Bye-bye 2011, Welcome 2012

I wish I had a blessed year last time, and hope for a blissful year tomorrow!

Good Luck everybody!!!

Doodle Girl for Nanie

Doodle for 4 Girls

Hope you like it, Wanie....
 Stay cute and healthy ya!!

Hope you like it, Fadzsya....
Thanks for requesting

Hope you like it, Miss RieRie....
Thanks for requesting 

Hope you like it, Erin....
Thanks for requesting

Doodle for Mizz Erma

Special for Mizz Erma and Spouse

Doodle - Girl in Gown

Special for Scarlett O'Hara
Hope you like it, dear....

A Heart Pillow for Cute Mum

 A month ago, I sponsored a contest by Aishah. The winner for the prize I sponsor is Cute Mum

Since the winner is a mother, I changed the prize to suit her name.
I made something even more suitable for her.

Using felt cloth, I sewed her name on it....

As an additional gift, I'll give her a Smurfette key-chain...

I will post these to you soon enough. I had posted the prize using Pos Express Box RM7 last week, but Pos Malaysia returned the parcel back to me. So I have to post it again using Pos Laju.
Wait for it ya!

Same goes to Alif Sufian's prize. I was using  Pos Express Box RM4.50 and it was returned. I will post it again using Pos Laju. Don't worry ya!

It's my birthday, again....

23 December 2011...would it be eventually special?

These are the 5 things I presented to my dream, of course.


More Smurfs


Whoever wants to give me these? Anybody???!! hehehe....
Since this is an auto-post, I shall wait for a miracle on my birthday..hehe

Smurf World #6: Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurf Village. He is the only Smurf who wears red pants and hat. Papa Smurf is a 540-year-old great wizard who always sees the future in order to keep the other Smurfs from danger, especially Gargamel The Cruel Wizard. Papa Smurf is always busy with his magical spells and potions in his laboratory mushroom house.

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The Making of Cupcake Bouquet

 I have posted an entry about Rose Cupcake Bouquet before....they ask me how to do it.

I didn't know because I haven't tried to make one yet...but I just googled...haha.
Now, I know!

These are the simplified steps in making a rose cupcake bouquet....
I wish I had time to try this....

Picture: Flickriver Sandra (socake)

So, it will turn out somehow like this....

Happy Trying...

Rose Cupcakes

I think this rose cupcake bouquet is very nice as a corporate gift. It looks elegant.
Well, it's suitable to be a wedding gift too... I think, it doesn't cost much.

These are more inspiring patterns.....

White Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Cupcakes

Red Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Bouquet

I would like to try to make these rose cupcakes in the future. Oh, dear me... If only I got plenty of spare time.... Well, why don't YOU try!!!??

I hope this information might inspire you in future endeavor...
....or...when in need perhaps...haha

Pictures: Google

Ketupat Sotong

Yummy!!! Home-made...mummy-made.
You should taste it! I miss it very much...wonderfully tasty!
It is a traditional food. The squids with sticky rice filling, in sweet sauce.
You should try some! =)

Smurf World #5: Brainy

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Gedix Doodle Doll for Alif Sufian

  A month ago, I sponsored a contest by Aishah. The winner for one of the prizes I sponsor is Pen Merah - Alif Sufian. 

Alif Sufian, are you Pen Merah? I don't know what to draw because you have no identity. If I'm wrong, kindly email me I can make another doodle doll for you.

I will post this doodle to you soon enough. I had posted the prize using Pos Express Box RM4.50 last week, but Pos Malaysia returned the parcel back to me. So I have to post it again using Pos Laju.
Wait for it ya!

Baby Doodle for Phat

Special for Phat and wife

Note to Phat:
Haha...I promised to make this doodle since weeks ago...sorry ya!!!
So busy....but I never forgot what I said! Hahaha....
Hope you like it!
I wish all happiness to Syaza Sofia...
InsyaAllah she will become a very cute little kind girl!

Wedding Idea: Wishing Tree VS Guest Book

My friend has been asking me about the most suitable guest book for her upcoming wedding. As I've volunteered myself to help, I had to do some research on this matter..hahaha.

Well, I suggest a Wishing Tree instead..... It looks stunning in certain ways...

A Wishing Tree shall be more memorable and relevant to keep for the rest of our live.
 It is soooo unique to let every guest to write a wish (ucapan) on a paper for the brides.
Then, the paper is hung on any branch of an artificial tree... Wow!!!

 We can prepare the cards ourselves....

 This one is so beautiful!

 Well, it can be placed on every dining table...
But, you may need a lot of wishing trees....haha

If you are not using a wishing tree, you might love this guest book!!!
It's quite a fascinating guest book....with envelops inside. The guests will write on the card and put it inside the envelop. That's cool!

This is another example.....just use the cards and put them in a bowl. Wow! Cool!
This method is easier...if you are out of time to prepare.

I hope this entry might inspire you in certain ways! Love you all!

Wishing Tree is NOT a Wish Tree. A wish tree is for religious purposes, and a particular real tree is used!!! People hang written notes of their wishes, hoping that their GOD will fulfill what they are wishing for. On the other hand, wishing tree is a tree where visitors/guests of a particular event/ceremony can hang their written notes, as memos for certain people that may the event/ceremony may concern.

Pictures: Google

Smurf World #4: Jokey

 Jokey Smurf
 Jokey is one of the characters in The Smurf series, comics and movie. Jokey is commonly seen with his exploding giftbox. He laughs a lot. He loves to play around with the other smurfs. His well-known pranks always bring laughter to others.
Jokey appears like the other common Smurf but is always holding a yellow giftbox. So, to make Jokey, you can use a common Smurf (without accessories), which you can buy him at any plush stores for approximately RM18.00 to RM10.00.

All we need to do is making a giftbox. That's all!

 Cut three pieces of yellow felt cloth to create a cube box.
Imagine you are making a box, that's all.
 Sew the edges neatly.
 Flip the box outside-in. Then, fill in the pillow fiber.
 Use a piece of straight-cut felt cloth to make a ribbon.

Here he is!!!
Jokey Smurf is ready to give surprise!

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Gutsy Smurf

Smurf World #3: Smurfette

Meet my Smurfette!
She was the first female Smurf in Smurf Village.
Then, Sassette Smurfling was created by the other Smurflings to serve Smurfette.

I bought Smurfette for RM18.00 at Pasar Tani Shah Alam. However, I was not satisfied with her eyes, too small.
 Smurfette should have two big cutey-eyes so she would look beautifully pretty!
Plus, Smurfette originally should have amazing blonde hair.

So, I created her custom-made eyes so she would become cuter, somehow. I used white and black felt cloth to make the eyes.
Next, I cut some yellow felt cloth to add Smurfette some hair.

So, here she comes!!!!
This is the transformation of my dearly Smurfette!

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