9.33 p.m. Friday 23/1/09

Bye-bye Puncak Perdana!
I'm going home tomorrow by bus, Mutiara Express at 9.00 p.m..... We shall meet again after this semester break, wouldn't it be alright? I can smell some of my bantal busuk already. There is a combination of unique odors blended together, pulling my passion of going home. I have packed my stuff. No clothes, only books and a laptop.

Here I am....
Kelantan, I'll meet you soon......!!!!


11.40 a.m. Friday

I am so hungry at this moment, lunch time. I am in the doldrums. I have bought rice with a fried chicken, but I can only think about it. I have put it in a locker. I purchased it at the merely food stall opened. But I don't feel like eating yet since I am in a library. I can't eat here. Of course I'm able to....(since I have my own esophagus but anybody is not allowed to do so unless I want to be isolated. Then a new sign will emerge at the front door of this library...."Ninie is not allowed". If only this happened, I would not be able to write anymore.

Lately, I eat less....I mean, during lunch hour. I don't want to obfuscate you. Let me notify the truth. Food is endemic here. If there are some, the foods are banal and trivial. As far as justice of Puncak concern, people here are so greedy. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. They grab everything and leave nothing for me. Maybe I am not on the spur of any moment....... I have been down in the dumps. Every second I am searching for food, it is already sold out! As a result, I have to wait until the sun disappears so that another stall will start selling food for dinner. Frankly, I always in a fix of getting lunch! Even though I am always starving, I am still hale and hearty.

BUS!!! Wait for me!!

22/1/2009 Thursday

I woke up at 6 o'clock as usual. I had to go to main campus of UiTM. We got Instructional Design class there at Language Lab 4, Level 9, Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz. I could vividly visualize how fast I walked to get the first bus. The bus arrived at 7 a.m. My classmates and I were still walking. We could see the bus from a distance. Without any hesitation, we changed ourselves into cheetahs. As I reached the gate to go to main road, an old safety guard said,

"Be patient. Don't worry. The bus will wait for you."

What an embarassing moment we had gone through. We shouldn't have run like little chimpanzees on a thorny tray like that. Many eyes were looking at us. I am sure, our dowry is terribly cheap right now! As we got into the bus...the driver waited for the other 5 minutes. What the guard said was obviously correct. We don't need to run....... If only someone recorded our faces while we were running and waving the bus, we would bury our heads at Port Dickson beach then!

The moral of this story is we have to see ourselves as who we specifically are. If you are an adult, do behave like an adult. Do not behave like a kitten. If you are a little kid who was born twenty minutes ago, do behave like a baby. Do things you worth. Don't humiliate yourself like what I have done. Running for nothing -as an adult- is not suitable anymore, especially for us.

FREE LUNCH....western food cafe?

21/1/2009 Wednesday

I was just having lunch with Dr. Mazli and Ayie. Last week, Ayie and I, as a team, won the best presentation out of ten teams. As a reward, we would be having a lunch with Dr. Mazli at International Café. Previously, I didn’t see any chance to win since I didn’t speak much during the presentation. All the explanations were done by Ayie. I only did the mind-map and a little bit of arrangement. Even the other groups were greater. The key of our success was we had the strength of teamwork (Yela tu, konon…). As a man who had an experience of 3-year-working in Proton Company and 3-year-studying in Leeds, the ideas which came out from his brain were amazingly useful to put in our mind-map!

Back to the story! As soon after Dr. Mazli’s class, both of us were invited to go to International Café at Section 7, in the main campus of UiTM. It takes about 30 minutes to go there from Puncak Perdana. Dr. Mazli asked me whether I want to go with him or Ayie. Since Ayie has his own car, I preferred Ayie. Then Dr. Mazli said, “Don’t forget to wear your seat-belt and use rantai besi”. What??! Ayie is not a dragon, I supposed! “I’ll meet you there!” he continued.

Anggerik International Café, here I was! This was the first time I stepped into such a crowded western food restaurant. There were all foreigners and Deans of various courses. Dr. Mazli was already there, sitting next to a very high table. It was too small for us! But, it was the only table left for us. Then, we went to the food station to make some order. Wow! “What food is that? What food is this?” Those questions came across my tiny spec of mind. I have never eaten any western meal. My stomach is specially created for Asian food only. Well, what could I do? I ordered a bowl of mushroom soup, some potato wedges and a cup of hot Milo. That was all! Really?

