How to wash face without facial cleanser


We wash our face several times daily. But we are advised to wash face using our facial cleanser/soap only TWICE daily, presumably in the morning and at night.  So what happens during the gap between morning and night? We have to wash our face for many reasons! Sometimes it unexpectedly gets dirty or something. For muslims, they  automatically have to wash their face during ablution prior to performing a prayer, 5 times a day. So here is what you need to do! Do exactly like what you do when you detoxify your face.

 You may need:
-Facial Cloth 
-Tap water

That’s all! Use only clean water! Don’t use any washing gels/cleansers/soap. Wipe your face with wet facial cloth to get rid of excessive residues such as natural oil and dirt.

I am using Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth (RM11.00).  There are 30 big sheets of cloth in a bag, but I cut into 480 pieces of small facial cloth. Meaning, 1 sheet is cut into 16 small pieces. Each small facial cloth only costs me about 2 cents and I use 5 pieces per day. So I spend about 10 cents every day for facial cloth. One bag of my Disposable Facial Cloth normally lasts for 3 months, at only RM11.00. Very cheap! 
If you don't have this facial cloth, you can always use any type of baby wipes, preferably the one for sensitive skin. BUT you need to wash its liquid away with a lot of running water, then only you can use it! I always use Pureen Baby Wipes which only costs me about RM5.00++ for 80 sheets.

If you are using makeup, make sure to clean your face well. Remember, since you are only using WATER to clean your face, it is very difficult to get rid of makeup applied. Again, wet your Facial Cloth with water to remove your makeup. You have no choice but to use a makeup remover. But after that, wash your face right away with a lot of water.

Remember that some makeup remover contains alcohol which may dry out your skin. Avoid using makeup remover which contains alcohol. You can use good makeup remover such as Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover (RM58) or Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover (RM68 110ml) if you want. Both are oil-free and alcohol-free.

After throughly washing your face,  pat dry well using clean towel or facial tissue. I always use two pieces of facial tissue to pat dry my face after washing. Then you can use an alcohol-free toner if you have. Finally, apply your oil-free moisturiser.

That's it!!!

Pimples which are NOT ACNE on my face

There are two other types of pimples which are not acne on my face. They look almost exactly like acne pimples. They are bumps or swollen pimples on my face, but NOT acne, for example:

1- Folliculitis 

I sometimes get this folliculitis pimples on my face and certain parts of my body. Normally, I just get ONE folliculitis pimple at one time just like in Picture 2. It is when your follicle (wherever hair grows) get clogged with bacteria interference, and it becomes swollen and normally has a pointy pus head (kepala nanah). This happens after you shave or just any bacteria infection from your clothes and stuff. 

My doctor will prescribe a mupirocin ointment called Supirocin. I always use this brand. My sister is a pharmacist so I always ask her to get me the ointment whenever necessary as I already got the prescription from my doctor.  It is not an over-the-counter-drug. Mupirocin is a type of antibiotics so it is not freely sold at any pharmacies.

This folliculitis often appears once in a while. My doctor said it is because I have a very sensitive skin or sometimes due to unhygienic reasons. We are human beings and we ourselves are dirt, as my doctor always says! LOL. So I don’t worry much about this, as long as I apply this ointment as soon as the bump appears exactly where each strain of hair grows. After 2-3 days, it will be all gone.

2-Milia seeds

Milia seeds are also known as oil seeds. These seeds often appears near your eye area. Sometimes they can be counted, but if worse, they appear too many that you cannot even count them all! My condition is not that bad. I only have two to three milia seeds under my right eye, literally on my eye bag. I started to have one milia seed in 2016. Later, I got two more oil seeds next to the previous one. But in early June 2017, my first milia seed disappeared.

These milia seeds appear due to our unbalanced diet such as high cholesterol intake (e.g.: oily food). That's why they are also called cholesterol seeds. So, in order to reduce the amount of these seeds around our eyes, we have to eat healthy and nutritious food. Well, as they say, to reduce the cholesterol level in our body, we  are suggested to drink Anlene milk every day!

