Suitable Diapers for Baby Alive Dolls

Maintaining a Baby Alive play for your little ones
can be quite pricey.
People are asking about the diapers I use
for those Baby Alive dolls.

I don't use the original BA doll diapers
which normally will cost you about RM30 for 5 pieces.
I am using the real diapers for real babies instead.
These are much cheaper.
I got mine at RM15 for 24 pieces!
The brand is Drypers - Wee Wee Dry.

I simply bought mine at a superstore.
The size is for newborns.
This size fits perfect for most of my BA dolls....

even for the medium-size doll like
Baby Alive Baby All Gone,
which is the example I am showing you now.

This actual diaper is awesome because
it does not leak at all!!!
Your little kids can feed their dolls as much food as they want!
It has super-high absorbency, I guess.
Well is made for the living ones...LOL.

Drypers for newborns will fit perfect for the bigger size dolls
like BA My Baby Alive and BA Real Surprises.

If your dolls are smaller than these, you might have to buy
diapers for premature babies.
It's not available anywhere usual....
but you can simply get it online.
The price is about RM25 for 25 pieces.

Well, if you don't have a very tight budget or your little ones
do not really play with these dolls much,
you can use the original Baby Alive diapers!
It looks like this.

So what do you think?

Suitable potty for Baby Alive and other dolls

I simply bought a real baby potty at a local supermarket
for RM11.90 (about GBP2.00).
Actually, you can get similar item for only RM4.50 online.
I saw it once on Shopee.

I think this potty works well for big baby dolls
such as Baby Alive, Baby Born, Cititoy, Annabell etc.

Although it is bigger than the doll potty sold at toys store,
this one works better for my younger nieces, in my opinion.
The doll will be slightly laying down, a bit,
instead of sitting on it.
This makes it easy for feeding.
It can easily pee-pee and poo-poo while feeding,
without making so much mess.
Plus, we can save the diaper! LOL

It suits any Baby Alive dolls of different sizes!

What do you think?

SEGMEN Tambah Duit Dengan Kerja PARTIME Dari EJULZ

Deadline: 31 JULY 2018

Hey guys! Let's join this awesome segment, organised by EJULZ. The prizes are really fantastic too. I hope I will get one of the prizes especially that instant scarf.

The rules are simple. You need to:

1. Follow -- blog Ejulz / Aerill Hassan / ShirVen / Shafyqah
2. Follow -- Instagram Ejulz / Aerill Hassan / ShirVen / Shafyqah
4. Create an entry entitled “SEGMEN Tambah Duit Dengan Kerja PARTIME Dari EJULZ”
5. Paste its official banner.
6. Inform readers about your part-time job if any, or the one you're willing to do.
7. Leave a comment.
8. Open to all Malaysians.

*****************************GOOD LUCK**********************************

EASY right? I have fulfilled all above except for No.2 and 3 for I don't own an IG account and am not active at FB at all. So, I hope it is fine.

I don't have any part-time job. I won't say blogging as my part-time job because my blog is not profitable which I don't get any financial rewards from it. BUT, I am selling and buying collectibles since many many years ago. I'm doing craft stuff too and make pillows and plush toys for people. Sometimes, I help people looking for goods too. Oh FYI, I am a collector/hobbyist. I collects discontinued dolls, Disney figurines, Disney Pandora charms, old coins and bill notes from various countries, vintage furniture, exclusive handbags and many other stuff. So, maybe one day, I'll make it as my part-time job to sell those stuff. Who knows! hahahahaha

Bye now!

DIY Denim Legging for Baby Dolls- Handsewn

This type of legging is suitable for any baby dolls including Baby Alive, Baby Born,
You & Me, Cititoy and many more.

These are the stuff I used.
First, I downloaded a template design by my favourite sewing guru
on her YouTube channel called Lelesdesigns.
Please watch the video if you want to know more.
You can visit the channel too for the printable design.

Since I was making a legging for this tall Cititoy doll,
I used the 16" template.

I simply use this brilliant template to cut the cloth.

I also made another one for a medium-size Baby Alive
which only needed the 12" template.

 I folded both legs like this....and pinned all the edges which I wanted to hand-sew.

After I had done sewing the chosen edges (shown in the above picture),
I took one leg and pull it inside out.
The one with the dark blue colour was inserted into
the other one, the light blue leg.
(You can understand better by studying the picture below)

Then, I attached both legs like this and pinned them before sewing.

...and they are done!

I didn't use the tape because the pants fit the doll perfectly without it.

The fabric is stretchable so the doll can stand and sit freely.   

What do you think?

 I will write about the top/mini dress I made for this doll,
the one it's wearing.
I used a template design from Lelesdesigns too.

Bye now!