I wish I could buy that lobster.
But the price is too expensive
because I keep converting into Malaysian Ringgit
which I am not supposed to do!

E.g.: That  £30.00 lobster is equal to RM168.00.

Never mind. I will buy it next time....
or there will be no next time at all.

Wordless Wednesday: Chicken Shawarma with Rice

Chicken Shawarma with Rice

Schiphol Airport Review

Wonderful two-hour-transit at
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
(6 january 2015, about 6 a.m. local time)

I am absolutely satisfied with the service...

The airport is very huge...but traveler-friendly.
It is as magnificent as KLIA.

As soon as I landed, I went out to search for my next departure gate.
As I walked, I could see counter machines everywhere.
There are actually machines to confirm our next gate
based on the information stated on our printed ticket.
Simply stick to our ticket.
We will be fine.

I used the machine and successfully confirmed my next gate.

**Well, while queuing to use the counter machine,
I simply observed how the man in front of me did.
Then I tried the machine myself, and it worked!
It was D5 written on the screen.
Clocks are everywhere in this airport...
It's easy for us to see the local time.

The signage is big and clear.
It's easy for us to look for our gate.
But during my time, I was not confident and felt so sleepy and dizzy.
So, I asked for a direction from a stewardess who was passing by.
She gladly replied and helped.
In front of the gate.
I had to wait for 40 minutes before they called the passengers in.
So, I had time to go to the toilet.

Like any other airports, we can't bring water into the boarding hall.
We must leave/throw the water bottles before scanning at the security.
(**Of course, only liquid bottles/containers below 100ml are allowed.) 

Laptops, bateries, chargers and many other electronic devices
must be scanned separately.
Meaning, you must take them out from your hand-carry bags...
and place them into a specific box.
Sometimes, we must take off our boots to be scanned.
Lucky me, during my time, I only wore trainers (sneakers),
so I didn't have to take them off. 

While waiting to depart....before boarding.
The boarding hall is so comfortable. There are toilets too.

You will be called soon by the stewardess with a big smile.
 Have a safe flight!!!