Suddenly awakened by nature.....

25th of August 2009 Tuesday

I woke up at 3.30 a.m....I don't know what to do, since I'm not well enough. Pragmatics assignment: Summary? Oh, my dear!
I fall asleep last night. Without intentions. I am not feeling well this morning, since last night actually. I'm having a storming stomachache. Girls know what I mean.


For those who are reading this post this morning, please tell Associate Professor Dr. Cynthia that I'm not coming to Professional Communication class this morning and please tell her why, straight away. Just tell her I won't give her any MC because I'm not going to Pusat Kesihatan....yeah, it's normal right? Human nature.......

how can a sick person arise and walk, then even take a bus to Pusat Kesihatan or any other clinic?! Impossible....huhu.

Can anybody replace my designation as a chairperson for the second mock meeting today? It could be Kak Farha or anyone else in the group...please! :-)

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