Milia seeds can also appear around our eyes if we don't wash our face properly especially when we are actually leaving some invisible makeup residue on our face. FYI, I am currently using Mary Kay as my skincare regimen, starting from 27 April 2017. They claim that if we wash our face correctly using their skincare and always remove our makeup clearly using the Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Make up Remover (RM68.00), we can control and discard oil seeds.

Well, I am not sure. But all I can say is one of my three oil seeds has disappeared. It had been there for more than a year…LOL. Please note that I have been consuming Dianz Vitamin C & E plus too, one month even before using Mary Kay. Some say this product can cure oil seed problem too. I have been taking this vitamin since 28 March 2017.

So??? Now I don’t know whether Mary Kay or Dianz has technically helped me. But religiously, GOD The Al-Mighty did....Hahahahahaha.

If you are interested in buying Dianz Vitamin C & E plus, you can contact this cute girl, Nadia. I always purchase this product from her and get free gifts. OR you can let me know then I will give her contact number.

Happy trying!

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Princess Jasmine Doodle

This has been requested by Meutia who loves Jasmine.
I hope you like it.

Disney Princess Jasmine

The making of this doodle was inspired by the Barbie Princess Jasmine
which I bought for my niece last year
at a charity shop in West Midlands, UK.
It was only about GBP1.00 if I am not mistaken, very cheap.
It is still in a very good condition though,
for a toy...yeah.

Another one is the Jasmine figurine from
my Disneyland Paris haul.

But now...there's no more Jasmine Barbie doll.
I turned her into Moana upon my niece's request.
She wanted a Moana doll so much.
Very difficult to find at a very cheap price (of course).
Well, Moana doll is not as famous as Elsa Frozen, I think.
So I decided to make one myself.
This is still in the making, really.
I am not quite done with the skirt.
I will continue to do this as soon as I buy the material
for the skirt.
You can refer to this link soon for a full enty.  coming soon

Bye now!!!!

Cinderella Snow White Belle doodles

Feel free to grab these doodles
from Niedoodle Disney Princess Collection.
Don't forget to leave your comments as usual.
Many more to come, so stay tuned!

Cinderella, my favourite.

Belle, the most gracious.

Snow White, the fairest among all.

THE MAKING OF Diary.Nie's Disney Princess Collection DOODLES :

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All types of acne on my face

Tekan sini untuk versi Bahasa Melayu

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about TYPES OF ACNE, by giving the real examples from no other but MY FACE. I started to welcome all sorts of acne pimples during my healing crisis after I used Mary Kay skincare on 27/3/2017 (refer this link for more information). I haven’t had these so many acne pimples for ages. This is, as they say, a part of healing process which I have to endure for I don’t know how long. I hope it won’t last longer than 4 months. My beauty consultant suggested that I have to bear with this healing crisis and be patient. The product is now healing my face so I just need to relax and let Mary Kay works hard.

Types of acne on my face



Alright. Let’s start with the first and most famous type of acne which is whiteheads. The name itself is white, so that’s the colour, normally. It is also known as closed comodones. Whiteheads are formed because my pores get clogged by excessive sebum and dead skin cells. There is no open pore on each whitehead even I look closely on it (through the mirror of course…LOL). It is simply a small protruding bump on your skin.

Whiteheads come in many sizes, I believe. I previous thought that whiteheads are the ones on my nose, over my nose area and all over my lips to the chin. But the bigger ones on my cheek are also whiteheads. They are also from the closed comodones family, which are clogged without visible open pores.

The small whiteheads are easy to pinch out the clogged sebum inside. You can use an acne tool which is also known as a comodone extractor. BUT, the big whiteheads are not as easy as that! I tried to pinch two of my big whiteheads near my chin, the sebum was out by forced. The next morning, both whiteheads which are next to each other were joined and got swollen. They turned into one huge and painful pimple! Please refer to the following pictures.