After a while, a lady came serving our meals. Dr. Mazli and Ayie got a plate each. Yes, those are what they had ordered just now. But why there were three things served in front of me? Wait a second! If I was not mistaken, I had ordered a BOWL of mushroom soup. But what I got was, a PAIL of mushroom soup. Who did she think I am? Did she see me as a giant’s daughter? A Chinese dragon couldn’t even finish such an enormous bowl of soup. Never mind, I just slurped the soup politely as I was in front of my lecturer, Dr. Mazli.

While I was happy with my kawah soup, I glared at another meal next to my soup bowl. A full plate of potato wedges? But why were so many wedges as there were ten persons to eat? Excuse me! It was my meal, ONLY! Dr. Mazli and Ayie have their own potato wedges already on each plate. Alamak! Did I order this meal? Never mind, I ate exactly three pieces.

Wait a minute! I saw another plate next to the wedges. Whose meal was that? Who ordered this? Surely, I didn’t! It was a plate of bread with some butter. To my horror, it was mine too. Dr. Mazli said that it came together with my mushroom soup. Oh, dear! A few slices of bread……more…???? I could not eat all these at once, unless I was a British.

As a result of this experience, I didn’t finish all the meals. I had unintentionally ordered three different meals which I could not manage to eat all. Never mind. I’ll learn from this mistake. I won’t come here again or any other western food restaurant! I took the entire leftover food home, as the waiter came and packed them nicely in two disposal food containers. If only I was an enchanter, I would change these meals into a plate of chicken rice! I am proudly Malaysian!

The most interesting part was having a talk with Dr. Mazli. We talked about the course and many things regarding our educational planning. He also gave a lot of golden advice. Even though the food was not appealing to me, there was another important thing I gained from this meeting. Honestly, chatting with Dr. Mazli, 40+, and Ayie, 27, made me feel as I was an adult. This was not an ordeal, but this is the most precious experience that every student should have. Today is my time, but next time is yours! Grab this opportunity, so that you can ask your lecturer directly regarding your study! Cool…..


Dear Alep,

This letter is dedicated to you, the hugest guy amongst my beloved best friends. I hope that you are reading this simple letter. I have read the earliest article on your blog, reminding all the moments we had gone through our journey to nowhere during Asasi TESL.

I am the luckiest person in the universe who has got to know you in an extremely lucid way. I know I was a girl with insouciance to you, who always made you laugh for something I did not mean to make fun at all. Honestly, I was and am a serious person with an ambiguous gravitas. But, people around me make me feel like joking all the time. For the time being, joking is a modus operandi which I can simply do in order to make my world alive! Alep, you will always be my friend. Although there are a lot of friends are mushrooming on my field, I can always see you from a distance. Yes, nobody can deny that. I feel so amazed that you could still remember the moment we talked on the bus, on the way home from BTN Penang. Nice to have a chat with you too! I can still visualize your words,

“Ninie, ko ngantuk ke? Sorry ar, aku cakap banyak.”

I was sleepy, of course. Hahaha! But I didn’t have a tiny heart to tell you. So I forced my two ears to listen what you were telling me…. Just joking! You told me that you were afraid of people. You could speak in public. But, after you met us in Asasi TESL, you became alive! Keep on moving, Alep!

Thank you for the appreciation. I wonder how you can live without my jampi serapah. As far as my jampi sampah is concern, you have become a good and healthy person! Hahaha! Just joking…..

Thanks for being my friend. And thanks for teaching me a little about computer (although I didn’t understand even a word!).

Hey, lion! Do you still remember our dramas during Asasi TESL? You were a lion, weren’t you? I can still mimic your voice, saying ‘C is COURAGE’. That is what only we need! Keep on moving……I can still remember one particular day when we were all twenty TESLians were eating something from pasar malam near Tun Fatimah Lake? You said,

“Ninie, I have never seen you sad. You are happy most of the time”.

Alep, like I said earlier…. I am a good pretender…(I haven’t been using this word since a very long time after Asasi TESL). Life is all about ups and downs. All we need is COURAGE…… Learn it by heart!


Amaal Fadhlini

I have a lot more to say but I can’t. The other TESLian friends would be angry with me for writing too much to Alep!


20/1/2009 8.32p.m.

This place seems familiar to me. Yes, I come here daily to surf the internet. Well, I come here surely on purpose. Updating Kapersky anti-virus of my sengal laptop, here I am. The network is good and smoothly running. I hear no cacophony here. Honestly, the environment in this library makes me feel like sitting in a huge pleasant garden (without flowers). Sometimes the weather makes me stick on the opinion that I am in United Kingdom…somewhere in London City. This soporific condition leads me to a new comfortable life, giving me inspiration to study and write my blog…..haha!


