20/1/2009 8.32p.m.

This place seems familiar to me. Yes, I come here daily to surf the internet. Well, I come here surely on purpose. Updating Kapersky anti-virus of my sengal laptop, here I am. The network is good and smoothly running. I hear no cacophony here. Honestly, the environment in this library makes me feel like sitting in a huge pleasant garden (without flowers). Sometimes the weather makes me stick on the opinion that I am in United Kingdom…somewhere in London City. This soporific condition leads me to a new comfortable life, giving me inspiration to study and write my blog…..haha!


15/1/2009 Thursday

What a wonderful friendly morning it was….the day began as I took a bath. I had to attend a class at main campus of UiTM. It is quite a mile away from where I stay. My other classmates and I patiently waited for a bus to come (10.30a.m.). After thirty minutes waiting, the bus (Rapid KL) arrived. We all got our comfortable seats….luckily. The bus moved arrogantly on the road. The bus driver pressed the pedal with a full of energy (which he might get it from Maggi), so the bus crept faster and faster considering that the road belongs to his father. Well, the journey was already half pass away. Our beloved class monitor was sitting at the back, while we –girls –were chatting cheerfully in front. To my horror, Dr. Krish phoned him all of sudden, telling him that the class was canceled for some reasonable circumstances. What?!!! The journey became pale and hot. It was the only class for today and it was now canceled? If only we knew earlier, we surely wouldn’t dare to wake up early in order to have such a useless journey. Well, never mind! It was not a dilemma for me! I changed my way, going to Plaza Alam Sentral, SACC Mall and PKNS with Tun and Hafiz. We went back to Puncak hostel as soon after we heard the calling of Zohor prayer. We arrived at our own apartment at around 3 o’clock.

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