Contest: Di Mana Ninie?

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Tamat/End: 23/10/11 23/2/2012

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2) Kenapa teka kat situ? Why do you say so?

**Contoh jawapan: 1) Kat supermarket / resort / kedai / KFC
                             2) sebab muka nampak happy jer/sbb pakai baju hitam/sbb entah


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With that, enjoy my drama...hihiks
***created with so much ideas from Yana, Fiqah & Tun too.


Mama – Kartina Aziz

Along – Catriona Ross

Angah – Lisa Surihani

Atien - Penganjur contest

Narrator - Dato' Jaluddin Hassan
 Tok Penghulu’s Wife – Azean Irdawaty

(sad song)

A month before Syawal, Mama and her youngest daughter, Atien are chatting in a living room.

(sad song)

Mama : Atien, time run very fast right? (Coughing) We just left one month before

Atien : Yes, Mama. I miss the moment when Abah was here with us. He was usually
busy making lemang and dodol on the day before Hari Raya, right Mama?

Mama : Yeah….(gigling) matter what, he is still right here with us, looking down at
us from there and hoping that our family will stay happy like usual.

Atien : Hurm…(sigh)…. As happy as usual huh?

Suddenly, Along and Angah come into the living room. (Loud bang of the door)

Along : Ma! What is this? I’ve heard that you are going to sell the land away.…no! It is supposed to be mine!

Angah : Excuse me….hello! It is going to be mine okay! You have already got this
house. So, I am taking the land! It is mine!

Along : Wait! I am the eldest! Please show your respect!

Angah : Go to hell with your respect!

Atien : Along! Angah! Can’t you please calm down? Mama is still here with us. Shame
on both of you! There is no such will at all! I am sure that Mama have not written
or stated anything about this? Right ma???

Angah : Huh, whatever! But, it is possible to say that the land is already given to you.
Am I talking the right thing, Atien?

Mama : Oh, My Lord! Along…Angah…stop it! How could….you behave like this! Is
this how you repay me as your own mother?

Along : Oh, come on Mama…. Stop acting like this! I know that you will give more
privilege to Atien. Are you thinking the same way, Angah?

Angah : Of course……

Atien : Along! Angah! You are too much!

Angah : Huh! I am fed up with all of this. (Angah walks away)

Along : Me too! I wish I wasn't born in this family!

Atien : Along!

Along walks away and closes the door…..(Loud bang of the door)….

Atien : How could them……..(crying and sobbing)

Mama : Oh, God! (She fells down on the floor-impact body heavy)

Atien : Mama! What’s wrong with you? Wake up Mama! Say something ma! Mama!
Help me! Anyone ? Please!? Somebody,help me! Help! (Crying)
(sad song - Lagu Aishah, Pulanglah...hihiks)

A day before Hari Raya.

Atien : Mama, Mama…. I have cooked some special chicken porridge for
you. Let’s have some, okay? Tomorrow is Hari Raya. You need strength to
celebrate Raya. We can go the mosque and perform Raya prayer together. You
have been laying down on bed for a month. I am worry about you.

Mama : Hurm….Raya. What’s the point of celebrating Raya to me right now Atien …
There is no happiness in our family and no point for us to celebrate Raya this

Atien : Ma……please! Don’t say such thing to me. No matter what you still have me.

Mama : Atien, I am so sorry my dear. I can’t give any happiness to you since Abah
passed away.

Atien : Mama,don’t say that Mama! Don’t Mama! I am happy to have you as my
mother. I’ll be alone if you leave me.

Mama : Thank you, sayang. (Coughing) Hopefully, before I close my eyes…….
I can see all of us reunite and be happy as usual.

Atien : Mama….shhhhhh (hiss sound)… Don’t talk anymore. Now, have a proper
sleep. Get rest and wake up peacefully tomorrow, okay?

Mama : Atien my dear…. If I am not longer alive, do take care of yourself (coughing). I
love you so much.

Atien : I love you too, Mama. Good night.
(The call of Takbir Raya - Lagu sedih "Bila tiba Hari raya...semua insan bergembira..tetapi bagiku...hanyalah kesedihan..yang menyelubungi hidup"....lalala)

Next morning….

