2nd Doodle for Hazlan DreadLock + Tutorial

Hazlan Hatiku Baik requested for a doodle exactly like his fb profile picture (above, on your right).

Here it is !!!! =D Is it alright?

This was the 1st doodle made for Hazlan Hatiku Baik previously

TUTORIAL to draw a figure:

Choose a picture (real man or living thing).

Sketch the drawing....freely draw the body and the accessories. Then, focus on the angles and lines to shape a real picture of man, holding a guitar. Draw the head and hair precisely.

Draw the preferred line to clearly draw the doodle. Erase the unnecessary lines.

Double-draw the black-line using a sharp marker pen (0.6 cm). Scan and upload it into Adobe Photoshop. Alter it based on the chosen photo.

****You can try to draw anything you like following these steps....


  1. Thanks Izzar...Izzar pon bleh buat ni.

  2. wuuuu ...cun2 ...hehe ...thank ninie ")


  3. ninie... uwa... jeles2..... hang kreatif sgt... nak sign...

  4. ish ishhhh kretifnyaaa !!!
    berbayar ke ni ninie ?

  5. Ummi = Free sajer....isi masa lapang...org minta tolong, Ninie buat. Kalo yang berbayar, biasanya doodle utk kad kahwin n sebagainya. Kalu gini je, free la darling.... =) Ummi pon bleh wat ni.

  6. wat doodle umi pulak !!! nak!! :D heheheh
    nti umi lanje eskerim kat mydin...hee~