Tarzan months!!!!

3/11/09 Tuesday
What a hectic life....... Yes, October and November are two Tarzan months! I feel like living in a black forest! It's more delicious than black forest cake. Who says living in a jungle is peaceful? Tell me! Who?! If it is, how can I similarize my life lately like Tarzan? Dear bloggers........don't you think living in a jungle causes you a lot more breathless days? Yes, there are snakes, lion, babi hutan, and the craziest one is hantu rimau! Those are creatures on the ground! So, you have to swing from branches to branches, otherwise you can run if you want to. But the thing is, that's why living in a city is more beneficial. You don't see those creatures creeping around your two legs. You may wear crocodile as a shirt, and a pair of crocs.....but if you are in a jungle....haha...you may see yourself in a crocodile's mouth! I'm sorry...NOT 'you may see yourself'....but I WILL SURELY SEE YOU in an iguana's belly.

Time flies as fast as Astroboy. I don't know whether I myself have made my life fast. But, if I'm not mistaken, my lecturers made my life swinging from a branch to another branch. I'm a Tarzan now, NO! Jane, maybe...haha!

I'm now in final examination weeks. At the same time, there several assignments should be submitted. Oh, dear! One of the assignments is WEB-folio.....we are developing our own web-page. Nevermind! We are crying now....but 'those who laugh at last, laugh the loudest'. There's a Malay saying: Berakit-rakit dahulu ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian, bersakit-sakit dahulu, last-last aku yang kesian.... Well...I'll survive. Another one is developing our own CD to teach Parts of Speech. We made it! Thanks to other team members! Your great cooperation has given me a big smile....Thanks! This is the cover of our instructional CD. Sorry for cursing everybody into several sea creatures.

The Lost World of Puncak Alam

Yes, I have another story to share. What a beautiful morning it was.....until I ruined it! It happened last Sunday...as I went to PTAR1 (UiTM Library) with my classmate, Hasinah. As we have studied for hours, I wanted to go home early. I told Hasinah, I would go first and see her the next day in class. Alright! That was her word.
I walked to the nearest bus stop (Seroja Bus Stop) and waited for a bus...Rapid KL, hopefully. But there was none! I felt like walking home. My apartment was just a stone throw away....seriously! Not a stone. It can also be sandal or shoe as I was really mad waiting for ages. I should have walked home, but....I was so lazy to walk.... After an hour of crazily waiting.....here the bus came! But, it was Puncak Perdana Bus, belongs to UiTM. Well, as the bus would use the same way as to my house, I got into the bus! Why not? It's not wrong to carpool...or buspool...or...busfool....
Dear me! It was not UiTM Puncak Perdana bus....Aiyop! It used totally different roads. It was heading to UiTM Puncak Alam!
"What? 2 hours ahead to reach that bloody place! What am I going to do there? I have not been there! What a sengal day!"
The thing was, I could not tell the bus driver to stop. I was too afraid if I was dropped at any strange place.
Oh, dear! Well, I deserved it! There is a Malay saying "Malu bertanya sesat jalan". Yes, we should ask people for things we don't know.
Haha.....I ended up visiting my sisters's friend at UiTM Puncak Alam. It became a very interesting experience as I could know a new place. I took the same bus at 5.00 p.m. at arrived home (Shah Alam) at nearly 7.00 p.m....
What a great journey....

Another Story to Tell....