This type of acne was so famous on my face in high school. I don’t have so many blackheads recently after I started using Mary Kay. That’s the only good thing I can say so far, regardless new big pimples keep appearing! So these blackheads are also called open comodones.  Each blackhead is also formed because of my pore is clogged by excessive sebum (you call it oil or blemish) and those ungrateful dead skin cells. However, each pore remains open as you can see the clogged sebum and dead cells turn into black inside the pore or even follicle. This is why you call it a blackhead. The blackheads can be easily pinched by a facial tool to get the ‘black stuff’ out.


This type of acne is very common to lots of people. This type of acne pimple is normally red and swollen. It can be itchy, painful, feeling-nothing or all of those characteristics. Unlike whiteheads and blackheads which are caused by clogged sebum and dead skins, inflammatory pimples are extendedly caused by the bacteria interference. There are four types of inflammatory pimples as follows:

Papules on my face are the ones of those reddish or pinkish little bumps. They are clogged pores which get worse inflammation. That is why the colour turns red or pink because it hurts the skin. These pimples are easy to deal because they can be concealed by my foundation of cc cream. I have a Mary Kay CC cream with SPF15 with me. I think it works well to cover this type of acne. ONLY this type!!!!!!

Pustules are so famous on my face. I got more pustules during healing crisis of using Mary Kay skincare. Pustules are the swollen and red pimples with visible pus. The pus can either be yellow or creamy white. I think this type of acne is the worst when the pus pops while cleansing my face. I hate it. I have to wipe the blood overtime as it keeps coming for a while. You can imagine that right? So, to go out, I use foundation instead of cc cream to cover this type of acne. I need more coverage because cc cream is usually lighter than foundation coverage. I have with me Mary Kay Foundation Matte-wear. Well, I don’t know. Yes, it covers the pimple but not the bumps, indeed.

This type of acne starts deep underneath my skin. It is a swollen pimple which gets further irritation and bigger. They say, we cannot treat this type of acne pimple at home. Yes, I agree. I’ve tried many types of traditional methods but didn’t work. Well, it is either ‘DID NOT WORK’ or ‘WORKED VERY SLOWLY’. I also tried benzoil peroxide (5% OXY) but didn’t work either.

So I normally let a nodule pimple heal itself, while applying benzoil peroxide overnight. After 2 weeks, the size is normally reduced but the redness is still visible. So it may take another 2 weeks to clearly discard the visible bump. This acne leaves dark spot on my face. I once tried to apply BIO-OIL later on, but this acne was activated once more. It took another one week to heal. So now I don’t use Bio-oil on my face anymore. It doesn’t work well with my face skin.

This type of acne is the largest among all inflammatory acne. The most painful one, to me. It is said that the clogged sebum and bacterial infection happen at the deepest skin, as compared to others. It is even lower than nodules, hence becomes worse. Based on my experience, cysts type of acne leaves scar on my face.

There are also some other types of pimples on my face which are not acne. They are also bumps or swollen pimples on my face, but NOT acne, for example:

-Milia seeds (oil seeds)

You may click on this link (will be posted on 14/7/2017) to go to my next post about folliculitis and milia seeds, if you are interested.

Bye now!!!

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Jenis-jenis jerawat di muka

Click here for English version

Hai semua! Hari ni saya nak cerita tentang jenis-jenis jerawat akne, dengan contoh yang ada kat muka sendiri je. Terpaksa bertebal muka tak malu demi perkongsian ilmu. Saya mula jumpa balik segala jenis jerawat akne ni sejak guna Mary Kay mulai 27 April lalu (Boleh rujuk entry yang lepas). Sekarang saya masih dalam proses penyembuhan (healing process/crisis). Sebab tu la katanya, keluar segala spesies jerawat macam ni. Harap-harap proses keluar abis jerawat ni berhentilah. Kena sabar dan teruskan.

Jerawat akne terbahagi kepada dua kategori utama iaitu JERAWAT TANPA RADANG dan JERAWAT RADANG. Semua jenis jerawat yang saya nak cerita kejap lagi boleh berevolusi. Macam kalau main game, orang kata upgrade level la. Powernya makin hebat gitu. Daripada jerawat jenis tanpa radang, upgrade jadi jenis radang.

