Washing Baby Alive Curly Hair

Bagaimanakah cara untuk mencuci rambut patung Baby Alive yang jenis kerinting?

If your little angel loves to play with a doll, its hair will get frizzy over time.
...and it gets frizzier and crazier if you don't wash it regularly.

This is how I restore Baby Alive's curly hair.
It is so easy.
The example given today is Baby Alive -My Baby Alive 2010.

I usually use any type of shampoo and conditioner which I can get in the bathroom.
Wash the doll's hair as if you are washing a baby's hair.
Yes...with great and gentle care especially when you are washing a battery-operated doll.
 You must remove all the batteries before hand.
After washing, rinse the hair well with water. 

For good results, you can soak its hair in
about 2 cups of water with 1 cup of fabric softener.
Leave it for about 1 hour or more. 

Then, you can dry the hair using a towel.
Beware that a lot of water will technically get into the doll's head,
through the threading holes on her head.
Make sure to always hold the doll upside down. Always!
You can also tie its legs and hang it anywhere high (upside down of course) to let it dry.
This sounds scary but it works.
This is to let the water slowly drip through the holes where it comes from.
Well, you don't want to let the water get into the speaker inside the doll's body.
So, please be careful.

After everything looks dry inside and out,
comb the doll's hair...gently but with loads of efforts.
The hair will stuck many times. Yup, annoying.

But....worth it.

Finally, use a marker pen or anything similar to roll the hair.
It is like magic! Simply roll some and it becomes curly.
You don't even need to use the curling tools.

Isn't it adorable???? 

For your information, you can follow these steps
to wash other Baby Alive dolls' hair too....
especially BA Real Surprises Baby 2006 (soft-face)
because her hair is kind of curly too.



  1. My girl got a fews of this doll n never been wash before 😊

    1. washing doll hair can be quite tedious. I rarely wash their hair too. only when necessary. LOL