DIY Magnetic Pacifier for a Baby Alive Doll

 I bought a cheap pacifier/soother (newborn size) at a local supermarket.

The price is RM5.90 (about GBP1.00 only).
*There are many more cute options at Poundland, I am sure.

 First of all, I cut the nipple into half of its original length.

 Then, a small magnet (taken from an old fridge magnet) was inserted.
I used my beloved Mr.Glue Gun to do the job.

Like this. Let the glue dry for a minute or two.


My niece couldn't be happier.
She uses this all the time, especially during feeding time.

In this picture, she is playing with a Baby Alive- Baby All Gone.
Her mouth is not magnetic, so doesn't react to this magnetic pacifier.

But it works well with the other BA dolls in my collection
such as BA Real Surprises Baby

and BA My Baby Alive

FYI, the other BA dolls which will react to this magnetic pacifier are
BA Learns to Potty, BA Snackin' Sara, BA My Real Baby
and many more with magnetic mouth.

If you are new to this doll, this magnetic pacifier
(or other magnetic doll accessories like spoon, water bottle etc.)
will trigger the sensor inside of the doll's mouth
hence 'sipping/sucking/licking' sound is produced.
Well, it depends on what type of BA you have.

This pacifier is also suitable for all open-wide-mouth Baby Alives,
even for the non-magnetic ones.

*I will upload my niece's pictures with the other dolls soon.

What do you think of this pacifier?

Bye now.

Segment : Awesome Blogger by Shahirah Lee


Hey guys...
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Feel free to visit Shafyqah's blog.
She loves writing about her life, which I love it.
Recently she wrote about PELITA RAYA.

I am soooo jealous!
It has been my dream (cheeewah) to have a few pelita
in front of my house this raya.
Actually I was at a supermarket just now to buy some stuff for raya.
Just imagine as I was carrying bags of groceries
after I'd done shopping,
I saw those PELITA RAYA just at the EXIT.
It was only RM2.30 each, in many colours.
It would be too troublesome to take those pelita and queue again at the cashier counter.
Ridiculous. It was a very long queue, of course.
Plus, I was carrying like at least 4 plastic bags of
disposable plates and tumblers....cordial bottles etc.
SO HEAVY already!!!
Plus, I parked my car about two blocks away from there. *Sigh*
So I left my dream pelita raya there....uhuk uhuk uhuk!
...with heavy steps....

I'LL BE BACK!!! hahahaha 


......and suddenly, it is June. 

We  have  nearly gone through half of the year.
I think if this was one of the essay questions
(e.g.: please write an essay which ends with this statement),
 I would probably had plenty of stuff to write...LOL. 
Yes, to write things that I didn't do.
Time that I have wasted.
and stuff I wish I could have done
before this very month arrived.

How time flies.... As they say,
Time is a villain..
Time is a thief.
Time is a friend to no man.
Time is money.
Time heals.
Time is.......many things!

This reminds me of a great movie.
I am a fan of  Alice Through The Looking Glass,
as  much as I love Alice in Wonderland.

If you would like to know more about this movie,
there is wonderful blog by  Danielle. Eskdale.

The movie teaches us a lot about TIME.
How valuable it is. valuable he is!

Image result for alice through the looking glass quotes time
Picture from:

Although I know I have loads of stuff to finish but too little time to catch up,
I have to put a little faith in myself.
I have passed the deadline though...LOL
No matter! It's alright.
Just keep going, I will get there!
The key is to believe that it is possible!

Image result for alice through the looking glass quotes time
Picture from:

So, let's have a little faith!
Shall we?


23rd April 2018 - 24th May 2018 

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My response:
I especially love the template of her blog, like honestly. It looks so simple without any excessive decorations which can distract my reading. Well, I bet my blog looks distracting sometimes...LOL. I don't really have anything 'I don't like' because it's all good. Even the writing is simply readable and sounds friendly to anyone. So she's got nothing to improve except 'do post more often' (talking to myself too....LOL). Go girl! Keep it up and be lovely as always. P/S: The pictures uploaded are always beautiful in this blog...ALWAYS. I am so jelly...ehehe. C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E

That's all from me...


DIY baby doll underwear from sock

Hi again.
As I was making a top for my nieces' baby doll,
I thought it needs an underwear
for this top can also become a dress...huhu.
Well, I will talk about that top dress next time.
As for now, let's enjoy the pictures below
to see how I made a decent underwear for this baby doll.

You need a sock. Adult sock. 

Flatten it like this before cutting.

Now we are making two small holes here......

like this. 

Then, try it on! (Not you, of course!)
The fabric will stretch, and that's good. 


Now you can make one your own!

Bye now!


Please click on the link below if you want to see other stuff I made for baby dolls.

2. DIY Baby doll trousers/pants 2nd Giveaway

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Sii Nurul

DIY new t-shirt for baby doll

I made a new shirt for one of my nieces' baby dolls.
This one is from Zapf Creation (used/second-hand)
which I bought at a charity shop
near my house while I was in the UK.
It was only GBP1.50 which is about RM10.00 in Malaysia.
It originally got a nice hoodie jacket and a pair of jeans.
Oh, and it was wearing a diaper back then.
Well, this doll has been well-played by my three nieces,
so yeah, the diaper is now missing.

So! I thought it needs new outfit.
I went to a supermarket (babies and toys department) and
bought this tiny pink t-shirt for newborns (below picture).
It is RM7.31...quite expensive for a tiny t-shirt! LOL

I altered it a bit because it was too long for a baby doll.
Oh, btw, this baby doll is 16 inches.

I sew the hem manually.
I don't know what hand-sewing technique I was using....
but it looks decent for kids LOL. No worries.

I made a pair of pants for it too
which I will talk about it in the next post.

What do you think?
It looks sloppy somehow, but is alright for kids to play...I suppose.

Bye now!


Where can you buy this baby doll in Malaysia?

Simply go to any 'kedai bundle' (shops that sell second-hand/used imported items).
They might sell it.
Check it online too, at carousell Malaysia, for example.
Simple search for 'baby doll' and it will lead you straight to many choices.
They sell this kind of baby dolls for only RM10-25 each.
I bought a lot from an instagram account owner called @gerobokmainan.
This seller is highly recommended.

Good Luck!