Real Cinderella

I'm surprised to see this picture (William and Kate's wedding)

Was it just coincidence or they simply planned for this???

Wedding of White and Peach

I was one of the committee members for the wedding (26/02/2011) at Dewan SIRIM Section 2, Shah Alam. I was doing my internship / practical training at that time. The bridegroom is a son to a very kind, soft-spoken yet humble man I've ever know, Allahyarham Dato' Yahya, the President of SIRIM BERHAD at that moment.

It was a pleasant view of white and  peach. The decorations were magnificent too!
The use of fresh flowers was quite impressive as it made the ceremony alive!

Again, this post is dedicated to Kak Syazana, Kak Honey and those who are getting married. I wish this information could admire you in certain ways for your upcoming wedding.... Miss you both!

Goodies for guests...Female: Brooch;  Male: Keychain

These are VIP goodies (Ferrero Rocher 3 pieces and a brooch/keychain)

 My the middle of the hall, before the ceremony started.

 This is the view of the hall

This is the dining table for the brides...on the stage. The cakes were simply amazing! They were not using 2-layer cake but using two cakes on two-layer tray instead...quite fascinating!

That's all for now! Bye....

More Fantasy

Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common. (Wikipedia)

A few days ago, my friends and I went to Plaza Masalam to have dinner. Alia, the best-friend of mine kindly put the dinner on her treat....Thank you, love! It was a pleasant dinner because Hasinah, Masitah and Ain were there too, for we could share stories and pains. 

As usual, it is accustomed that I have to buy DVDs whenever I come here.  I don't prefer downloading via internet because....hehehe. "Waiting is painful"...haha. I only watched fantasy movies. Real stories seem boring to me. In my opinion, we can always experience what they show in real movie but we impossibly encounter the moments in fantasy a magical world.

Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows)
I've watched it in cinema months ago, but still I bought it for a collection.

The Smurf
I haven't watched this one yet. They say it's great.... But I say they are adorable!
I think, I'm going to search for the smurfs plush at Uptown then...

The Nutcracker
I love this movie....wonderful fantasy but exciting! Everything seems so real!

I haven't watched this one yet. The movie came out with Yogi Bear...
I've watched Yogi Bear though, don't like it! buy is always easy, but to watch makes me crazy...because I'm too busy!
Hahaha...will steal time to watch them anyway. Bye!

Kimchi (Malaysian style)

I tried to make Kimchi.... It is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with the mix of seasonings. Chinese cabbages are usually used in making Kimchi. It can be consumed raw and is commonly added to soups or other Korean dishes.


1) Half-cut a Chinese cabbage and break it into two

2) Soak the cabbage in salty water

3) Rub every layer well

4) Toss

5) Shred one Chinese pear and 2 carrots (if you don't eat radish)

6) Chilli powder

7) Fish sauce and Tuna in water

8) Mix 5-10 spoonful chilli powder with the shredded Chinese pear and carrots

9) Mix the ingredients well with 5-10 spoonful of fish sauce and half of tin Tuna in water.

10) Apply the ingredients into the cabbage, spread the seasoning in every layer.

11) Keep it in a jar and keep it refrigerated.

Kimchi is ready to be eaten anytime!

Wedding of Blue and White

I was invited to a wedding last Sunday (20/11/2011) at Banting. The bride is a daughter to a very kind yet cool man I've ever know, Encik Rahim, a Registerar of Academy of Language Studies UiTM.

It was a pleasant view of blue and white. The food was nice too!

This post is dedicated to Kak Syazana, Kak Honey and those who are getting married. I wish this information could admire you in certain ways for your upcoming wedding.... Love you both!

This is how they set the guest book.

The pelamin - Right side
The pelamin - Left side

Next to pelamin is the newly-weds dining table.
The decorations were impressive! They were not using flowers but fruits.

This is the scenery of the dining tents.

The food was tasty too. They were served in buffet.
They served nasi minyak set [ayam masak merah (fried chicken in spicy sauce), acar timun (cucumber salad), curry, papadom (soybean snacks)], nasi putih (plain rice), mushroom in black pepper sauce, kuih-muih (cakes, cupcakes, pudding) and three types of drinks (cendol, green banana and asam boi).

This is one of the two goody bags I got.
The below bag contains a small plaque as shown in the next picture (the newly weds' names are stated on it, as well as the wedding date). There are also sweets and one Apollo cake inside.
 The second goody bag contains a bottle of local carbonated drink and keropok sira (sweet fish snacks). Simple stuff but I found them very cool!!!

That's all for now!!!

Couple doodle for Syuhada

Syuhada, I hope you love it! May your sweet relationship remain forever!
 Syuhada ordered this doodle by leaving a comment in a post.

Note to others:
For doodle order, leaving your order via comment box is preferably suggested. DON'T leave your order in the shoutmix for I rarely check it. Thank you.

end-year 2011 giveaway by fiera

I hope to win all these prizes...oh,dear! Will surely pray hard for these!

This is my philosophy....which I believe in.

With that, I tagged via shoutmix and comment box alert:

Hamper for a new-born!!

It was for my ex-office-mate's baby!!

Ninie's back with flowers!! + tutorial

Thanks for those who are aware that I didn't visit the blogland for quite some time. Yes, I've told you that I had engaged some work somewhere over the rainbow...hehe. Missing you so much, here I am. I am sorry that I can't quickly make your doodles...however, I am trying to do it little by little. Be patient, okay?? hihiks...

A few crafters have asked me many many times about my latest crafts.... Of course, I continuously create something new to ease my hectic and tiring life. For now, let's just enjoy the making of roses bouquet I made 2 weeks ago for my friend.

The making of felt roses bouquet:

1) You need a hair-net, then fill it with pillow fiber.

2) Stab 4 disposal forks into the fiber. Bind the forks together using a rubber band.

3) Do some stitching, so that the fiber will not come out from the net.

4) Cut straight-cut-pieces of red felt cloth.
5)Roll them, and glue the very end using UHU glue.

6) Make a lot of these ya!!!

7)Using a glue gun, paste all the roses on the hairnet.

8)You can have more than one colour of roses.

9) Glue a few felt leaves to cover the rest of the empty space

10) Decorate the bouquet with white laces.

11) Beautify the laces by adding some ribbons...just tie them on.

10) Done!!!! You can give it to anyone you want!

Happy Crafting!!!!