Withhold the thesis

I saw this picture online...it's from study.com, I assume.
Funny yet brilliant! It is soooooo true!
Of course I will, too, keep my thesis until I finish the conclusion paragraph.
Only then....I will submit it.

But the question is....
When can I write my conclusion?

Let's hope...haha

Segmen : Pencarian Bloglist Faiq Najmi

Wow...it's February already? What have I been doing so far? I wish I didn't waste to much time last month (January). Let's just hope for a better tomorrow... So now, I would like to join this segment called "Segmen : Pencarian Bloglist Faiq Najmi". The end date is on 17 February 2018. The rules are as follows:

1. Follow  Faiq Najmi's Blog*compulsory
2. Follow  @heyfaiq Like Faiq Najmi's IG*compulsory
3. Subscribe  Faiq Najmi's Channel*compulsory
4. Create a blog entry named "Segmen : Pencarian Bloglist Faiq Najmi"
5. Place the above official banner of this segment and link it to Faiq Najmi's blog
6. Leave a comment with your Instagram username & link it

Easy right! What are you waiting for? Let's join this segment. Unfortunately for me, I don't own an IG account and am not active to such channel. I hope this is alright.

Bye now!