Doodle Exchange with Lady Jaja

This is special for Lady Jaja

I wish to exchange a doodle with The Creative Lady Jaja

This is Lady Jaja....a cute young lady with an uncommon thought!

A Honey Note for a Lady:

My Baby Jaja....
Yes, you are not an extraordinary lady
with luxury and prosperity
Yes, you are only a common lady
with a lovely mummy and daddy
Yes, you are doing common things
with simple belongings
Yes, you see things like a blurry bee
with anxiety and curiosity
No, you are an amazing lady
with skills and ability
No, you are not a common lady
because you have a happy family
No, you have your wonderful dreams
which nobody can ever imagine
No, you do things like a cunning bee
with creativity and honesty

With love:


max*bubble said...

Ehh hebatnyeee , siap ade poemm ` *clapclap.
Can u make me one of ur doodle pleaseeee :)

lieynanilaz said...

both of you are creative..keep it up..:)

Ninie said...

Thanks max n lieyna.
max*bubble...boleh syg, ape slhnya. Wait for your turn ek..esok ke.

Lady Jaja said...

wahhh... thanks ninie... terharu pulak... hehe.. doodle ninie ade kat dalam lappy sy kat rumah... [ni guna akak punye] lagi dua tiga hari lagi saye balik rumah, saye balas taw... =)

Lady Jaja said...

ninie.... doodle untk awak... siap. sowi lambat ye... =)

Lady Jaja said...

eh, lupa nak bagi link. hehe...