Malaysia has a plenty of superstitions that are passed down from generation to generation. Superstition is actually a belief that some objects or actions are unlucky or unlucky, or that they cause events to happen, based on old ideas of magic (Longman of Contemporary English, 2003: p. 1666). Our ancestors have found multifarious things that we should and should not do which lead to superstition. Superstition can be divided into two categories which are lucky and unlucky impacts. The first group of superstitions relates to the fact that a person may get a good fate after facing some particular situations. For instance, if a butterfly enters someone’s house, he or she will soon have a visitor. Next, some believe that it is a sign of receiving money if someone’s palm feels suddenly itchy. However, the superstitions of bad luck warn us to beware in other situations. For example, if a big lizard crosses in front of a person, he or she will have an accident shortly. Some also say if someone cuts his or her nails at night, he or she will become stupid. There is no evidence yet to support these superstitions whether they are all true or not. Therefore, these ancient myths are still mysterious and many people continue to follow them.

Essay: Math Science in English

Advantages of teaching Mathematics and Science in English

As I read through a lot of articles on teaching Mathematics and Science in English (The Star, New Straits Times and New Sunday Times), I found two major advantages of this education approach.
The first advantage of teaching Mathematics and Science in English is to allow the students to play on global platform. English has now established itself as the most important language for trade as well as learning. That is why the exposure of English should be wider and more sufficient. Learning 

Mathematics and Science is necessary as English is now spoken by 1.8 million in all sectors especially accountancy and medical professions. Some reject the policy because of the poor performance of rural students, following an adherent stumbling block created. However, this has been discussed by Hashim Adnan, a president of National Union of Teaching Profession. He suggested that students should be taught subjects in English from a very early age, so nobody will be left behind. So, our government has done so by making learning English Grammar since students are in primary school. In fact, Science is introduced to fist year students of primary school to study in a very early age. 

Moreover, the subject is taught in English, as well as Mathematics. For example, in China, where people once had poor command of English, usage of the language was improving by leaps and bounce. It was not just happening in Vietnam where the schoolchildren were already conversation in English. This shows that learning English in especially universal subjects like Mathematics and Science would benefit the students as they will have to converse in English for at least several topics or labels in the subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to learn Mathematics and Science in English allows the students to stand on worldwide stage.

What is amazing about being able to learn subjects in English is the students can cope with their further studies well especially in Science field. Hence, it is a significant advantage to learn Mathematics and Science in English. This strongly supported because a lot of feedback from previous students who were in era where Science and Mathematics were not taught in English. A numbers of interviews have been done involving many Malaysia students who are still now studying in several universities abroad. Most of them claimed that they feel regret because they did not have a chance to study Mathematics and Science in English. This is because most of them are now major studying in the field of Science; so, most of the reference books are written in English. Even though their English are good, they feel that it would be easier to cope the terms and labels of either Mathematics on Science during their first year if they have studied both subjects in English. Furthermore, it also helps them in their future career. If a local student is going to be a scientist, or at least work in medical professions, he cannot explain the findings to the world as he does not know the knowledge of Scientific English. A businessman also needs to use the Mathematics terms in English, otherwise he possibly cannot expand to the outside world. Therefore, it is a very significant advantage to learn Mathematics and Science in English as the students can cope with their further studies well especially in medical sector.

Therefore, Malaysians should accept this approach in order to face a lot more education barriers towards Vision 2020.

Honey Greenie.....

26/11/2008 Wednesday Morning

Since I have nothing much to do during this campus break, I have baked cup cakes three times. Now I feel like vomiting whenever someone talks about cakes! I have baked and eaten cakes too many! But my weight is still 45kg. Well, Honey Greenie Cup Cake is my own recipe. The basic ingredients to use are inherited by my grandmother, Mama. Believe it or not, the cake is so delicious that you guys should try and taste. I would like to share my secret recipe, so that you (males and females) can try at home!


1) Cooking oil - 1 cup
2) Eggs - 3 eggs
3) Castor Sugar - ½ cup or less
4) Vanilla essence - 1 tea-spoon
5) Star-Brand (Green Apple) – ½ bottle (to make a very dark green colour)
6) Honey - 1 table-spoon
7) Self-raising flour - 1 cup
8) Horlicks (or MILO) - 1½ cups

How to do it? It is as simple as ABC. Mix or blend (using mixer or blender) all ingredients together, put one by one according to the number of the list. Then, put little by little in small cute cups. Bake (180’C) them in your oven. Do not use your neighbour’s oven for some secret circumstances. Your cup cakes are ready to be served if the colour of your cup cakes has turn into yellowish brown. Whatever! If there is any effect after eating these cakes, do not find me! Your safety is at your own risk!


