Ready-made Cake in Box

Everything is quick and easy.
So people say, it's just a piece of cake.

The first time I saw these cakes in boxes last month,
I was surprised.

These cakes are sold at local supermarkets.
I never thought that people sell ready-made celebration cakes like this.
The ingredients are amazing too...most of them are dried ingredients such as
dried whey, dried eggs, dried whatever...etc. Everything is dried.
This is how they keep these cakes preserved....maybe.

This one is my favourite.... Princess Castle.

Simply choose and pay at the counter...
Now you can have your own party anytime.

Many of these cakes are suitable for vegetarians. We can look for the V sign that means "suitable for vegetarians". However, muslims should also read the list of ingredients to see whether they are alcohol-free or not. Sometimes, together with V sign, you can see "alcohol-free" is written on the packaging (as you can see below).
So, it is undoubtedly halal.

....THE END....


  1. Salam singgah pagi sini sis...singgah balas kunjungan dan follow #791...terima kasih sudi singgah blog diana...cantiknya blog sis ni...banyak doodle yang comel2...

  2. senang la mcm tu.. kt msia takde lgi kn..

  3. Betul...if ada, senang kita pilih dan bayar je... Tp x sihat la menda2 mkn ni.