Smurf World #3: Smurfette

Meet my Smurfette!
She was the first female Smurf in Smurf Village.
Then, Sassette Smurfling was created by the other Smurflings to serve Smurfette.

I bought Smurfette for RM18.00 at Pasar Tani Shah Alam. However, I was not satisfied with her eyes, too small.
 Smurfette should have two big cutey-eyes so she would look beautifully pretty!
Plus, Smurfette originally should have amazing blonde hair.

So, I created her custom-made eyes so she would become cuter, somehow. I used white and black felt cloth to make the eyes.
Next, I cut some yellow felt cloth to add Smurfette some hair.

So, here she comes!!!!
This is the transformation of my dearly Smurfette!

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  1. ait.. terer cik ninie kita ni edit mata.. Ohsem gitu~

  2. Ada pon syahiroo!! Lama tul syiro x update blog ek...

  3. hi ninie =)

    rajinnyaaaaaa buat smurf ni! siap jait2 felt failed la bab2 jait menjait ni