24/11/2008 Monday Evening

Is it true? Yes, it is when you have nothing to do. Nowhere to go, here I hang. My life was not as dull as this before. I mean, campus life is better. I used to follow the schedule of my campus life. That is why I find nothing to do at home. What I can do is sleeping all day long. My father is too busy, as usual. My mother has nothing to ask me to do. That is why I just sleep, eat food and watch TV. I am not a nature lover, but I am a house lover. Staying at home is more enjoyable than going out for nothing. Well, that one is not true. People do not go out for nothing. There must be something to do at least walking for fun. But I choose to be a Sleeping Beauty at home. It sounds the greatest among all activities in the universe. I don’t think sleeping is a bad habit. This is holiday! Sleeping is the best treatment to regenerate my lost energy. I need to prepare my new strength in order to start the second semester on 28th of December 2008. What a dull life!

The End of 1st semester..!

14th of November 2008 - Friday

It was the last day of exhausting examination. Around noontime, it was over! The semester break has begun. I am free from that very moment on. It seemed extremely fascinating to me, even the scenery of my crying friends was a kind of happiness. I could smell my bed at my hometown. Crying friends? They cried because they did not expect the Grammar paper would as tough as that. Is it? It could be a contemporary ‘yes’. The terrible moment – of answering the questions – that I had suffered from has gone away. Why should I mind this terrifying history? After my fantasies of my agonizing weeks had had a plenty of time to ripen, I ended up with a journey to go home. I went to Alia’s house as her mother fetched with her new Proton Saga car, quite well-designed. The traffic was as slow as a little newborn kitten walking blindly to find its mother. Well, we reached at Alia’s house in the quite late evening. I was served spaghetti – cooked by Alia’s mother – and kuey teuw kerang (a kind of noodles) bought at the nearest stall. After eating, I found my stomach had filled with the two delicious meals – which were quite foreign to me. After maghrib (7.50p.m.), Alia and her mother took me to Section 17 Bus Terminal. Then, I thankfully gave a farewell and verbal appreciation to Alia and her mother. It was raining gracefully. The first drops hit me like snows, and in the meanwhile I was as cold as I had fallen into a pool at Antarctic. I walked on my way to find the bus which I supposed to check in. Oh, dear me! I hardly found it although I had asked the girl at a Transnasional ticket counter twice. The girl was mad at me and commanded to find the bus myself. What an awful service! I checked all the busses, but where was actually mine? Finally, I noticed a bus at the very front of other busses. But, was it? Although it was blue – such colour is rarely found among Transnasional busses – I just went near. Suddenly two men asked me whether I was finding 208 Trip – code name of my bus. I answered straight away, “Yes!”. To my lucky, I found it! They (two drivers) had been waiting for me, the last passenger who had not checked in, for a few minutes. Oh, I was so blessed to find the bus before the worse incident might occur. If I had missed the bus; I would cry, begging a unicorn to come from nowhere and send me home. What a relief!

WALKING through the nature.....

Wandering is my customary treatment I usually do to cure bedlam in my head. It has been accustomed into my list of hobbies. It is like belching to let air from our stomach come out unreservedly through our mouth. It is a pleasure, isn’t it? I do not want to be a bete noire of something rude. That is why I love walking around – enjoying the nature – indeed. I will let the nature eat my fret. This position will be the best biosphere ever in my life.

Hello My Morning!

Wednesday 12/11/08 Early Morning

The beginning of this day was like a windy cool morning for a girl who is seeking for calmness like me. As my dearest sun appeared from the back hills, I took my bath early and had a little breakfast, a Kaya bun which I purchased last night. I went down the ground of Puncak Perdana Campus. I walked briskly to nowhere, along a boulevard. It was still a baby morning. I passed through Blok Akademik as I suddenly decided to go Kandang, the nearest and small place to buy things. I gave a beatific smile to anybody I came across. I went to a grocery there, glimpsing all the things. I bought a bottle of Ducth Lady Milk (RM3.80) and a pyramid bottle of Fraser Hills Honey (RM11.90). Well, enough was enough. The gigantic solar – then – showed his shining bright light to spread several vitamins humans need. I walked straightly back to Blok Akademik, finding my targeted common corner to open books I brought on my back.


Wonderful Dream to a Marine Park....

Sometimes, I feel like swimming in a big ocean. An empty daydream is useless; However, it is meaningful if you guide yourself into a dream world you like. I like day-dreaming. It gives me ideas to write and imagine. Thinking is a divine gift, so dreaming is. I do not know how to swim. At least, I can be a part of marine life - swimming freely with various of colourful sea creatures - only in my dream.......

Thinking about age....


I am still having final exam fever... 1 more paper left to go; it is on 14th November! But, I have a test tomorrow (12th Nov). That means, two more papers to sit. Well, this is what we call a campus life. Going through this degree programme makes me realise that I am well on my way to build up my maturity. People always say to a big girl, you are big enough to handle your own life. Really? Does this make sense? Especially to me. I don't think so. Yes, I am spreading my wings to be a 19-year-old girl. I wish time would stop right now. So, 23rd of December 2008 won't come to declair my severe new age..... overall, age is just a number... Who dares to bother? Let destiny be that way, adding a number - each year - into our age account. Awful!


6/11/2008 Night

I have packed my stuff since a few weeks ago. The agony misery has gone away, leaving the happiness of returning home. My parents are coming! They will be here tomorrow evening to take my stuff home. I will be staying here for more than a week. I will miss my stuff quite insane; especially my dear Pau and Piggy. I love them so much!