Jenis-jenis jerawat akne kat muka saya


1-Jerawat pasir (Komedo putih/tertutup)

Ni memang paling famous la kat muka saya. Jerawat pasir ni namanya pun pasir. So jenis halus la tu. Tapi terbahagi kepada dua sebenarnya. Ada jerawat pasir halus dan jerawat pasir kasar. Macam gula juga la. Jerawat pasir ni dalam bahasa omputihnya dikenali sebagai whiteheads atau closed comodones. Maknanya jerawat yang jenis tertutup porinya. Jerawat jenis ni terjadi kerana minyak berlebihan (sebum) keluar dari liang pori tu dan tersumbat bersama-sama sel kulit mati dalam pori yang tak tertutup.

Jerawat pasir yang halus tu selalu saya jumpa kat kawasan hidung, bibir dan dagu. Jerawat pasir halus ni senang picit kan guna alat picit jerawat macam pencabut bulu kening tu…hehehe. Sebab dia kecik dan bila paksa pun, akan keluar juga sebum kat dalam tu melalui lubang pori yang tertutup tadi tanpa menyebabkan radang. Tapi kalau guna kuku yang ada kuman, kadang-kadang akan meradang juga.

Jerawat pasir kasar pula saya jumpa di seluruh muka. Sekarang ni memang penuh pipi la, rasa nak nanges. Jerawat pasir kasar ni tak boleh picit. Dia tak macam jerawat pasit halus. Lubang porinya kan memamg tertutup. Jadi kalau dipaksa picit keluar, memang jadi radang la. Dia bertukar kuasa menjadi jerawat jenis radang. Saya dah cuba picit dua ketul jerawat pasir kasar yang berjiran di kawasan dagu. Esoknya, diorang ni bergabung kuasa jadi seketul jerawat merah dan besar. Boleh rujuk gambar. Sampai sekarang dah sebulan duk ada lagi benjol kat situ. Penyesalan yang tidak bertepian…uhuk..uhuk.

2-Jerawat hitam (Komedo hitam/terbuka)

Ni yang kita panggil blackheads tu la. Benda alah ni femes kat muka masa sekolah menengah. Komedo hitam ni terkenal sebagai komedo terbuka iaitu jerawat pasir terbuka. Maknanya, macam jerawat pasir putih juga, dia terjadi sebab sebum dan kulit mati tersumbat dalam pori. Tetapi bezanya, pori dia terbuka. Maka kita boleh nampak la kekotoran kat dalam yang menghitam. Jerawat hitam ni rasanya pernah jumpa mana-mana aje kat muka. Kat kawasan hidung tu biasalah. Tapi pernah jumpa aje kat pipi. Cuma sekarang saya dah tak de lansung jerawat hitam ni sejak pasai Mary Kay, walaupun jerawat besar-besar duk naik lagi tak berhenti. Wah, ada juga benda baik sejak guna Mary Kay rupanya! Hahahaha…..betul la. Kena sabar. Baru nak masuk dua bulan je pun. Harap-harap healing crisis ni tak lama la…huhuhu.


Jenis ni memang paling femes la naik kt muka orang. Biasanya benjolan merah dan bengkak. Kadang-kadang sakit, gatal ataupun tak de rasa apa-apa. Jerawat radang ni terjadi sebab kuman dan bakteria yang menyibuk dan menyerang pori kita yang tersumbat dengan sebum dan sel kulit mati tadi. Ada empat jenis jerawat radang ni:


Papules ni adalah jerawat biasa yang timbul kat kulit warna merah atau merah jambu tu. Jerawat ni terjadi sebab sebum dan sel kulit mati tersumbat juga, tapi jadi lagi teruk dan sakit sikit sebab tu warna jadi merah. Jerawat radang jenis papules ni bagi saya biasa lagi la sebab boleh tutup cela guna alas bedak (foundation) atau cc cream aje kan. Saya ada beli Mary Kay CC cream with SPF15. Sangat bagus la untuk tutup jerawat jenis ni. Tapi jerawat papules aje la!!!! Adoi…nak nanges. Tapi saya jarang guna cc cream ni sebab dalam proses penyembuhan, katanya tak elok guna krim muka yang mengandungi SPF. Saya memang dah lama tak keluar rumah, jadi memang tak mekap la kat rumah.

