My Parents Came I

11/8/09 Tuesday

My parents came to Shah Alam this evening, surprisingly. I knew that they were heading to Kuala Lumpur to join my cousin’s graduation day. I had a class that afternoon at 2. My father called me that he was on his way, but the only place he knows is Giant Section 13. He could not go further than that as he was worried if he could get lost. He requested me to meet him there. Oh, poor me! Well, for the sake of meeting my parents, why not?
I finished my Cross-Cultural Interactions class successfully, although I had been flying to Giant already, dreaming that I am hugging my parents. Oh, dear! I ran a little bit, catching the bus at the bus stop in front of Pusat Kesihatan UiTM Shah Alam.
To my astonishment, the UiTM bus which stopped in front of my classmates and I did not allow us to get into! Who does he think he is?! Hey! You are hired to fetch us, you know! What are you going to do with the space left in that bus? Bawa habuk or what? You are wasting UiTM’s money for useless petrol! Well, never mind! I couldn’t complain much because whatever speeches or khutbahs I delivered in front of my friends, the bloody-little-bus has gone already, passing us with great smoke! I believe in faith.
Then, I waited for another bus. “Here you come!” My beloved T603-Rapid KL arrived. I got into it quickly. Well, I got a seat – which I rarely come across this pleasant experience! It was 4.38 p.m already! My father sent a message, telling that he was at Giant Section 13 already. Oh, poor me! My journey just has begun.
I got Giant at 5.15 p.m. My father called me, mentioning that he was exactly at the ikan besar area. We were used to this area before. This is spot corner of Giant Section 13.
From a distance, I could see a man in T-shirt and a lady in pink blouse. Yes, they are my parents! Hahaha…...the end. What a boring story. I just want to make you wonder. That’s all for now!

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