19/10/09 Monday
Everyday in my life is a story. The genre, however, is divided into many modes. They can be silent mode, malu mode, sengal mode and many more! Sometimes they are even jokes, I don't know why I have so much stories to tell....but I wonder why I don't have enough time to write....Oh, poor me!
The story begins......Enjoy it!
Yesterday, 19th of October 2009, I had an assessment for Professional Communication class. Well, it ran smoothly...it was an interview. We have had teleconferencing, meetings and many more. Never mind! It's not the story.....
I was the first candidate, so that I could go home early. I didn't go back home straight away, but heading to Plaza Alam Sentral for a while. Nearly 12 p.m., I was home. As I felt bombastically tired, the saporific feelings dropped on my two eyes, influenceing me to shut them up. Okay, so I did.
It was nearly 4 p.m already! Poor me! I quickly ran to perform Zohor prayer. Oh, My God.... Asar time is coming already.... Well, I accidentally prayed late......
Then, I felt so itchy and had to take a pleasant bath. Yes, I did! At the same time, I washed my white shirt (which I wore during the interview assessment), an inner singlet and a pink pyjama shirt. As I washed it myself, I had to dry them manually using the washing machine spinner. Alright!
So, I walked to a chamber-like balcony of my house. It is a place where the washing machine is located. Alright! I opened its door and entered the chamber. You know, the chamber is a sort of balcony. There are millions of holes (each hole is very big!) so everybody who are passing by can see whoever in the chamber. Well, every house in my apartment has that chamber....to locate the washing machine and to hang clothes or whatever.
Back to the real story...... As I entered the chamber, I put my clothes into the spinner. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang! I turn left. Nothing bad! Haha...it was just the door! As I did not close it, it closed itself when the wind fiercely blew....even if it blew softly. Then, I switched the fuse on, and turn the spinner button into number 3. Well done, Ninie! I must go out from the chamber as I didn't not fully or properly dress...... I didn't even cover my head. Yeah...it was 4.30 p.m, nobody passing by. But, I still had to properly attire and I would come back here to take all the clothes after it stops spinning. And so, as the door was closed by the kind wind just now, I had to open it again....Okay, I twisted the door knob.
Twisted? How could I use past tense? I could NOT have even twisted it! I was locked! The knob stuck! Oh. My Goodness!!!!! I was entrapped!!!
Nobody was at home, I knew that. Except for Kak Ain, she was deadly sleeping in her room. I felt like screaming, calling Kak Ain's name. But, if I did so, there must be the whole apartment, neighbours and the cleaners would come and watch me. What? NO...NO...NO! what a shame! I didn't want people to know I was in the chamber....I mean, people who were passing by..... Oh, dear! I tried many ways to escape, but I could not. Do you know why? There are no ways to go out, except that only terrible door!!!!! Be patient......yes, I would. On top, there is a window linking to the toilet. I would dare to climb and sneaked into! Oh, dear! If only I could. The window is even more awful! I could only open it a little bit! How could I get through? Tell me! Of course I could not! I did not know how many hours I had spent trying to be out of that scary place......filthy, dirty and horrible!
I knew, it had been hours already. Praying to dearly ALLAH SWT, I hoped Kak Ain would wake up and go to the kitchen. The chamber is located next to the kitchen. At least, I could knock and knock the door, so that she would notice me! This door is bugaboo!!! But, it was just a dream within a dream.............I sat on my pail, on its bottom. I turned it top-down. By the way, I had to wear all clothes I had spinned. I used my singlet to be the scaft (kain tudung). I sat at the very corner of the chamber, dark side, so that NObody could see me. I rather wanted to wait for my other housemates to come back.
Oh, dear! It was getting dark. I could see people passing by, but I was too shy to stop one of them...... There were only guys. Girls were walking like running, how could I ask them a favour? Otherwise, they wouldn't stop, I'm sure. They would think I was a ghost!!! Yes, the chamber is dark. Oh, dear!!!!
I could hear the sound of azan.....mosquitoes had bitten my legs..... I was still sitting on my red pail, on its bottom, which I turn it another way around. I put a small dirty towel found, on it so it would comfort my seat.......My white shirt, pyjama and singlet had accidentally dried already....because I wore them.
Suddenly, I felt so frustrated. My roommates did not turn up. Usually, they would arrive around 7 o'clock. I knew it was already 7 because I heard the azan from the masjid nearby. Well, I left everything to God. If K.Izah did not come back from work, if Najibah did not come back from class and if Kak Ain did not wake up her wonderful sleep......I would rather wait until the next morning. I did not want to shout and call the entire neighbourhood. No!
As soon as I felt sleepy, I could hear the jiggling sound of dancing keys. I threw my eyes out. It was Najibah, my roommate!!!! Alhamdulillah! God had saved me. But it was not the end yet!!!!
I stood up and said, "Jib, hurry up!" Then, she looked at me. I said again, "Jib, open!". Then she entered the house. But, I wondered why she did not open this chamber door!!! I wanted to go out! I was entrapped here almost 3 hours. Then, I whispered, "Jib, open this door!"
She then opened the door. I hugged her and wanted to cry. I was too happy actually. I asked her, "why didn't you open this door straight away?"..... Actually, she did not understand what I mean. She thought I was not locked inside....huhu....
I am free!!!!! Hurray!!!!!
Then, 5 minutes after that...K.Ain woke up. Oh,dear!!!! How could you! Whatever! As long as I am free now...it's okay...Haha...
The End...

Wonderful Night!

Malam Sejuta Bintang......
(Night of A Million Stars)
16/10/2009 Friday Night 8.00-11.30p.m.
It was organised by Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar & Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti, Academy of Language Studies. The dinner was held at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam. It is a luxurious hotel. Well, thanks to UiTM and APB for paying all these! This dinner was held to appreciate all graduates, pre-graduates (Part6), Dean's Award students and SAF athletes. One of the other objectives was to give Dean's Award to the students who got 3.5 and above.
But the most important thing is the golden experiences and delicious moments that we have gained a lot.....Love you friends!

Tengkolok.....We are the Kings of the night!
Kanak-kanak sihat! (The healthy kids)

Faten & Ida

Happy faces.....although this is only a half-way journey

Kak Farha, Madam Noraini, Dr.O, me, Ema, Masitah...

Acknowledgement: Nurul Ain Jannah was supposed to attend this dinner too, but she was not here for some circumstances.

I realize something about HUD.....

Sunday 13th of September 2009 9.28 a.m
As I was digging back my Asasi TESL Melaka pictures on my beloved laptop, I notice something I’ve disregarded a long time ago. Silly on me! Supposedly, I could have classified about each of my Asasi TESL friends throughout their crazy photogenic postures since years ago! Well, today’s post, I want to start commenting on HUD @ Hudy Lauruce as he is, sadly, the lowest profile guy in every picture! I know this is not his intention at all. But, talking about height, of course we accidentally forced HUD to stand at the very back of us whenever we took pictures! Poor HUD…..

We are sorry! Obviously, you have the smallest head in every picture, which everyone else could have chances to show their “tahi gigi”. Poor dearly Hood… These are pictures (Asasi TESL Melaka: July 2007 – May 2008) that can be the evidences why I say HUD has the lowest profile among us…he3. He was always smiling at the end of the planet…he could be in Mars or Venus.

