Weekly Exercise

It is called VACUUM CLEANER...
I didn't know that playing with this thing is tiring....extremely dying!!!
Oh, I hate it...but I have no choice.
The bedroom must be spick and span.
Otherwise, the carpet will be so dusty and I'll sneeze every second in there.
Well, this has become my regular exercise.
This cold winter makes me hungry all the time.
I eat snacks and junk food a lot.
I really need to burn the calories....yeah!!


It has been a long time since I last joined this kind of cool web-event.

Would you like to join too?

Happy blogwalking, everyone!!!

Long time No post: Dreams recall

It's still winter in the UK...and spring is yet to come.
I have been busy lately....
There's so much to say and tell.
But sometimes, we rather let the pictures speak.
Although it's Wednesday here, let's have a few words too...
Normally we should have a "Wordless Wednesday" post.
Never mind. ...haha.

I want to recall my wish I jotted down in January 2014.
These are My 2014 Dreams actually.
but....Thank GOD.....
everything had come true in January and February 2015.

(1) Waffles with strawberries, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice-cream

Well, I didn't get to eat exactly like I wished last year...
but at least, this is something quite similar.
I got a croissant, strawberries, Nutella, kiwis and peaches.
Okay la...well achieved!

 It's only  £1 per container.
Well,  £1 is equal to RM5.60 already.
But, since I live here now...I don't really convert the currency.
Just go with the number...**pasrah
...thinking that it's only like seringgit (RM1.00)...haha
The strawberries here are imported from Egypt, Morocco, Spain or Syria.
To me, strawberries from Egypt are the best so far.
The size is as big as Malaysian green mango.
The colour is as red as blood.
The taste is, of course, as sweet as honey.
The texture is amazingly crunchy.

The blueberries here are delicious too...it cost me only £0.79.
**I am currently eating these right now.

(2) Walking freely on a snowy day

Well, this one is well achieved too.
I have done it quite a couple of times here...
In front of my house...and at the backyard too.
It was snowing heavily on 29/1/2015...for a few hours.
Thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful snow play.

Do you want to build a snowman?
My very first ever snowman...
Below is the second snowman...I built it a few days ago.

But this one was built using ice rain drops. **hujan batu
I don't think we call it snow at all.
The texture is different.

(3)  Enjoying the smell of roses and wild flowers

Well, this dream is well achieved too.
Last month, I bought a pot of rose plant for £1.99.
There were a few bloomed roses but dried after a few days.
Now, what is left is only the plant with leaves.
The leaves keep growing and changing into new.
At least, I know this plant is still alive.
I do hope roses will bloom out of it soon, in spring!!!

 Talking about wild flowers, they start to bloom today.
This morning, I saw these wild flowers everywhere on the grass.
I am excited because this means spring is approaching!!

So, that's all for today!!!
Now I shall have new dreams for 2015.


Wordless Wednesday: Fort William

Fort William, Scotland

Ready-made Cake in Box

Everything is quick and easy.
So people say, it's just a piece of cake.

The first time I saw these cakes in boxes last month,
I was surprised.

These cakes are sold at local supermarkets.
I never thought that people sell ready-made celebration cakes like this.
The ingredients are amazing too...most of them are dried ingredients such as
dried whey, dried eggs, dried whatever...etc. Everything is dried.
This is how they keep these cakes preserved....maybe.

This one is my favourite.... Princess Castle.

Simply choose and pay at the counter...
Now you can have your own party anytime.

Many of these cakes are suitable for vegetarians. We can look for the V sign that means "suitable for vegetarians". However, muslims should also read the list of ingredients to see whether they are alcohol-free or not. Sometimes, together with V sign, you can see "alcohol-free" is written on the packaging (as you can see below).
So, it is undoubtedly halal.

....THE END....