My Morning Milk-Shake

2/11/2010 Tuesday Tomorrow is MGT417 paper

I simply love my morning milk-shake. It's perfectly delicious, yet simple to make!

1) You need a shaker
2) Fill 250ml of plain water in and keep it refrigerated for one night.
3) 4 spoons of milk powder (e.g: Fernleaf)
4) 3 spoons of chocolate powder (e.g: Herbalife product)
5) Mix them well and shake!
6) Ready to energizes your daily power to face your challenges ahead!

Herbalife is RM178.00 per can that can last for a month.

What can Herbalife Shake do for you?
  1. Helps you control calorie intake. Help retain muscle mass by providing quality protein. protein can also help control appetite.

  2. Increase your vitality and energy

  3. Protect your Cells by balancing nutrition

  4. Live an Active lifestyle exercise and Stay Fit.
Never mind! You can use Quakes instead of Herbalife. Quakes from Quaker Oats is available in any shopping stores nearby. The smallest pack is only RM2.70 which can make 8 glasses of milk-shake.

*****A tasty and healthy breakfast leads a healthy life********