.

“Malaysians, be a little bit genial. We have shopped a lot of unimportant things nowadays. If only we gave the money to Gaza people, it would be definitely extravagance pleasure for them. We might have saved an innocent life with a pure soul. Enough is enough. Never shall we repeat the same habit again. Not a penny less, not a penny more. People in Gaza need our help! If only we thought about humanity, they would survive”….

My Playing Tools...

27th of January 2009 Tuesday Afternoon

This is the beginning of my rigid world. The neurons start to scramble in my head. I start to do my assignments today. I have begun to glance at my TO-DO-LIST with my two naughty eyes. I have 8 tasks of homework all together on my list. This is just a baby step. I know my future is tougher. These tasks are only a combination of illusive decorations of my vivid plan in order to achieve success. Wish me luck!

1) Reading and CT – do exercise in text book

2) Pronunciation – read chapter 4,6 and 7

3) Language Arts II – Do a mind-map (Global Warming article) and vocabs

4) Language and Society – Assignment1 (give 5 examples of speech events)

5) Language and Communication – page25 KEY TERMS

6) INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN IN ENGLISH – read PBL journal & Bloom Taxanomy

7) INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN IN ENGLISH – “how to solve trash hard-disk problems?”

8) Mandarin – Tugasan 2 (Mandarin Exercise Book)

Xinnian Kuaile & Gongxi Facai

26/1/2009 Monday

“Mei tiao da jia jie xiao xiang, mei ge ren di zui li,

Jianmian diyi ju hua, jiu shi gongxi, gongxi,

Gongxi, gongxi, gomhxi ya, gongxi, gongxi, gongxi ni”

I am grateful to live in Malaysia, a harmonious multicultural country.

Today is Chinese New Year. Even though I am a Malay girl and my religion and beliefs are thoroughly different, I can also feel the benefit of sharing the same land with many other races. What I always hunt for from this festival are….ORANGES! We cannot discover such kind of oranges during normal months or days. We need to wait until Chinese New Year season. The oranges are sold everywhere, uniquely packed in variety of red boxes.

To all my Chinese lecturers especially Dr. Bernadette Foo, Dr Chai Moo Hung and Mdm. Teo Ai Min, I wish you all:

“Happy Chinese New Year”