Effy's Engagement: Simple but memorable

Pinkish purple was the main theme....
I was told that Effy (my lovely sweet friend) made all the engagement gifts and the setting herself.

 I simply love her handy-flowers. Oh, dear! Beautiful! The roses bouquet was surprisingly presented by her man on that wonderful day.

She's a heavenly pretty girl....the shot is nice too!

 This shot is a piece of art!!

Her house itself is beautiful...they didn't have to go far to take photographs.

I wish you all happiness that will never fade....
I hope this can inspire you a bit in preparing your brightest day!


  1. ish ish..masyaALLAH.simple but meaningful..like it

  2. boleh tahan cantik :)
    muka manis

  3. wahhhh sangat simple but nice :)

    cik ana