Pustules ni pun femes juga kat muka saya sekarang daam proses penyembuhan ni. Adoi…nak nanges. Dia macam papules juga, tapi power level dia dah upgrade sikit jadi ada nanah yang sangat ketara. Biasanya sesetengah orang perempuan naik jerawat jenis pustules ni waktu datang bulan. Nanah tu ada kuning, ada putih…ikut kreativiti jerawat tu la. Saya paling tak suka jerawat jenis pustules ni la! Bayangkan nak basuh muka kena amat berhati-hati. Kalau pecah, keluar darah. Nak kena lap selalu sampailah darah kering. Lagi satu, jerawat jenis pustules ni benjol dia memang ketara walaupun kecik ke besar ke. Memang kena tutup cela guna alas bedak (foundation) yang tebal. Guna cc cream memang tak makan saman jerawat ni. Saya beli juga Mary Kay Foundation Matte-wear untuk kulit berminyak tu. Entahlah, memang baguslah untuk tutup warna jerawat ni tapi benjolan tu memang tak boleh nak tolong la…hahaha.

Nodules ni pula kuasa dia lagi up daripada dua ketul papules dan pustules tadi. Jerawat batu la orang kata kan. Jerawat jenis nodules ni terhasil kat dalam kulit. Macam biasala, mana-mana jerawat pun terjadi sebab sebum dan kulit mati tersumbat dalam pori. Tapi yang ni jadi lagi teruk sebab kuman pergi serang kat situ dan meradang kat dalam pori tu. Benjol dia lagi besar dari popules. Sakit dia usah cakap la. Bergantung pada serangan kuman la…hehe. Katanya, jerawat ni tak de penawar tradisional kat rumah. Kena guna benzoil peroxide untuk matikan kuman kat dalam. Saya guna jenama ‘Regular Strength 5% OXY’ tu RM12.90, tapi tak menjadi pun. Ataupun lambat sangat dan saya yang cepat mengalah. Seminggu juga guna, ada juga tersengih lagi jerawat tu tak surut sikit pun. Tapi malas nak guna yang ‘Maximum Strength 10% OXY’ tu sebab malas beli. Pernah tempek campuran kayu manis cayenne dan madu mentah asli tiap-tiap malam selama 3 hari tapi tak jalan juga. Sebab malas dah buat hari keempat..hehe. Pasrah. 
Jadi biasanya, saya biar aje la jerawat ni, sambal-sambil sapu benzoil peroxide tadi malam-malam kalau rajin. Biasanya malas. Tapi sekarang ni saya ikut rutin biasa Mary Kay aje la dengan sapu Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) sebagai moisturizer. Memang selama 24jam ada kat muka saya buat masa ni. Bila hilang ke tersapu ke saya letak semula seluruh muka. Memang saya tak jimat la sekarang ni. Guna OFHG ni tak sampai sebulan pun lagi. Jadi tak tahu la keberkesanannya lagi. Katanya boleh kecutkan jerawat. Tak pe la daripada letak benzoil peroxide pun tak surut-surut jugak.

Dengan kata lain, saya biarkan aje la jerawat jenis nodules ni. Suka hati engkau la! Sebab biasanya selepas dua minggu, saiz dia surut la walaupun merah tu masih ada. Pastu, dia ambik masa dua minggu lagi untuk hilang betul-betul dan tinggalkan parut gelap ke ungu. Saya pernah cuba Bio-oil letak kat jerawat nodules yang dah sembuh. Esoknya jerawat naik balik. Lepas tu saya tak guna dah la Bio-oil kat muka. Mungkin tak sesuai ngan kulit muka saya sebab minyak lagi tersumbat.