15/1/2009 Thursday

What a wonderful friendly morning it was….the day began as I took a bath. I had to attend a class at main campus of UiTM. It is quite a mile away from where I stay. My other classmates and I patiently waited for a bus to come (10.30a.m.). After thirty minutes waiting, the bus (Rapid KL) arrived. We all got our comfortable seats….luckily. The bus moved arrogantly on the road. The bus driver pressed the pedal with a full of energy (which he might get it from Maggi), so the bus crept faster and faster considering that the road belongs to his father. Well, the journey was already half pass away. Our beloved class monitor was sitting at the back, while we –girls –were chatting cheerfully in front. To my horror, Dr. Krish phoned him all of sudden, telling him that the class was canceled for some reasonable circumstances. What?!!! The journey became pale and hot. It was the only class for today and it was now canceled? If only we knew earlier, we surely wouldn’t dare to wake up early in order to have such a useless journey. Well, never mind! It was not a dilemma for me! I changed my way, going to Plaza Alam Sentral, SACC Mall and PKNS with Tun and Hafiz. We went back to Puncak hostel as soon after we heard the calling of Zohor prayer. We arrived at our own apartment at around 3 o’clock.

I got FEVER....

I am not well today...... Pity on me!


This is the continuation of the previous story. I forgot to tell you. Do you know that I couldn't surf the internet a moment after I published 'I'M SORRY'? Huh! While I was happily writing and using the internet, the cable was unplugged! Excuse me! Who suddenly unplugged my internet cable? Could it be unplugged by its own? My internet cable is the first-class you know! Made in Giant Seksyen 13 Shah Alam! I knew who did this! Those girls unplugged it, unintentionally or delibarately? Nevermind....at least, we are equal now! I don't have to feel guilty for what I have done..... But they are so 'sengal'. I unplugged their cable unintentionally! But they paid back with a full cup of revenge. Let them be that way. I was not mad at all........ Macam la aku x boleh cucuk balik cable aku..haha!

I'M SORRY........

3.15p.m 4/1/2009

It happened a few minutes ago. I did a very wrong unbreakable fault. I surely didn't mean to have this experience. But, who am I to stop my destiny. I came here -campus library- to use internet service. Whoever wants to use it has only to bring his/her own laptop and an internet cable. WELL, here I was. I wanted to plug in my internet cable into the internet connector box. I am surfing internet at the campus library right now, and always. So, as usual, I plugged in the cable which connected the internet service to my bloody-good laptop. To begin a story, I used a little of my dragon energy to plug the cable in. At the moment, I unintentionally pushed the internet connector box to the back. As a result, a few of other connection cables (which are linked to other students' laptops) immediately unplugged. Oh, terrible! A few girls were fiercely staring at my tiny and sweaty face. I'M SORRY!....my heart said. They said something but I didn't understand the words. I know, they were mad at me. I could see a girl plugged in all the cables which were unintentionally pulled. And so, I walked away before the situation getting worse. Who knows? How if they are getting angry and tie me up to the fan! I wish I had apologized since I was too afraid to say anything. Therefore,walking away was the most suitable thing to escape.......I felt guilty though. If only I have said 'SORRY'......

Companion Friends are hard to find....

7.48 a.m. Tuesday 13th 0f January 2009

I’m having my breakfast right now… It’s only a set of Horlicks and biscuits. Enough is enough. I don’t know what brought me to write this in the early morning. I’m ready to go to class actually….English Pronunciation in Use. Well, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT FRIENDS…. Being alone is the worse disease I long to avoid. A true friend is always by our side, but why I don’t feel anyone here whenever I need a companion? To be honest, all my friends are very close to me since I can adapt in many situations. Yes, whenever I go into a bird nest, I will be chirping. Whenever I go into an aquarium, I will be swimming. Whenever I go into a tiger’s cage, I’ll be dead then!!! It’s hard to say that finding companions is terribly tough. BUT...I don't have a bestfriend whom I can share my problems with, or whom I can put my chin on her shoulder or whom I can sleep in her arms. Well, my mother is.....but none of my friends are. They are all equally special....this could be the reason why I've no champion on the list of friends. They are equally MY BESTFRIENDS!!!

In my opinion, An unbreakable relationship should be in two ways. It’s not like walking along a one-way-street. Friendship is two-way-commitment. Even though I am no good, I hope my ship will come to fetch me up, going to a miracle world in which a million of true companions and friends are alive. Frankly speaking, finding a friend is easy, but finding a buddy is inflexible…..

HUD has TAGGED me!!! I hope you read this.....

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I like PINK very much. My room is pink....my world is pink!