Le Tour De Buka Puasa....

What is Ramadhan to you?

Is it as meaningful as it is to me? I hope it really is, even more to you. I am so glad that I have you guys (friends) here. Although I am apart from my family, this Ramadhan becomes more and more fantastic than it used to be with own my family at my hometown. Shah Alam, this is the place where I link myself to the world. Majlis Berbuka Puasa is everywhere to attend, informally or formally. I mean, we have been creating more and more breaking fast ceremony unintentionally amongst us. Thanks for making my Ramadhan alive, without my family at my hometown! This Ramadhan is the best Ramadhan ever, as it is the first time fasting as a real UiTM Main Campus student. Isn’t it lovely? These are the list of Breaking Fast Ceremony amongst friends that I enjoyed so much.

FIRST Tour: 29/08/09
Destination: Section Seven restaurant
People involved: My cousins (Yan, Kak Dina and Kak Ida) and I.

SECOND Tour: 31/08/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Alia, Toon and I.

THIRD Tour: 4/9/09
Destination: Dr.O and Madam Noraini’s house
People involved: LGB3A, LGB3B, Part 2 Students and Part 4 Students.

FOURTH Tour: 5/9/09
Destination: Hasinah and Masitah’s house
People involved: C-Nah, Kak Ita, Kak Ain and I.

FIFTH Tour: 6/9/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Ida, Jib and I.

SIXTH Tour: 10/9/09
Destination: My house
People involved: Kak Hanis, Kak Farha, C-Nah, Kak Ita, Kak Shima, Faten and I.

I've A lot to Tell You, But A few Time to Spend!

These are some pictures during Breaking Fast Ceremony at Dr.O and Mdm. Noraini's house at Crystal Road Section 7 on 4th of September 2009, Friday evening.
My friends...English for Professional Communication Semester3

From left: Me, Alia and Kak Tira

At the Dinner table, outside the house...The foods are delicious!

Breaking fast at Section 7....

My cousin, Yan came here with his friend. First, he went to his only sister's apartment at Section 7, Kak Dina, and then headed to my apartment. They fetched me up exactly at 5.30 p.m. We had a walk in Jaya Jusco Klang for nothing. At 6.20 p.m, we moved to Section 7, finding a place to break fast.
We chose a Thailand restaurant (forgot the name), next to Pak Li Section 7. The foods were not so delicious but they looked appealing. Beafsteak, kerabu mangga, fried squids, Tempura prawns, mixed tom yam and some kuih-muih. I chose a glass of cold Nescafe. Others took carrot juices. It was RM58.... Well, the price was reasonable enough since we were 4 all together. This time, it was Yan's treat.
Then, they came to my house...to perform Maghrib prayer. Luckily, there was only Jib (my beloved roommate) at home. The other 5 housemates went home already for National Day holidays. Thanks for allowing my cousins to come in, although we had to disturb your dinner!
Actually, that very short moment that we had spent together was more precious than having the foods...at least each of us could share the latest news about him/her. See you all next time! (Hopefully....)


A permanent memory to remember....(Hari Raya-1990)

Kak Dina is staying at Section 7, just a stone thrown away from my apartment. Her only sibling/youngest brother, Yan is coming here (Shah Alam) with his friend. They will fetch me up at 6.30 p.m. Well, long time no see!
See you both this evening!


28/08/2009 Friday 5.48p.m.
The JPA scholarship result has come out. I checked it out yesterday. Well, it's not on my side . I didn't get it. Allah SWT gives rezeki to HIS beloved creatures in many ways. If HE does not give us the rewards now, HE will surely give us something better and greater next time, which we ourself cannot imagine how, when, where and for what reason. If only we realize it, living in this world is also a huge rezki ever. Congcratulations to Kak Farha who has been offered the scholarship. For those who did not, don't take this as a barrier in study. Well, you are all very good students. It is just a game of fate. God has written our journey to be like this, so we can step onto a great level of maturity. Don't you think it is better than anything else? I will try to reapply. The due date is on 9th of September 2009.

MyKad Pelajar: 89122303****
Nama Penuh : ***** FADHLINI BINTI *******

Rayuan Permohonan dibuka sekarang sehingga 9 September 2009
Klik di link berikut untuk membuat Rayuan Biasiswa Tajaan JPA
Rayuan Biasiswa JPA
I believe in faith and God The Al-Mighty.
If it is written that it will be ours, it forever will. Good Luck, friends!


26/08/2009 Wednesday

I went to Bazaar Ramadhan PKNS after class this evening. Huh, the foods were extremely nice and appealing. I didn’t feel attracted at all with those foods actually. I lost my appetite looking at the hawkers…(I mean those who were not properly dressing well. I even wonder whether they have taken their bath or not!). Well, I ended up with buying foods that I’ve been craving for, since ages. These are the foods I bought! Don’t get jealous! I’ve finished all…

Satay...its peanut sauce is so hot!..

What a great Caramel Pudding, RM2 per piece...yummy!
And this chocolate moist cake (RM3) is still in the fridge...
I love this bahulu (RM3)! We don't really have it in Kelantan...not so famous as compared to Shah Alam. It's delicious....There are some more in my room.