Jerawat jenis cysts ni pula memang jerawat batu paling besar la orang kata. Paling sakit juga bagi saya la. Jerawat jenis cysts ni terbentuk lagi dalam lagi daripada jerawat batu nodules. Jerawat ni pun terjadi sebab pembiakan kuman dan bakteria dalam liang pori yang tersumbat. Cuma yang ni susah nak sembuh atau diubati melalui luaran kerana dia duk dalam lapisan kulit yang dalam. Biasanya memang parut pun hebat juga yang ni. Saya layan yang ni sama aje macam jerawat nodules. Pandai-pandai engkau la sembuh cepat-cepat sendiri!

Sebenarnya ada lagi beberapa jenis jerawat yang bukan akne. Selalu disalah anggap sebagai jerawat akne. Diorang ni rupanya lebih kurang sama aje ngan jerawat biasa, contohnya:

-Milia/oil seeds (biji minyak)

Korang boleh klik kat link ni kalau nak tahu pasal dua benda alah ni kalau berminat.

Jumpa lagi!!!

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Jerawat makin banyak pakai Mary Kay

For English version
Ditulis pada: 3 Julai 2017

Ya, saya pun sama! Saya dah lebih 2 bulan guna Botanical Effects Cleanser  Formula 1, 1 bulan guna Oil-Free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) dan 3 minggu guna Botanical Effects Mask F3 (tiap selang dua/tiga hari). Tapi jerawat masih naik. Tapi tak mengapalah. Sebab saya duk rumah aje tak jumpa orang, cuti lama...hehe. Ini adalah dikatakan 'healing crisis' atau krisis penyembuhan. Jom baca cara penggunaan yang saya praktikkan! Harap-harap betullah cara ni...perunding kecantikan saya yang ajar dan selebihnya saya baca sendiri di blog-blog penjagaan wajah.

Rujuk sini untuk  lihat semua produk MK yang saya beli setakat ini.

Saya cuci muka guna cleanser  BE F1 tu dua kali sehari, pagi dan malam.
1) Basahkan muka, picit cleanser sebesar kacang pis, calit kat muka di beberapa bahagian dan lumurkan.
2) Gosok-gosok sambil urut membulat dari bawah ke atas. Urut lama-lama 15 saat (sempat pula nak kira weiii), tapi jangan lebih 60 saat.
3) Basahkan facial cloth yang dipotong  kecil dengan air, lalu sapu muka. Cuci saki baki cleanser tu.
4) Bilas muka dengan air banyak-banyak.
5) Lap muka guna tisu muka. Saya tak guna tuala sebab khuatir tak bersih, kononnya la.
6) Sembur Freshen (toner) pada kapas muka, sapu satu muka (saya mula guna Freshen pada  9 Julai 2017).
7) Ambil 1 sudu OFHG (pelembap), lumur satu muka, dengan urutan dari bawah ke atas. Masa awal-awal penggunaan, saya boros guna 3 sudu (spatula) sekali gus . Rupanya satu sudu sudah memadai.

Di waktu senggang, saya cuci muka juga apabila perlu. Contoh setiap kali nak solat kan (bagi yang muslim):
1) Tanggalkan makeup guna Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover tu guna kapas biasa sampai hilang abis mekap. Mulakan dengan mata dahulu.
2) Lepas guna makeup remover ni, bagi saya, kulit jadi rasa berminyak melekit. Saya akan bilas muka guna air banyak-banyak dan lap guna facial cloth yang dibasahkan.
3) Kalau masih tak selesa, saya guna cleanser BE F1 saya juga untuk hilangkan rasa berminyak makeup remover tu. Saya ulang cara-cara basuh muka macam dalam perenggan di atas tadi.
4) Kalau tak pakai makeup (setakat duk rumah kan), abaikan langkah 1-3 di atas. Saya terus bilas guna air semata-mata dan sapu muka guna facial cloth yang dibasahkan, untuk menghilangkan kotoran halus.
5) Lap muka guna tisu muka atau tuala bersih. Pastu tak perlu sapu Freshen (toner).
6) Terus ambil 1 sudu OFHG (pelembap), lumur satu muka, dengan urutan dari bawah ke atas. Siap!

