Hysteria_In My Neighbourhood.

Hysteria 21/08/09 Friday

It was 4.15 a.m. I was suddenly awakened by a sound. It was scary.

Yes, someone was screaming. It became louder and louder. I wonder why.
I switched on the light and sit upright on bed, listening and analyzing. LOUDER AND LOUDER!!! It was a girl’s voice, I knew. I woke Jib up (my roommate), she -then- rose. We could hear several other voices as well, some panic female voices and a guy’s voice. It was whether they were calming or accompanying. We did not know what the problem was.

“It’s a child birthing kot”, Jib said in a soporific face. Funny!
Malay translation: "Orang nak beranak kot...."

I tried to take her words into considerations, although I actually could not, at all. Thanks for calming me, at least. She continued hibernating. Well, I couldn’t go on sleeping. The environment of my apartment became extremely eerie at the moment. It was already 4.32 a.m.
4.36 a.m., she was still screaming. I didn’t know who. But, I think, it happened downstairs. The sound seemed very very very very close to my house, especially my room. I opened my laptop (which I didn’t switch it off last night), and wrote this post. I was ruffled.
Now, the scream seems a little bit further from my house. But still, it is just around the corridor. I do not know which one or where.

Now, it is 4.42 a.m. She is still screaming. Whoever can sleep at this moment with this scary sound?

Someone is at the living room!!! Who? I left my laptop –stop typing- and walked to my room door. I pulled the door knob and -suprisingly- there were three of my housemates already standing in front of the door, Kak Syira, Kak Ain and Kak Nadia.
We gathered at the kitchen-just now, which is next to my room, having a small discussion. All we could do were guessing, analyzing, being sympathy, and consoling each other.

I continue typing…..

Now, it is already 5.00 a.m. Supposedly, at this moment I would be in the kitchen, cooking either my breakfast or a meal to bring to class. But I am too scared to do so. The scream is still on and on, I don’t know when it will stop. Isn’t she exhausted? When will this end? I can’t sleep like this, wondering who she is, where she is, why she is screaming. Those questions could be also circulating in others’ heads, the neighbours. If only someone could stop her…………ALLAH knows best. This is the last day before we celebrate the coming of RAMADHAN. A pure month when all the devils and bad spirits are kept and tied. Alhamdulillah, welcome Ramadhan!

5.55 a.m.: She is still screaming, even louder. It is azan. She screams as she is in a great pain. I can hear the sound of scratching and beating the floor.

6.00 a.m.: The scream changes into a fierce voice. A sort of tiger sound..like “GGrrrrr”. It sounds scary! Believe it. Then, I quickly go praying Subuh.

6.44 a.m.: She is still uncontrollable. I am busy cooking. I can hear someone is reciting azan for her. God blesses you.

7.00 a.m.: Everybody goes on with their own life. Students are walking out to catch bus for classes. Workers are ready to fulfill their responsibilities. Others are moving their cars to work. Whether you are screaming or not, everybody has his own routine. Just like me. I’ve finished cooking fried rice, as what I always do every early morning. Life must go on. How can we help you? We are too scared to go out and find where you are. In fact, we are on our life duties. But, I think, she is quite calm now. The sun has switched on Shah Alam and switched her off. No more screaming.

I went out of my house for CTU class at 10 o'clock. It was suddenly cancelled. As I went home, I met one of my apartment security guards. I asked him about the screaming this early morning. He said, it was a hysteria scene. It happened at Level 3 of Block 2. Well, it is my block. The house might be just on top of my house, since my house is on Level 2. The security guard do not know much about the incident, he was not on duty at that time. Well, that is enough information already. ALLAH knows best!


  1. ur story can be adapted as scary muvi later.haha.klau ko duk bilik aku xtau la cmne,bilik aku ad bunyi budak main guli mlm2.housemate aku slalu dgr tp aku xpnah kna lg.mtk dijauhkan la.takut dalam berani yg dibuat-buat..mat silambam

  2. Padahal kawan ko yg cerita kisah seram tu species ngigau main guli malam2....