Atien : (twisting the door knob) Assalamualaikum Mama! Wake up Mama…. Today
is Raya. I have cooked many delicious meals for you. I’m sure you will like it.

Mama : Atien…………

Atien : Oh,my God! What is happening?(clicking the switch of lamp)

Mama : Atien……..where are both your sisters? (coughing)

Atien : (crying) Mama…..Please…..they are not here.

Door knob is twisted.

Along : (calling) Mama! We are here!

Angah : We are so sorry! (sobbing) We are home, Mama!

Mama : (coughing) I am glad that you are all here right now…(coughing). Alhamdulillah…..

Along : Mama…sorry, Mama! I didn’t mean to be rude to you. Please forgive me…..

Angah : Me too, Mama.

Atien : Along…Angah… I am grateful that both of you are here.

Mama : Oh my dear….(coughing) I don’t think that I am able to see more of you all
shortly. I really hope that three of you can spend more time together.

Along : Mama….please don’t say that Ma..

Angah : Mama…….(sobbing) We still need you!

Mama : I have written my will and left it to Tok Penghulu’ wife. Please stop fighting
my dear daughters…..

Atien : (sobbing) Mama…please Mama. I really need you….always.

Mama : Atien, thank you for always standing by my side…(coughing)

Atien : Mama!!! There is nothing can compare to what you have done to us. You have
given your heart and soul.

Mama : Along…Angah…

Along and Angah: Yes,mama…

Mama : Remember this! No matter what has happened, we are still
in a family.

Daughters: (crying)

Mama : I love you…..Allah……..

Daughters: Mama!!!!!!!!!!!
(sad song)

Tok Penghulu’s Wife: My dear Along, Angah and Atien. I hope after your mother’s death the three of you can cope with your life normally and happily. If you have any problem come and see me anytime okay. What have written here is from your mother directly. She wrote that the house will belong to three of you and the land will be a gift to our village. And I have decided that with this land we can build a new mosque. Before I forget she has left a letter for all of you here.
(sad song - Lagu hindustan, Mohabbatien...hehehe)

( Mama’s Voice)
My dear Along, Angah and Atien. I know when three of you are reading this letter, I am not around anymore. I hope that all of you are will okay and agree with my decision. As a mother since you were born until now I hope that all of you happy with what your late father and I have given and after this I hope all of you remember that we are family. To my youngest daughter, Atien, thank you for everything and may Allah pay all your kindness. and patience To Along and Angah, don’t you ever think that I don’t love you. You are the diamonds that I treasure the most.
Lastly, I love you so much and I will never stop loving you.
******The End******

Was it boring???!! Hehehe.... If you want to use my drama script for your class performance, theater, assignments or video projects....I don't mind. But do leave messages so I know that you are using my writing properties... =)
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Cartoon Version of Sri Ratu Saadong VII

Thanks for requesting, Rtp Farra Arisha....
I am happy when you say you're satified with this caricature.

What a relief.....hihiks.

I spent 30 minutes drawing, 5 minutes for double-drawing, 10 minutes scanning and uploading, 45 minutes photoshop flaws removing, and 1 hour photoshop editing/colouring and  1 hour uploading/emailing/making entry...because internet was soooo slow.... DONE!!!!



Doodle =
An unfocused drawing especially when you're listening to/doing something else. Nowadays, people are doodling using various softwares like Photoshop, Paint, and Photoscape....the doodles made from such softwares are supposed to be called e-doodle. (sama je sebenarnya...panggil 'doodle' je pon orang tau....)

Caricature =
A focused drawing/portrait to symbolize/impersonate someone based on his/her visual likeness by exaggerating it. (Macam karikatur gambar Nabil pelawak tu, org lukis dia telinga besar....kalu Zizan plak hidung besar..ha..karikatur la tu...membesar2 kan benda fizikal seseorang..hehe)

Cartoon =
A visual art (painting or drawing) either animated or comical cartoon. (Ape2 lukisan 2-D la...menda comel2 yg korang panggil doodle tu pon kartun la tu....samada bergerak atau tidak. Yang korang buat ada bubble tu plak...namanya 'comic strip').

