Elsa Doodle

This is my Elsa-inspired doodle.

Honestly, I don't really like her eyes...but that's the best I could do.
So...it's alright, for the time being.
I will improve them later if necessary.

The picture of Elsa below is the one I found the most on many websites.
So, yes... Elsa's eyes seem to look like cat-like eyes.
Or maybe her makeup does.

I used the Elsa doodle for my niece's birthday decoration last August.

Next time, I will show you her sister's doodle, Princess Anna.

Bye now!

My regular visitor story #3

This is one of my regular visitors.
The most dangerous among all.
She is a little helper, sometimes.

Although she simply makes things worse than before.

See you in the next post!

My regular visitor story #2

This is the little fella (my niece) who has been mentioned a few times in my previous posts.
She, as you know, has been an extreme regular visitor to my bedroom.

And this little fella is the most mischievous visitor among all (I have two more nieces).

Yes, she doesn't only visit, she will eventually leave the room messy and unorganized.

It was like this before though....LOL

Here is the link to the previous story.
See you in the next episode!

Little Busy Bees on Cupcakes

Throwback exactly two years ago.
These were made for my Indonesian friend, Gina
while I was in the UK.
It was her birthday on 27/8/2015.

I made bees out of store-bought fondant.
Everything was store-bought actually.
I simply put things together.

Bye now!