5 Caricatures for Merah Itu Jambu

Yeay! Merah Itu Jambu chose My Cake!!It was a wonderful bright morning..... I woke up to see who's the winner for Merah Itu Jambu Cake Contest a month ago. I joined it here. And yet, today, there's my name on the list...the first name she wrote!!! Hooray!! Hihiks...thanks dear...

"You made my only day, you cherish my life ahead"...

However, I felt extremely guilty for Merah Itu Jambu that she has left messages time and again asking for her doodle.....but I simply overlooked....sbb ingat Merah gurau je. Doodle Merah lagi comel and class gitu.....

OMG! How cruel I was.... For heaven sake, I'm so sorry that the list is implacably long...hihiks. So your turn never came out...hehe. Betul2 ingat Merah bergurau.

But NOW is your TURN !!!! These are all for you!!!


  1. dear..awk buat sy senyum lebar-lebar sgt...sy amik semua dgn rakusnya...heheheh..thanks dear..nnt bg detail nk header atau doodle single tau..eeee sukanyaaa

  2. sy letak dekat doodle trade...terima kaish dear..love u

  3. You're welcome and thanks again dear....hihiks. Selamat Hari Lahir once again!

  4. wahhh....cutenye:)ni yang rasa macam nak doodle trade :)hehe

  5. Haip, haip! comelnya kek itu.

    Ninie, Hana buat satu entry untuk Ninie. Again, tq tau. ^_^