I called my grandmother for a caramel pudding recipe so I can make it next time myself!
I love her caramel pudding so much! She's good at making desserts like cakes and jellies. Hmmm...maybe I should get her butter cake recipe too....

Caramel Pudding Recipe:

1) 8 eggs
2) 1 tin of dairy milk
3) 1 glass of fresh milk
4) 3/4 glass of water
5) 1 spoonful of vanilla essence
6) 1/2 cup of sugar

1) Blend everything (blender).
2) Steam for 1 hour....

Special Farewell to Lukmanul Hakim

He’s flying to Japan tonight, at 23:30, 26th of August 2009, as he has been offered to study there for one semester, basically to learn Japanese language. Amazing, right? As a friend, I was lucky to know the news right after he got the offer letter. If I am not mistaken, it was last semester, before the final examination week. The setting was in my classroom at Puncak Perdana. Hafiz, my classmate was also there. We were all assignment mates. Well, as you have to extend your study here for one semester, we will be your seniors then as soon as you come back next year! Hahaha…..

Happy flying! Behave well in Japan. Do bring Kelantan and Malaysia name to the world, especially to the most technological country that you will be arriving, Nippon, the land of the rising sun. Rise yourself as bright as the Japan sun, fresh and pure, creeping from a wide sea to brighten the world! Kitto Katsu…learn the Japanese language as well as their culture! Bring our beloved university name, Mara University of Technology Malaysia, Shah Alam.


26/08/2009 Wednesday 1:31 a.m.

Two assignment to be submitted tomorrow morning! First is a Summary of Chapter 1 to 5. Second is a big diagram, to present tomorrow for Oral Assessment...Chapter 6 and 7, plus Politeness Theory of Brown and Levinson. I've done both assignments! Hooray! I've been working on them since yesterday, and today for the whole day. But, I haven't prepared myself for the presentation yet. I mean, I am afraid I don't memorize the flow of my diagram.

Pity on me! Pity on others too.....well, together we strive for excellence!

These are the books used for this subject (Pragmatics), which is taught by ASSOC. PROF. DR. FATIMAH DINNA BINTI TAN SRI DATO MOHD. DIN . She is one of the most energetic lecturers I have ever met. She is at golden age already, but her strength and stamina are as powerful as Ultraman. Well, both assignments are also based on these two books, except for Brown & Levinson's Politeness Theory which I had to download the information from the World Wide Web.

Suddenly awakened by nature.....

25th of August 2009 Tuesday

I woke up at 3.30 a.m....I don't know what to do, since I'm not well enough. Pragmatics assignment: Summary? Oh, my dear!
I fall asleep last night. Without intentions. I am not feeling well this morning, since last night actually. I'm having a storming stomachache. Girls know what I mean.


For those who are reading this post this morning, please tell Associate Professor Dr. Cynthia that I'm not coming to Professional Communication class this morning and please tell her why, straight away. Just tell her I won't give her any MC because I'm not going to Pusat Kesihatan....yeah, it's normal right? Human nature.......

how can a sick person arise and walk, then even take a bus to Pusat Kesihatan or any other clinic?! Impossible....huhu.

Can anybody replace my designation as a chairperson for the second mock meeting today? It could be Kak Farha or anyone else in the group...please! :-)

My Simple Sahur Meal....

24/08/2009 Monday 5.10 a.m I woke up late, 4.30 a.m. Now, I continue doing my Cross-Cultural assignment. It must be passed up this morning, huhu..... I am eating macaroni with last night's soup. That's all! Do you want some? hehehe...

Big Ondeh-ondeh.....

Sunday 8.00 p.m. 23/08/09


Kak Ain bought me ondeh-ondeh at Bazaar Ramadhan Section 7, with Kak Tira.... I didn't want to follow them, I was too tired. My uncle, aunt and grandmother came just now,just for a while...they went back to the hotel they are staying at already. So I just asked Kak Ain to buy some ondeh-ondeh, RM2.
Plus two cups of dadih (milk flavoured jelly)...
I've been craving for ondeh-ondeh since yesterday...the first day of Ramadhan. Well, now I got it! But why is it so weird? So big! Aiya....what is this? Hahaha.... This is the biggest ondeh-ondeh I've ever seen. The diameter of each ondeh-ondeh is more than 5cm... Five pieces all together. Just imagine how terrible it looks..hahaha!
I sadly ate one...laughing, of course! ONe ondeh-ondeh was enough to full my mouth..... I hardly could feel the pleasant of 'manisan' inside. Manisan is the filling, sweet black syrup, made of nira liquid.
The taste was...TERRIBLE! I am afraid to say that. I wish I was in Kelantan right now. Kelantanese ondeh-ondeh is the best ever!

Wastefulness and Indulgence in Ramadhan....

23/08/09 Sunday 6.00 a.m.

Allah SWT said:

"Eat of the good things

We have provided

For your sustenance, but

Commit no excess therein,

Lest My Wrath should justly

Descend on you: and those

On whom descends My Wrath

Do perish indeed!"

(Surah Thaahaa: 81)

"....eat and drink, but waste not by excess. For Allah loves not the wasters".

(Al-A'raf: 31)

This morning, I have wasted my soup which I prepared yesterday evening. You know, I've talked about that bloody soup on the previous post. What a waste! Yesterday, my housemate cooked a lot of foods for breaking fast. I didn't touch my fried fish and soup. But just now, I finished the fish for Sahur.

