Doodle for Max*Bubble

Special for Max*Bubble
**I love bubble tea too....kita geng!!

This is her request:

With that, I created a poem for you as well!!!

A Love Note for Max:

Dear Max*Bubble,
This Bubble tea...
links you and me....
bubbly, creamy and tasty....

The tea that you slurp...
tells me that you are superb...
Another cup.... So sweet
Another gulp... Too tick
For me a cup... Oh Please!!

With love:

Shahrul Nizam, CTK, Miss Jconat & Hatikubaik....I'll finish yours next.
Be patient okay!


  1. rajin buat doodle ekk? hoho
    tutorial tu da siap.
    baca kat sini.

  2. Waaahhh ! excitedd !
    hahaa , thanx Ninie ! You are so damn fast and furiousss !

    oh theres a poem too ! ^^,
    Sweeeeettt :D
    Ini paling advanced ! , okey , saya ameeekk :))