Wedding of Blue and White

I was invited to a wedding last Sunday (20/11/2011) at Banting. The bride is a daughter to a very kind yet cool man I've ever know, Encik Rahim, a Registerar of Academy of Language Studies UiTM.

It was a pleasant view of blue and white. The food was nice too!

This post is dedicated to Kak Syazana, Kak Honey and those who are getting married. I wish this information could admire you in certain ways for your upcoming wedding.... Love you both!

This is how they set the guest book.

The pelamin - Right side
The pelamin - Left side

Next to pelamin is the newly-weds dining table.
The decorations were impressive! They were not using flowers but fruits.

This is the scenery of the dining tents.

The food was tasty too. They were served in buffet.
They served nasi minyak set [ayam masak merah (fried chicken in spicy sauce), acar timun (cucumber salad), curry, papadom (soybean snacks)], nasi putih (plain rice), mushroom in black pepper sauce, kuih-muih (cakes, cupcakes, pudding) and three types of drinks (cendol, green banana and asam boi).

This is one of the two goody bags I got.
The below bag contains a small plaque as shown in the next picture (the newly weds' names are stated on it, as well as the wedding date). There are also sweets and one Apollo cake inside.
 The second goody bag contains a bottle of local carbonated drink and keropok sira (sweet fish snacks). Simple stuff but I found them very cool!!!

That's all for now!!!


  1. i like the guest book.
    and so does the dining table!


  2. wahhh tema nye nampak lembut.. :)

    ninie pi tak ajak pun..