BUT......I threw the soup.

For the sake of my health, I was afraid if I got cholera if I ate the soup. I think, it was basi (cannot eat anymore, because of the bad smell) already. My tounge hasn't touched it...seriously. Well, I wonder how would it be in the South Africa, Afghanistan, Gaza, Bosnia and the cronic Palestine in general. I am sorry......

"What did you eat for Sahur/Break-fast yesterday?"

If only I could give you food....

You are the heroes.....we cannot be like you. We don't have the spirit of living like you do.

Be patient...it is just a trial from God.

Well, how easily I say those words...but do I dare to think how hard you might consider my words? God blesses you....Keep on living!

My BUKA PUASA Meal....

Saturday 22/08/2009 4.30 p.m.
I've cooked my breaking-fast-meal already. Well, it is not that special.
A simple fried pomfret (Bawal fish) and a small pot of artificial seafood soup.
Into the soup, I put vegetables -cubes of carrots and sawi, of course. Plus, I used squid balls and filament sticks (crab flavoured) to give a taste of seafood meal. I used Kiub Pati Ayam Knorr as well, since I always see my mother use it in every of her soup. The most important ingredient I added was, my mother's sambal lodeh paste. She has prepared me many things. She knew, if she hasn't prepared me such things (instant ingredients), I would not cook at all. Well, it's good enough for a girl who does not have much experiences on cooking. Don't ask about the taste of my soup! I haven't tasted it yet since Maghrib is still 2 and a half hours ahead. Be patient! How do I know?
But, it would taste similar to a number of previous soups I made. Hasinah, Kak Ita, Kak Farha and Azwan have even tasted my soup. I've brought many times to class. You can ask how the terrible taste like from them.
Happy Breaking Fast....!!! :-)

RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK...here it comes!

Saturday 22/8/2009 6.15 a.m.
Sahur means taking supplement before puasa/fasting.
I woke up at 5.15 a.m. Oh, my dear! I forgot to set the alarm. Never mind! Life must go on...like what I always say..haha.
NIAT first!
"Nawaitu souma ghadeen, an ada_ei shahri Romadho_na, hazihis sanati lillah"
....I intentionally fast tomorrow, this year, in the name of ALLAH SWT....
I took my Koko Crunch and opened my Dutch Lady Milk.
That was enough, a bowl only. I went to brush my teeth then. After drinking two glasses of plain water, I declare that my puasa has started.
Kak Ain and Kak izzah, my housemates woke up at the same moment.
We just ate whatever we could, what a simple meal!
Jib, my roommate also ate only her Nestle Cornflakes.
Pity on us! Then I took a bath, and it was azan Subuh already. That means, we could not eat, drink or put anything into our mouths anymore....until the becoming Maghrib around 7 p.m.....

Hysteria_In My Neighbourhood.

Hysteria 21/08/09 Friday

It was 4.15 a.m. I was suddenly awakened by a sound. It was scary.

Yes, someone was screaming. It became louder and louder. I wonder why.
I switched on the light and sit upright on bed, listening and analyzing. LOUDER AND LOUDER!!! It was a girl’s voice, I knew. I woke Jib up (my roommate), she -then- rose. We could hear several other voices as well, some panic female voices and a guy’s voice. It was whether they were calming or accompanying. We did not know what the problem was.

“It’s a child birthing kot”, Jib said in a soporific face. Funny!
Malay translation: "Orang nak beranak kot...."

I tried to take her words into considerations, although I actually could not, at all. Thanks for calming me, at least. She continued hibernating. Well, I couldn’t go on sleeping. The environment of my apartment became extremely eerie at the moment. It was already 4.32 a.m.
4.36 a.m., she was still screaming. I didn’t know who. But, I think, it happened downstairs. The sound seemed very very very very close to my house, especially my room. I opened my laptop (which I didn’t switch it off last night), and wrote this post. I was ruffled.
Now, the scream seems a little bit further from my house. But still, it is just around the corridor. I do not know which one or where.

Now, it is 4.42 a.m. She is still screaming. Whoever can sleep at this moment with this scary sound?

Someone is at the living room!!! Who? I left my laptop –stop typing- and walked to my room door. I pulled the door knob and -suprisingly- there were three of my housemates already standing in front of the door, Kak Syira, Kak Ain and Kak Nadia.
We gathered at the kitchen-just now, which is next to my room, having a small discussion. All we could do were guessing, analyzing, being sympathy, and consoling each other.

I continue typing…..

Now, it is already 5.00 a.m. Supposedly, at this moment I would be in the kitchen, cooking either my breakfast or a meal to bring to class. But I am too scared to do so. The scream is still on and on, I don’t know when it will stop. Isn’t she exhausted? When will this end? I can’t sleep like this, wondering who she is, where she is, why she is screaming. Those questions could be also circulating in others’ heads, the neighbours. If only someone could stop her…………ALLAH knows best. This is the last day before we celebrate the coming of RAMADHAN. A pure month when all the devils and bad spirits are kept and tied. Alhamdulillah, welcome Ramadhan!

5.55 a.m.: She is still screaming, even louder. It is azan. She screams as she is in a great pain. I can hear the sound of scratching and beating the floor.

