Princess Jasmine Doodle

This has been requested by Meutia who loves Jasmine.
I hope you like it.

Disney Princess Jasmine

The making of this doodle was inspired by the Barbie Princess Jasmine
which I bought for my niece last year
at a charity shop in West Midlands, UK.
It was only about GBP1.00 if I am not mistaken, very cheap.
It is still in a very good condition though,
for a toy...yeah.

Another one is the Jasmine figurine from
my Disneyland Paris haul.

But now...there's no more Jasmine Barbie doll.
I turned her into Moana upon my niece's request.
She wanted a Moana doll so much.
Very difficult to find at a very cheap price (of course).
Well, Moana doll is not as famous as Elsa Frozen, I think.
So I decided to make one myself.
This is still in the making, really.
I am not quite done with the skirt.
I will continue to do this as soon as I buy the material
for the skirt.
You can refer to this link soon for a full enty.  coming soon

Bye now!!!!


  1. OOOOOHHHH YOU MADE IT!! Suka sekali!
    Love it so much, like her eyes and her bright smiles as well. Thank you.

    Actually, I have 'Jasmine' in my name, thats why I love her. And can I put this post in my 'about' page? I'll give a credit too. You're the second person who accepted my request in blogger hehe

    And it's cool you can turned her into Moana:)

  2. Glad you like it. My pleasure and you're welcome!