2. I miss my Asasi TESL friends very mmmuah! (T.J, Cak, Bonda, Moon, Syami, Hud, Ikram, Alif, Sakey, Munirah, Atillea, Aimi, Yana, Feqah, Fizah, Iqbal). Toon, Alia, Fatin and Hussein are with me at UiTM Shah Alam. I meet them everyday!

3. I like to write things I love (free articles-mengarut).

4. I hope I can beat Hud's pointer this semester....he got 3.9+...but I got only 3.58. Not fair!

5. I have my own diary, writing things to do in life.

6. Almost all my things in my life are pink....or red.

7. I am thinking of having a broadband. Can anybody give it to me as a gift?

8. I wish I could update my blog daily....

9. My perception about men is: Men don't like me because I talk too much.....

10. I love flowers....my room has a lot of artificial flowers.

11. I love Cadbury Blackforest...soooo much! Choose Cadbury, choose happiness.

12. I always say 'thanks' to a person who gave me a very cute necklace, in a shiny pink box last year....though he will never hear it.

13. It's hard for me to gain weight, I am 46kg now. My parents ask me to eat more.

14. I love my course now (English For Professional Communication)! I also enjoy Mandarin subject....

15. If only I could make everyone happy......no war.....no cry.....

16. I want people to accept sincerely me as who I am......

You are being tagged by me, guys:
Fatin, Alia, Cak, TJ, Bonda, Moon, Kak Alia, Syahmi bla bla bla.....and the 16th person is you (I mean the people who are viewing my page and not on the list above)!




My friend, Kak Wahida and I went to Plaza Alam Sentral a few days ago.....going to a Computer Shop at the third level to fix my laptop. I asked the owner to fix it and install an anti-virus. I willingly paid RM99.00 for the anti-virus (Kapersky-1 user). With a happy face glittering to the world, I paid another RM30.00 to format my laptop. Well, I didn't mind paying such amount of money as long as my dear laptop can live happily ever after, without a single bloody-virus! To test my patience, I needed to wait for 2hours ahead, so that the technician could fix it. After 2 hours, I took my laptop back and went home cheerfully! To my horror, the anti-virus fixed couldn't be updated because I couldn't connect broadband to it. The laptop obviously refused the link. Oh,dear! Have I wasted my money for something that I expected to be better???


10/1/09 Saturday

Last Saturday, I went again to the terrible shop! Toon accompanied me. I asked the shop's owner to fix it, AGAIN! I wanted him to update the Kapersky here, and I knew that the Wi-Fi is provided in such technological place! Then, the guy asked me to 'jalan-jalan'. "Give me 2hours!" said the guy. Nothing else to do, we walked along the shops and stalls. We spent time at MPH bookstore at SACC Mall, reading all books without buying one! Nope, Toon bought a novel actually! Well, 2hours passed by.....but I spent 2hours more....wandering all over the floor and going to perform Zohor prayer. Finally, we went back to the place I left my beloved laptop. Poor me! The guy asked me to go home, he could do nothing. The wireless connection was as slow as a dying turtle in a very deep ocean of ape blood. Thanks! That was the only word I could say! It was not easy to go there, you know! Plaza Alam Sentral is not just a stone throw away....but it is like a huge black African mammoth blown away!!! Well, I went back to Puncak with hopeless and empty smile.......... There was a conflict on my mind. "How can I do my assignment?" It was a rhetorical question which remained so until I met Kak Sya and Ery in front of my apartment. They gave me a free speech about maintaining a laptop, as I knew nothing about it! Kak Sya did something to its setting. Wonderful! Any broadband could be connected.....so, the antivirus was smoothly updated. A touch of a true friend's hand! Wow......


We are doing our assignment together. Thinking deadly about dialects in Malaysia, here we are! The deadline is 21st of January 2008. Do pray for us! We are striving for ideas.

Pop-out Window Comments

Special for new bloggers.....

Someone has asked me on how to set our window comments to pop out....so it's easier for the other bloggers to give comments without waiting and navigating out of the current page.
As in the picture above:

1. Log in > Dashboard > Setting

2. Then, click on the tab "comment" .

3. "Comment Form Placement"

4. Choose ""

5. Save Settings

**GOOD LUCK !!!***


25th of December 2008
It was my brother's engagement day. We celebrated him merrily. Well, there was satisfaction came across my heart field. When I saw all sending gifts were ready, I felt like spreading my wings to heaven. Making and decorating all the 'hantaran' (sending gifts) made me proud of the new brand of my collections in head. Although they were not as great as the experts (mak andam) do, it was not bad at all for a common human who likes decorating things. That was why my mother gave me a mountain of beliefs to 'give a touch' on the seven gifts.