6.00 a.m.: The scream changes into a fierce voice. A sort of tiger sound..like “GGrrrrr”. It sounds scary! Believe it. Then, I quickly go praying Subuh.

6.44 a.m.: She is still uncontrollable. I am busy cooking. I can hear someone is reciting azan for her. God blesses you.

7.00 a.m.: Everybody goes on with their own life. Students are walking out to catch bus for classes. Workers are ready to fulfill their responsibilities. Others are moving their cars to work. Whether you are screaming or not, everybody has his own routine. Just like me. I’ve finished cooking fried rice, as what I always do every early morning. Life must go on. How can we help you? We are too scared to go out and find where you are. In fact, we are on our life duties. But, I think, she is quite calm now. The sun has switched on Shah Alam and switched her off. No more screaming.

I went out of my house for CTU class at 10 o'clock. It was suddenly cancelled. As I went home, I met one of my apartment security guards. I asked him about the screaming this early morning. He said, it was a hysteria scene. It happened at Level 3 of Block 2. Well, it is my block. The house might be just on top of my house, since my house is on Level 2. The security guard do not know much about the incident, he was not on duty at that time. Well, that is enough information already. ALLAH knows best!

"Good Luck" and "Thanks" day....

I had a very long journey today.....

After CTU class, I watched my friends practicing 'aerobic' for a challenge. Good Luck....it is led by Hafizah, my gorgeous class rep. Well, the movements and steps are so fantastically graceful. They will go into the real battle this Sunday morning. I'll be there as a loyal supporter.

Good Luck to:
Kak Fizah
Kak Farha
Kak Hanis
Kak Tira
Kak Alia
(who did not attend today's practice)
Kak Dahlia
Jaja Avon

We are behind you all!!!
Then I went to PTAR to see the Group-A-officers to validate my certification forms. Thank you to Miss Nor Azwani Mohamad, a nice librarian who did it for me. You are such a friendly girl..... Thanks for the information given. She told me where Pejabat Pendaftar is. I needed to go there. My cousin asked me to send a parcel there.

After that, I walked to Pos Malaysia counter at Menara SAAS. I had to put Latfi's parcel into the mailbox. Hahaha...I want to declare that Latfi joins a competition. If I am not mistaken, according to the address written on the parcel, it is Clorets competition (the mint sweet) or something like that. I can vividly remember he gave me his Clorets this morning, but I said I don't want sweets. Haha...I got you! Good Luck Latfi....he was such a typically responsible class rep last semester.
My next journey was just upstairs. Kak Farha asked me to send a parcel to Pejabat Pengurusan Konvokesyen. Alright! Actually, she also was asked by someone else. Well, it was not a big problem at all. A box was provided to put the parcel in. Done!
Next, I walked down the street, heading to Pejabat Pendaftar to settle my cousin's application. Alright! Done! The officer was kind enough. Thank you for the smooth service.
Then, I climbed up a thousand stairs, heading to Hal Ehwal Pelajar building. What an exhausting journey, but it was amazingly fun! I crossed the bridge and got the notice board. I saw my name there, for SLTP scholarship interview. It is Medsi interview, actually. Wish me luck!
20th of August 2009
4 - 4.30 p.m.
Panel A3
Thanks to Fatin 'Izzati...she told me about this earlier
and Hasinah too..
That was the last place I went. Oh, I was not! After that place, I climbed down the hill, getting PTAR2....which is here! I am now at Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak 2 UiTM Shah Alam. Where? The same corner where I always sit. :-)

Hardly saying "We are sorry!"??

I got cold and flu since a week ago....

So, I went to PK on 1/8/2009- Saturday.....to do a medical check. Nothing! It's neither Influenza H1N1 nor Dengue...the doctor said.

The story begins:

Just admit it...I don't mind....

Apology is the most precious thing that a person with a humble guilty should do.....

I went to PK this morning.....to change my medicine.

I am forgiving, of course, as a human being. I would understand, I would! If only you have said a special word, WE ARE SORRY. You don't have to state what your fault is....be pragmatic, yes I can accept that. But you did not. Huhuhu...this is not a good sign of an excellent service in a hospital...'should be a hospital'.

well, to be staright forward, I am talking about Pusat Kesihatan UiTM Shah Alam (PK). I went there on 1/8/2009. They gave me the out of date medicine, some pils....it is clearly stated on the plastic, GUNA SEBELUM 04 2009. Wow! I have taken two pils already! So?.......

