Doodle for Moon & Mr.Hubby

Special for Moon.....and her supportive husband.

**Regard this as a wedding gift from me (it's quite late though).

Dear Moon,
I love your picture together...

From the way you smile, I know there's happiness not in a mile...
From the way you glare, I know there's love with care....
Salam Ukhwah & Barakah

I am humbly presenting this doodle because you were asking for help...haha

My mother once said, "If we help someone, he or she will help us in return"....hehe. Nanti tolong masak ayam masak merah ek!! Ninie suka ayam!

So, Moon...I love you!


  1. wow!!! i'm just so happy... thanks so much this cute doodle... :)

  2. TQ Moon....welcome. i'm glad to make this for ya! You're such an adorable lady!

  3. wah moon pun dapat sweet ar ninie