Caricature Miss Jconat

Special for Miss Jconat

A Letter for Miss Jconat:

Dear Miss Jconat...
The doodle is nothing, but...
is something to my heart.
The doodle you've asked,
is meaningless to others, but
it represents all what
I've made for your heart....

with love:

I was so busy to draw the doodle and scan it. So I just used what I already have in my black-line doodle files. Here. I used two characters, Alia and Mimot.

Since I didn't have a free-hair lady doodle, I had to transfer Alia's scarf (right) into hair. Eraser tool and brush tool were used. Erase all the scarf lines. Using black colour brush tool, barely draw the hair. And erase the rest of scarf.

I transfered Mimot's body (right) to Miss Jconat doodle. Cut and paste.
Erase the unnecessary lines. Here you go!!! The black-line doodle with your preferred hair is ready!!!
Then I colour the doodle using inlays. For the inlaying skills tutorial, you can find the tutorials on the experts' websites....hehe. Or maybe I'll teach you time.



  1. nice! mind making one for me?
    hee. kidding.


  2. Maicher = Surely don't mind darling....wait for your turn.

  3. pehh.. mmg expert! ninie, ada manyak menda aku nak pelajari dari hang... gua baru berjinak2 kat cs5 ni.. skg nih dah pandai sikit2.. cuma tak reti la nak main kat pen tool tu...

  4. Syahiroo...Ninie pakai Adobe Photoshop biasa je ni, AP CS5 Ninie dh corrupt, malas nk install baru. Sama je...cuma CS5 teramatlah senang lg nk guna. Nanti Ninie ajar..hehe. Ninie dulu degree mmg ada subjek khas utk adobe photoshop, wat video guna sony vegas. Nati kiter ajak ek!

  5. Ninie nak sponsor doodles eehh,,,

    Thanks sangat...Terima kasih ya...
    Boleh bagi details lagi....Aishah nak post dalam entri Ga pasal hadiah yg Ninie nak sponsor

  6. c0ml la doodle2 nih....=)..cmne ek nk bt doodle nih....