My Parents Came I

11/8/09 Tuesday

My parents came to Shah Alam this evening, surprisingly. I knew that they were heading to Kuala Lumpur to join my cousin’s graduation day. I had a class that afternoon at 2. My father called me that he was on his way, but the only place he knows is Giant Section 13. He could not go further than that as he was worried if he could get lost. He requested me to meet him there. Oh, poor me! Well, for the sake of meeting my parents, why not?
I finished my Cross-Cultural Interactions class successfully, although I had been flying to Giant already, dreaming that I am hugging my parents. Oh, dear! I ran a little bit, catching the bus at the bus stop in front of Pusat Kesihatan UiTM Shah Alam.
To my astonishment, the UiTM bus which stopped in front of my classmates and I did not allow us to get into! Who does he think he is?! Hey! You are hired to fetch us, you know! What are you going to do with the space left in that bus? Bawa habuk or what? You are wasting UiTM’s money for useless petrol! Well, never mind! I couldn’t complain much because whatever speeches or khutbahs I delivered in front of my friends, the bloody-little-bus has gone already, passing us with great smoke! I believe in faith.
Then, I waited for another bus. “Here you come!” My beloved T603-Rapid KL arrived. I got into it quickly. Well, I got a seat – which I rarely come across this pleasant experience! It was 4.38 p.m already! My father sent a message, telling that he was at Giant Section 13 already. Oh, poor me! My journey just has begun.
I got Giant at 5.15 p.m. My father called me, mentioning that he was exactly at the ikan besar area. We were used to this area before. This is spot corner of Giant Section 13.
From a distance, I could see a man in T-shirt and a lady in pink blouse. Yes, they are my parents! Hahaha…...the end. What a boring story. I just want to make you wonder. That’s all for now!

My New Corner....

Si Faten and I..... (".)...tgh blurr...

This is my new corner...for now and onwards. As I left Puncak Perdana Campus, I realise that it is the best place of peace and freedom.... It is not as hectic as here. Living on top of the hill becomes my dream right now...although I have achieved this dream once...but I didn't appreciate it. Well, let bygones be bygones! Hello, Shah Alam Campus! I'm yours.

This is PTAR 2... Well, I'm grateful to be here in terms of facilities and technology..of course! The internet service here is not comparable to Puncak's. Internet connection at Puncak is the worst among the worst. I'm sorry....I'm not hurting anybody's feeling, am I? Hahaha...

Attention to all ex-ASASI TESL Melaka students

I got one hot and spicy news! Miss Mel is now my neighbour.... She lives at the ground floor at my 'pangsapuri' inShah Alam. My house is on top of hers! HAHA...but I still can't manage to say 'hi' yet. She is too busy, and so am I. Well, I will be visiting her later....as soon as possible. Maybe I can ask her to treat me at Pak Li, Section 7...hahaha....(hardly to reveal it)

I'm having a long break....

What a nice holiday I've been enjoying.....Nothing to do at home.

No academic books anymore to revise! Huh, campus life is hectic! I wish I was a baby, but this ridiculous dream is impossible indeed! Well, I miss you, friends! I miss my classroom at Puncak which I won't be able to see it anymore, unless on purpose. We'll move to UiTM Shah Alam, the main campus. Well, I'm going to dearly miss my bloody-room at Puncak Perdana Hostel! Here are some pictures of my paradise at Puncak!
"Welcome to my Pink World"

This is my beloved bed.... I've promised Saki to show this picture to her.
This is my corner...
I put my valuable things here! What things? Ha3...flowers and my books.
MY BED...was my regular place to study while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.
This also became my 'dining' slot. I had lunch and dinner here, on this bed...
This is the picture of my previous wardrobe....

It's a breathing life......

I know the person means me. I did not mean to give critiques on him/her. But, the other friend did, and he/she thought I did because I'm talkative. Anyway, I'm sorry. I doesn't hurt me because I adore you so much. I cry time and and again just because you left me far behind without glancing at me anymore....... I never meant to hurt you. And you never made me hurt. WHY?

because of FRIENDSHIPS.......


If one day God takes my breath, the only person I pray for success is you.........
You may hate me for any longer, but I will never vanish my beloved idol from my mind.....


30th of March 2009 Tuesday

Nippon-Land of the Rising Sun. This is the most interesting programme I have ever joined. It was handled by the final year students of Faculty of Information System. The programme was successfully done to be graded as their final project. Honestly, this is the best among all programmes that had been done previously many times at PTAR (library).

I have gained a lot of useful experiences to be stored permanently in my box of general knowledge. The programme was absolutely resourceful as now I know how to wear a kimono! I know how to make sushi! I know how to do some origami.

Actually, I was here on a day before the programme was held. I could see the crew members were setting up their stuff for today’s occasion. I could see how they dressed up some of the huge dolls with kimono (traditional Japanese dress) and yukata (kimono-like dress during summer). They said, “Tomorrow you can wear this yukata and we take your photo. You just need to pay RM2.00”. Therefore, I could not sleep for the whole night thinking about the yukata. I longed to wear it! I said to myself that I have to come early so that I don’t have to queue up waiting for my turn to take pictures in kimono. Well, I made a brilliant plan!

The day has come! For your information, I intentionally went out from Pronunciation class for a while (not so ‘a while’, it took about 30minutes…ha3) in order to join the programme downstairs, in the library. Yes, Puncak Perdana Library is the only multipurpose library that can be found in the entire world. If there is any occasion like this, they will be using this library as a hall and set up some booths.

Back to the story! I quickly got into the library and registered myself as a guest. Amazing! All the crew members were wearing kimono and yukata (for both men and women). They gave me a small box for locating brooches. It is so cute and dark red in colour. Well, I walked straight away to a corner for photography session. There were two girls there greeting me in kimonos. They asked me to write my name on a piece of paper and I paid them RM2.00. “Here is your yukata”, one of them helped me wearing the dress. This was my very first experience. Although it was only a yukata and not a kimono, I felt satisfied to be able wearing it. The two crew girls said they could not provide kimonos for this photography session because kimono is extremely expensive. So, they were only able to display some kimonos, but not to allow us to wear any. In fact, kimono and yukata are physically alike. Instead the cloth used is different. Hence, kimono is thicker as it is used during winter while yukata is used during summer.

