Honey Greenie.....

26/11/2008 Wednesday Morning

Since I have nothing much to do during this campus break, I have baked cup cakes three times. Now I feel like vomiting whenever someone talks about cakes! I have baked and eaten cakes too many! But my weight is still 45kg. Well, Honey Greenie Cup Cake is my own recipe. The basic ingredients to use are inherited by my grandmother, Mama. Believe it or not, the cake is so delicious that you guys should try and taste. I would like to share my secret recipe, so that you (males and females) can try at home!


1) Cooking oil - 1 cup
2) Eggs - 3 eggs
3) Castor Sugar - ½ cup or less
4) Vanilla essence - 1 tea-spoon
5) Star-Brand (Green Apple) – ½ bottle (to make a very dark green colour)
6) Honey - 1 table-spoon
7) Self-raising flour - 1 cup
8) Horlicks (or MILO) - 1½ cups

How to do it? It is as simple as ABC. Mix or blend (using mixer or blender) all ingredients together, put one by one according to the number of the list. Then, put little by little in small cute cups. Bake (180’C) them in your oven. Do not use your neighbour’s oven for some secret circumstances. Your cup cakes are ready to be served if the colour of your cup cakes has turn into yellowish brown. Whatever! If there is any effect after eating these cakes, do not find me! Your safety is at your own risk!

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