My BUKA PUASA Meal....

Saturday 22/08/2009 4.30 p.m.
I've cooked my breaking-fast-meal already. Well, it is not that special.
A simple fried pomfret (Bawal fish) and a small pot of artificial seafood soup.
Into the soup, I put vegetables -cubes of carrots and sawi, of course. Plus, I used squid balls and filament sticks (crab flavoured) to give a taste of seafood meal. I used Kiub Pati Ayam Knorr as well, since I always see my mother use it in every of her soup. The most important ingredient I added was, my mother's sambal lodeh paste. She has prepared me many things. She knew, if she hasn't prepared me such things (instant ingredients), I would not cook at all. Well, it's good enough for a girl who does not have much experiences on cooking. Don't ask about the taste of my soup! I haven't tasted it yet since Maghrib is still 2 and a half hours ahead. Be patient! How do I know?
But, it would taste similar to a number of previous soups I made. Hasinah, Kak Ita, Kak Farha and Azwan have even tasted my soup. I've brought many times to class. You can ask how the terrible taste like from them.
Happy Breaking Fast....!!! :-)

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