They took my picture in yukata, and the background was a picture of sakura tree with blossoming flowers.

Then, I moved to the next booth. I played a game in which I had to guess one among three bowls, which contained an origami flower. So, I got it right! They gave me a goody gift. Thank you! Then I moved on to the next table. This time, I played catching as many fish as I could in 30 seconds. I suddenly asked a girl who was passing by to play with me. She agreed! We were given a tea filter each. I caught seven golden red fishes while the girl who played with me got four. So, I won a goody gift again! Thank you! After enjoying myself, I went back to my classroom. My classmates asked me where I have been. I simply whispered telling my experiences. Then, some of them suddenly went out without Dr. Azni’s concern. Don’t say that I have influenced my friends to play truant!

Well, this is another story happened during Nippon-Land of the Rising Sun programme. I came again in the evening. I just wanted to get some other goodies. I registered again, but this time, it was my friend’s name. Luckily I remembered all her details, haha! Sorry, Kak Farha. I have used your name to get goodies. Yes, they did give me different goodies. I got another activity coupon, a paper bag, a keychain and another small box for locating brooches. Thank you! I analysed all the booths and things shown there. I was so impressed.

Then, it was a demonstration of preparing sushi. They taught us how to make vegetable sushi. I haven’t thought that making sushi is as easy as ABC. This is the recipe of preparing sushi rice to make sushi. I asked one of the chefs there as I stood exactly in front of him.


1) Cook sushi rice (available at any supermarket, eg: Jaya Jusco) like cooking common rice
2) After it is cooked, leave it for 10 minutes before adding a mixture of sugar, vinegar and salt. How to do this mixture? It is easy. Use this measurement, 2:1:1. For example, boil 2 cups of vinegar, 1 cup of sugar and a cup of salt. Then, cool it for some times.
3) Lastly, add the mixture into the rice. Mix them well.
4) Leave the rice for a while so that it will be slightly soft and sticky. Done!

Okay, let’s continue the story! After a century waiting the sushi to be served, the chefs finally served the cute slices of sushi on the table in front of me. They did not put wasabi in the sushi. They took our eager faces first to put on their blog, so less pickles (kurang asam)!

Without any hesitation, I picked a slice of sushi and put into my watering mouth. It was deliciously killing me! I felt like at the end of my life! WASABI???!!! I have not tasted wasabi before! Thanks chefs! You made me literally crazy. I could not feel my nose at all. The fire was burning angrily in my throat and the smokes went slowly out from my nostrils.

There were drops of tears. I walked to the back table. Then the chef who taught us making sushi rice asked me, “how was it?” I honestly replied, “It was terrible. This wasabi is killing me!” Then he laughed out loud! He asked me to try the pickled ginger. Well, I did not trust him anymore. But he said the pickles can vanish the taste of wasabi. That is why wasabi is always served with some wet pickles. Then, he gave me a slice of wet pickled ginger. It looked like ‘kuah murtabak’, pink in colour with slices of ginger. I ate it, no choice!

Wow, what a relief! The taste of wasabi was suddenly wiped out of my tongue. What he said was true. However, I won’t like sushi anyway!!!!

Giant la......

26th of March 2009 Thursday

It is a pleasant day with a bright friendly sun. I went to PKNS with Toon after ISD class. We went there holding a simple aim to buy a movie. Actually, we are assigned to do an assignment on bilingualism. All we need is studying on a movie which has elements of bilingualism. That means there must be two languages used by some actors in the movie.
Firstly, we headed to nowhere. But then, we dropped at a shop that sells CDs. We straight away looked at some CDs there. The salesgirl was so warm. I know this girl as I always come here with my other friend. I already know she is like that, like a box of ‘basi’ Sunsweet. Sunsweet is even much sweeter. So, that salesgirl was like a box of ‘basi asam boy’. She smiled, but she was pretending. I could read her face. After searching and having a discussion with the salesgirl, we chose a VCD entitled Escape from Huang Shi.
Then, we moved to SACC Mall, I wanted to go to Giant Supermarket. At Giant, I did not know what to buy. Then, I bought a food container and a bed mattress. It is very nice! I could not manage to buy pink bed mattress.

Giant....this post is dedicated to Sakey UIA.

GIANT.......this is a place where I can leave my burdens. But, sometimes I change my direction to Pasar Tani at Section 13 behind Giant Hypermarket. I love this place. Lots of people are moving around, without stopping.

Well, it's fun to see many kinds of people. This is also a place to do some observations on how various people behave. In addition, there's a lot of things to feed me my eyes. Seriously, a myriad of foods there are absolutely appealing. I love nasi ayam goreng there (fried chicken with rice).

and pizza there is exteremly delicious! I'm going to die without that pizza once I go there! It is only RM2.50 per piece. It is enough to fill in the empty space of my belly. (I got a story about this pizza. I'll tell you later in the next post. I'm having a class right now.)

Honestly, some foods are costly....I only manage to glance at those foods via the edge of my two half-bubble eyes.

Well, everyday of my life gives me a story to share. Whether it is interesting or awful, I don't mind.

Words are emotions.
Words are expressions.
Words are evaluations.
Words are explanations.

Writing is exercising....