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DIY Easy Reusable Diaper for dolls

This diaper is very easy to make!
I don't even need many words to explain how to do it.

You need:
Plastic table cover

The tools to help you:
A4 paper (to draw a pattern)
Pen/ Permanent marker pen
Ruler (if necessary)

Easy right?
Good luck...
Bye now!

DIY Cloth diaper for dolls

If you have read my previous post, you would know that I am using the real disposable diapers for Baby Alive dolls. I'd never tried using cloth diapers before. So being someone who loves DIY stuff, I challenged myself to make one last week.

So I tried to make this cloth diaper
for a Baby Born doll (by Zapf Creation).
I think it turned out just fine.

It is reusable and water-proof as well.

I followed the instructions from various videos on YouTube
and created my own pattern which suits the doll.

Firstly, I cut the fabric, following the instructions.
I used two layers of fabric.
The outer layer is polyester, from an old umbrella
and the inner layer is cotton, from an old shirt.

Then, it became like this.

After that, I flipped it inside out.

The stretchable tape was inserted and well-sewn at the back of cloth diaper
to make it fit but flexible.

I used velcro tape for easy fastening.

 I made the insert out of an old handkerchief.
I simply cut it into two pieces
and made a curve at both edges.

 It fits perfect!

It is still good even with the pants on!

Currently, I am still making another one for another doll.
Wish me luck...

Bye now!