Wednesday 5/11/2008 11.00a.m

It was a warm windy morning. I was well-dressed, heading for dining hall. I wanted to buy a meal for lunch. There might be dark stormy clouds in my stomach. A lot of foods served in front of me were still hot and fresh. There were just a couple of bodies – including the cashiers and some hungry students. I purchased one fried chicken, some fried needles (noodles), a little fried mee and a bloody little fried rice – put together in a polystyrene container. Awesome! I went to PTAR for a while, printing something which I was not supposed to print (Don’t ask me what it is!). Then, I strolled as proud as a peacock along my way to go back to my beloved hostel – dreaming that I was well on my way to fulfil my belly. As I arrived, I changed my bloody former clothes. Next, as I wanted to unzip my trousers, but………… Oh, my God! I forgot to zip my trousers. I blushed and my world dropped dead. My joy turned to be as empty as space, recalling all people – along my journey – whom I have had said my friendly Hi to. My two hands became as cold as marble, viewing all faces that I had passed through. I looked into a mirror of death. Sure enough, my faced was like a horrible Dracula who had just eaten a basket of black onions. Needless to say, I had been walking all over places with the unzip trousers? Da da da da…..life is all about ups and downs. Let my destiny be that way. Never shall I repeat the mistake I made. What a shame – again. Hahaha!


My Beloved Grains – Honey Stars!

I love it! This is my favourite snack ever. I will eat it in the early morning – with a bowl of Dutch Lady Milk – before going to class. Other than that, I love eating Honey Stars® along my way to go home (my hometown). The journey of balik kampung is meaningless without these cereals as it normally takes approximately twelve hours in the bus. Try some! It will be the tastiest stars in the universe……..

“You probably know grains are good for you, but did you know that you need 6-11 servings a day? And breakfast cereals can help? One bowl of NESTLE® HONEY STARS®, a source of grains, helps give you what your body needs”.


Final examination!!! 31Oct-14Nov08

EXAMINATION…. It is all about success and failure. In life, there is no grey area. It is either black or white. It is as sure as death. 31 October to 14 November 2008 is the period. It is like a war. I have neither M-16 nor machine-gun. But I have a lot of books to read, a variety of topics to scheme, and a little of time to spend. Do the best, OH my dear hands, brain and soul. Be as patient as the hours. Do not waste your blood and tears. Good luck my friends! That’s all what I have to write and say – as long as examination is a part and parcel of our life.

Being an Actress for 20 minutes...

23rd of October 2008

English Appreciation is one of my favourite subjects in this course. Crawling amongst various arts of English world, here I am. Literature requires me – as well as other students – to dive deeply into the sea of beautiful words, poems, short stories and drama. The most interesting part and parcel of learning English Appreciation was performing a drama which is adapted from a short story, SAVED. The story is all about love, loyalty and jealousy, blended in a hideous conflict amongst three people in order to keep their own good names. Luckily, they are saved by God at the end.
First and foremost, my group (Hafiz,Atira,Toon&Hafizah) and I read the text and discussed the plot of the story together, meeting in Tun Abdul Razak Library – always as cold as winter morning. After reading thoroughly, we completely understood. We divided the casts involved and chose a suitable character each. Even though I was not a big shot in the group, I could be considered as an eager beaver in producing the script. I had been given a role of a Guru, Paramananda Swami. Although a leopard never changes its spot, I knew I could play this role and had to change my real character into a holy person.
The script had gone through a few stages in becoming a perfect drama. We handed in the script to Mr. Alfred three times so that he could correct it. As soon as he returned our first script back to us, we – at the moment – typed it again based on the corrections given. I was one of the key persons who met the lecturer, time and again, to submit our new script. I knew that procrastination is the thief of time, so I needed to do the correction with the other four group members very fast; then, submitted the script again. Finally, the script was exultantly done after the short and sweet stages.
We were often out of idea in improving our performance. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. As a result, we went through a few practices in class with Mr. Alfred. We managed to improve our speaking-style, blended with emotions and feelings, as well as the way we enunciate words. It was 23rd of October 2008; I was in pins and needles to perform the drama this evening. We met in the morning to do the last practice as we did not want to cry over spilt milk. We wanted to make sure whether we had memorized the script completely.
It was a bright sunny day, exactly at 3 o’clock; we went to Menara UiTM Malaysia for a recording. We were the forth group to perform. In the meanwhile, we changed our costume in order to feel the beauty of acting. I was in white, as spotless as snow. My hope was as high as the stars to perform well as we would be recorded in a recording room. Luckily, our drama ran smoothly without a single disturbance. We could see three enormous video-cameras here and there, pointing at us. It was an interesting moment that I have ever experienced.
Although I had gone through a lot of dramatising during TESL Foundation at UiTM Melaka, this was truly the most memorable experience for me. Being a recording actor for twenty minutes was the most unbelievable sparkling moment I have ever had. Therefore, the picture of being in the recording room will always be in my heart and will always remain so.