**Maklumlah, saya belum beli skinvigorate lagi sebab sekarang muka meriah berjerawat, tak elok berus muka guna benda alah tu. Walaupun katanya sesuai untuk muka berjerawat, tapi saya cuba jadi radang. (Pada 21Julai2017 saya beli Skinvigorate Brush tu. Boleh rujuk link ini untuk ulasan produk).

Buat pengetahuan anda, OFHG ni sentiasa ada kat muka saya, 24jam. Saya tidur malam pun sapu OFHG lepas cuci muka. Tak pernah tak pakai. Setiap kali basuh muka, mesti sapu balik OFHG. Macam ni, dikatakan penggunaan OFHG yang boros. Saya guna baru sebulan dah tinggal sikit sebab sebulan pertama penggunaan saya guna 3 sudu sekali pakai. Kalau sehari sapu 5-6kali, mahu tak habis! Jadi, yang orang kata tahan 4-6 bulan tu betul juga bagi penggunaan OFHG yang biasa iaitu cara jimat : 1 sudu sekali guna dan hanya 2 kali sehari selepas cuci muka rutin pagi dan malam.

Maka, untuk jenis penggunaan yang boros, satu bekas OFHG ini hanya bertahan selama 1 setengah bulan hingga 2 bulan sahaja. **Saya guna dari 26 Mei 2017 dan habis pada 10 Julai 2017 selama 46 hari dengan penggunaan 5-6 kali sehari, satu sudu sekali sapu dan untuk 1 bulan pertama saya guna 3 sudu sekali sapu sebab saya lebihkan sapuan pada semua jerawat yang sangat banyak waktu tu.

Al-kisahnya, sekarang dah 2 bulan lebih la guna Mary Kay treatment set. Jerawat di dahi dulu masa bulan pertama ada 40 biji lebih. Ya, saya memang gigih mengira! Yang nanah, yang pori tertutup smua ada. Whitehead usah cakap la. Tapi sekarang ni tinggal 3 biji  jerawat yang merah meradang dekat-dekat, pastu yang lain dalam 10 biji jerawat jenis pori tertutup. Ok la kan?  Yang lama-lama tinggal parut hitam aje...tapi ok la tu saya berpuas hati la sebab dah hilang. Mau nak nanges bulan lepas sebab pergi kelas dahi penuh jerawat nanah. Tempek Foundation Matte-wear pun tak jadi wei kalo jerawat bonggol.

Cerita pasal pipi pula, masih naik lagi terutama di bahagian rahang. Sekarang ada kira-kira di rahang ada dalam 4 biji kiri, 6 biji kanan. Semua ni jerawat jenis merah meradang tanpa nanah. Yang jenis  jerawat batu nanah besar gila dah insaf selepas raya, diorang mengecut. Semua jerawat batu hanya naik kat pipi. Sabar je la. Jerawat-jerawat kecil putih jenis pori tertutup tu memang masih banyak tak terkira la. Saya pun tak perasan diorang masih naik atau dah tak naik yang baru dah. Sebab malas nak kira, amat banyak.

