Product Review: Kenwood Mini Chopper

This product is super-handy.
I've cook a lot of delicious food with its help.

The price is reasonable too.
It was sold at Sainsbury's for only GBP20.00.
Luckily, I got it during summer sale for only GBP17.00.

It does its job well...
chopping dry ingredients like nuts, biscuits and cereals.
chopping onions, with or without adding water.
...and many more.

it is
very easy to use...
very easy to clean...
very easy to store...

Thanks to this product, I successfully made my sambal tumis for nasi kerabu.

Bye now!

My Mini Sewing Machine

I use it to repair jeans.
It works all the time.
I bought it from eBay at only £10.89 in July 2016.

You can watch this video for a tutorial
on how to use it.
It is very easy to use and suitable for beginners.

The below pictures briefly show how I used it
to repair my jeans hem a couple months ago.
I am still using this sewing machine to make crafts.
I even made my own bedroom curtain using it!
It works wonder!

I am so happy with my purchase.