26/08/2009 Wednesday 1:31 a.m.

Two assignment to be submitted tomorrow morning! First is a Summary of Chapter 1 to 5. Second is a big diagram, to present tomorrow for Oral Assessment...Chapter 6 and 7, plus Politeness Theory of Brown and Levinson. I've done both assignments! Hooray! I've been working on them since yesterday, and today for the whole day. But, I haven't prepared myself for the presentation yet. I mean, I am afraid I don't memorize the flow of my diagram.

Pity on me! Pity on others too.....well, together we strive for excellence!

These are the books used for this subject (Pragmatics), which is taught by ASSOC. PROF. DR. FATIMAH DINNA BINTI TAN SRI DATO MOHD. DIN . She is one of the most energetic lecturers I have ever met. She is at golden age already, but her strength and stamina are as powerful as Ultraman. Well, both assignments are also based on these two books, except for Brown & Levinson's Politeness Theory which I had to download the information from the World Wide Web.

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