Mulai bulan kedua penggunaan Mary Kay, saya selalu ada tempek OXY 5% (RM12.60) kat jerawat-jerawat degil selepas OFHG kering. Saya campur produk. Sebab benzoil peroxide dikatakan tak ada kena mengena dengan produk yang kita pakai. Ia mematikan kuman akne dengan membebaskan oksigen dalam pori dan jadi keringlah. Tapi sebenarnya saya rasa macam lambat kesan OXY 5% ni. Tapi sebab dah beli dan nak beli Mary Kay Spot Solution belum ada di pasaran lagi ari tu. Saya baru order daripada perunding kecantikan saya untuk guna dalam bulan Ogos. Jadi sekarang saya hanya guna je OXY 5% ni selalu. Macam tiada masalah pun. Sebab saya guna OXY5% tu bersama-sama OFHG yang melembapkan kulit. Lagi cepat jerawat nanah sembuh. Yang paling bagusnya, bila letak kat jerawat-jerawat putih tak bermata macam gambar bawah ni, lama-lama dia membengkak dulu dan jadi ada mata tiba-tiba (pori terbuka). Pastu lama-lama sembuh. Dua tiga hari juga la ambik masa setiap perubahan tu. Pastu tinggal parut la..adoi, pasrah. Kawan saya cadangkan T3 Mycin untuk jerawat, dalam RM25 gitu tapi tak sempat beli pula. Nanti-nanti la dulu!

Baiklah, inilah cerita saya sepanjang menggunakan Mary Kay DUA BULAN. Harap-harap lepas ni berakhirlah healing crisis ni. Sebab katanya ada empat peringkat:

RELEASE (singkir- semua toksin keluar melalui jerawat)
RELAX (Rehat - kulit mula rehat katanya sebab dah letih buang toksin)
REVIVE (Pulih - sel-sel kulit  yang rosak dan mati mula dibaiki)
RENEW (Ganti - sel-sel kulit yang baru akan muncul)

Jadi, entah mana satu la tahap saya sekarang ni...hehe. Buat pengetahuan semua, saya berpantang makanan laut, telur dan daging mulai Januari hari tu lagi. Saya memang minum banyak, 3 Liter air sehari sebab ambil pemakanan tambahan, vitamin C dan E. Jadi, saya tak rasa jerawat ni semua sebab resdung saya kot. Kira ni betul-betul healing crisis guna set pemulihan Mary Kay la. InsyaAllah

Bagi saya, semua produk ni perlu cuba dan rasa sendiri dalam satu tempoh yang mencukupi. Bukan sehari dua cuba terus rasa sesuai. Orang kata try and error gitu! TAPI...kena pandai-pandai la....kang habis muka tu kalau pakai prinsip ni semata-mata. Tuhan jadikan manusia pelbagai dengan jenis kulit yang pelbagai secara kritisnya. Bukan hanya kering, sensitif, normal, kombinasi, berminyak dan berjerawat sahaja. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu perihal cerita dalam kulit kita. Ada ikhtiar kalau kita mampu pegi scan kulit ngn pakar kulit (dermatologist) untuk tengok keadaan sebenar dalam kulit. Kalau tak mampu, terpaksa lah berteka-teki je la macam saya. Try and error...atau try and right. InsyaAllah nanti elok kulit ni selepas tamat proses penyembuhan. Saya kena sabar dan percaya! Lagipun saya dah dapat kesan positif di dahi...alhamdulillah.

Moga pengalaman saya ni bermanfaat buat segelintir pengguna baru Mary Kay Set Pemulihan (Cleanser Botanical Effects, OFHG/Intense dan Foundation) macam saya...dan juga buat semua perunding kecantikan Mary Kay supaya diorang boleh consult clients yang mempunyai masalah seakan sama macam saya. Buat pengguna, baca komen-komen pengguna banyak-banyak dan blog-blog pengguna juga untuk lebih keyakinan tentang produk yang kita guna. Kebanyakan pengguna menghadapi masalah yang sama di awal penggunaan terutama selepas dua bulan macam masalah saya sekarang la ni! Boleh rujuk gambar printscreen komen di sini yang saya petik dari blog-blog berkaitan. Ape-ape boleh tinggal komen untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan yang nak jawapan yang ikhlas sesama pengguna. Jika tak nak disiarkan, tulis "JANGAN SIAR" supaya saya tak approve komen anda.

Rujuk sini untuk lihat produk-produk yang saya guna sebelum ni.
Rujuk sini untuk  lihat produk MK yang saya beli.


Segment July-August Bloglist By Sii Nurul

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This doodle I made specially for Nurul.
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