Kimchi (Malaysian style)

I tried to make Kimchi.... It is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with the mix of seasonings. Chinese cabbages are usually used in making Kimchi. It can be consumed raw and is commonly added to soups or other Korean dishes.


1) Half-cut a Chinese cabbage and break it into two

2) Soak the cabbage in salty water

3) Rub every layer well

4) Toss

5) Shred one Chinese pear and 2 carrots (if you don't eat radish)

6) Chilli powder

7) Fish sauce and Tuna in water

8) Mix 5-10 spoonful chilli powder with the shredded Chinese pear and carrots

9) Mix the ingredients well with 5-10 spoonful of fish sauce and half of tin Tuna in water.

10) Apply the ingredients into the cabbage, spread the seasoning in every layer.

11) Keep it in a jar and keep it refrigerated.

Kimchi is ready to be eaten anytime!


  1. sedap eh kimchi tu??selalu china g mkn kan??tp kalau buat sendri mesti sedap

  2. tak dapat bayangkan. agak2 rasa camne ey?[pedas ke?

  3. wowie,bestnye mkn kimchi.hehe :)

  4. Barang yg digunakn dalm kimchi ni semuanya halal kan ?

  5. Halal...insyaAllah. Tp di UK ni, ada beberapa jenama kimchi dr korea yg x halal...sbb ada rice wine. Biasanya kimchi biasa dan radish kimchi halal...cuma yg sayur2 lain kena baca bahan2 dulu la. Dulu di Malaysia pernah beli di TESCO, jenama lupa...diimport dr China. Halal berdasarkan bahan2 yg tertera.