Contest: A Tale of Tengku Puteri And Puan Kutu

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End: 17 October 20

Prizes : 

  • Tempat 1 mary kay compact pro (unfilled) bernilai RM150 tajaan 
  • Tempat 2 - Simple header doodle + Doodle as request + Topup RM10.
  • Tempat 3 - Doodle shoutbox + Doodle as request + Topup RM 5.
  • Tempat 4 - Doodle as request + Simple Header.
  • 2 hadiah sagu hati doodle single.

***Note: To my SPM students, you can revise this story for your Narative Writing Section okay! Try to create a story like this and memorize....

In this gallery, may I present.......

The Magic Castle of Love

Long time ago, there was a colourful land called Kuturama Kingdom, responsively ruled by The Great King Kuma and his pretty Queen, Queen Kina, in a luxurious castle called Istana Cinta (Castle of Love). They did not have a child. They had tried many ways including mandi bunga, IVF, Biodex, but nothing happened.

One day, the sun went up so brightly, glowing to lighten the entire land of Kuturama. The King and Queen were chatting in the royal garden, which blue and pink roses around, where the grass was fresh green covering the earth and a mixture of flower essences getting into the noses that were passing by. Out of nowhere, there was a poor lady, walked into the castle looking for food. She looked starving. She, then, approached the loving royal couple. 
 Align Center

“Your Highness, I’m hungry...please, let your incredibly kindness to feed my day” said the poor lady.

“What’s your name, dear?” asked Queen Kina, walking toward the lady to offer a seat.

“I’m Kutu....” The lady answered monotonously.

“Kutu? Are you Kuturumasari? The wife of a great man who bravely served in my army for many years and died in excellence, Captain Kuturimau?” The King suddenly raised.

“Yes, I am Puan Kutu, Your Highness”.

“Owh, dear... We have been searching for you for ages” said Queen Kina. King Kuma nodded. Knowing that Puan Kutu had lost her children in kereta kuda (wagon)accident, they invited Puan Kutu to live with them in the luxurious castle. This was how King Kuma expressed his gratitude for the late Captain Kuturimau for saving his life in a war.

Day by day, week by week and year by year, Puan Kutu loved the King and Queen as her own flesh and blood. She swore to do anything for both of them. She prayed every night for the King and Queen’s safety and happiness. She has become a rich and respectful well-being lady among others.
One night, it was a peaceful night ever. Birds were not chirping, grasshoppers were not  debating, and so monkeys were not swinging. Puan Kutu had a pleasant dream. She was told by handsome ustaz Amirul (a religiously well man) to tell both King and Queen to ask for GOD’s forgiveness. Hopefully, The GOD The Al-mighty will award them a child sooner or later.
A few days after, King Kuma, Queen Kina and Puan Kutu went to Mekah to perform umrah while seeking for HIS guidance. They were hoping for a bright future ahead. They went there in a huge ship as great as TITANIC, named Diary.Nie.
After two weeks in the divine land, they went back home with good news. Surprisingly, Queen Kina was confirmed pregnant 2 months.
All entire Kuturama celebrated this happy moment with joy and colourful food festivals. Expensive lights and lamps were decorating the roads. The cheerful celebrations lasted for months.
Day by day, week by week, on 30th of July 1988, there was a cute royal baby girl was born with joy and laughter. The King and Queen were extremely excited to have a child after they had been desperately praying for one, after twenty years of marriage. The baby princess was called Tengku Puteri.

She grew up fast under love and care of two loving royal parents. She has now become a beautiful princess under Puan Kutu’s supervision for the past 23 years. She learnt courtesy and yet has become an intelligent princess who is always in prim and proper.

Now, Tengku Puteri is a bride-to-be to a prince charming, Prince Aaron. 
Puan Kutu gave her a wedding gift in advance, an ancient mirror. It’s magic! Puan Kutu said, “It should be a magic mirror, if only you ask the right question”.

Every morning, Tengku Puteri cheerfully wakes up and say:

“Mirror, mirror from the ancient....
 who is the most beautiful girl to Prince Aaron?”

.....And always, the mirror will magically show her face on it. They will surely live happily ever after.......

****The End*****

Boring??!! Hehe...maaf ye. X de kena mengena ngn yang idup atau mati. Cerita dongeng semata2...Ninie minta maaf kalo nama sama ke ape ke...

“Contest ini adalah anjuran  Tengku Puteri & Puan kutu dan hadiah utama di taja oleh